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  1. It does? If the Rangers lose the play in, they are one of the 8 teams eligible for the No1 overall pick that we know is going to one of those teams correct? Under normal circumstances i always root for the Rangers to lose, but in this circumstance, id rather have them win the play in round and then have no shot whatsoever at 1st overall if that makes sense. In an ideal world the Rangers lose the playin, AND dont get the no1. I just dont trust our/my luck that much.
  2. The best scenario imo is the Rangers lose the play-in round but then do not win first overall. I am not wiling to risk the Rangers with 1st overall so I will be rooting for them against carolina.... For the Devils if you want picks this year, i believe we want Vancouver to win the first round, and Arizona to lose the play-in?
  3. Do not want Quinn. He's old... he barely missed being eligible for the draft last year, and was on a ridiculously stacked team. From the limited viewing ive had of perfetti id be happier with him... I don't think his skating is as poor as some are making out.
  4. sh!t list. Line of losers has the top spot who didn't win sh!t in NY. #%#^ the Rags.
  5. Watching the 2000 winning game on MSG. That POS Hatcher just took out Sykora with an elbow. 5 minutes later pepe sneakily headbuts Hatcher in the chin during a scrum and Hatcher starts running around crying to all the refs. God I miss old time hockey, and I forgot just how much I loved Lemieux when he was here.
  6. Potentially great news for the Devs regarding this years draft: https://www.tsn.ca/bill-daly-june-nhl-draft-would-likely-use-pts-1.1469120 Looks like if the NHL has the draft in June like they are considering they will be going by points % which leaves us with our own pick #6, Arizona's pick unless they win the lottery and move top 3 at #10, and Vancouvers pick at #17 as they are in a playoff position based on pts %.
  7. It's not hysteria. It's draft preference. This is a red herring. Kevin Hayes is a very good player, and Adam Fox has had pretty insane numbers for a rookie. This would be bad enough if these players just had a tendency to not sign with us after drafting them but they keep going to the Rangers. How does it make plenty of sense? Please explain. To do what 3rd year college players do prospects in other junior leagues would have to sit out an entire season of development... none are willing to do that for good reason. If you are ok with wasting picks on players who are never going to sign here thats fine, but I am not. Especially when this scenario favors certain markets who happen to be our rivals.
  8. Really hoping they just do it by win%. I'm not sure how else you account for teams having played a different amount of games when the season shut down. (i may be bias'd as this is the option that would net us 3 1st rounders this year lol)
  9. Thanks for breaking it to me gently....
  10. Does anyone think Stutzle will drop to us at 6? That's who I would love to get. I can definitely see Lafreniere, Byfield, and Drysdale going ahead of him but after that I have my doubts. Rossi would be a nice consolation prize. Jake Sanderson at 10. I do not want Askarov unless its with the 17th pick, and no to Noel Gunler... too many issues.
  11. Jack missed being in last year's draft by like 4 days and he probably would have been taken in the 3rd or 4th round. Players can jump in rankings but not this much. I do not want Quinn unless its with our 17th pick (or whatever it is). He's on a ridiculously stacked team.
  12. The educuation you receive from Harvard is so valuable it encourages players to stay in college the full 4 years at which point due to poorly constructed bylaws the player becomes a free agent and can sign with anyone they want. This will be 2 Harvard draft picks of ours in a row that dont sign here (assuming thats what happens), and there are 2 other Harvard picks in recent memory that not only did the same thing to other teams, but they signed with the #*$&#ing Rangers. No more Harvard kids.
  13. I was told I was over reacting when I was not happy the Devils took Walsh because I thought our chances of signing him were low. Starting to look like some concern was valid. Watch he will sign with the Rangers like Fox. Also, if he does not sign with the Devils we better not draft any more kids from Harvard.
  14. Mueller Hayden Carrick 4th line. Let's see it. It's certainly working for florida.
  15. Does anyone else feel like it actually hurts Bryce to form coherent sentences? I love Bryce the ex Devil, but am not a fan of his breakdowns.
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