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  1. I am glad someone else noticed this as its been my one complaint about Ruff so far. It was obviously offside and should have been challenged. We are fortunate it didn't end up costing any points.
  2. Blackwood is the main reason we got a point. He was great start to finish. Definitely can see the rust on some guys, Gusev in paticular. Hughes was pretty good, and I saw him throw a check or two... he seemed a bit stronger. Finishing is still poor it looks like but lots of time to improve. Smith settled down nicely, and the move to get his shot off on the lucky goal was impressive. PK is awful. Horribly bad. Good lord. Murray was decent, Kulikov meh to poor. Sharongovich looks amazing. What a player. Thank god there was improvement after that first period because I was having John MacLean flashbacks. And lastly, Miles Wood had the most Miles Wood game its possible for a Miles Wood to have. Horrible penalties (1 or two of which were scored on I think?), multiple goalie interference calls and a breakaway goal.
  3. LETS GO DEVILS! Just hope wood is no higher than the third line.
  4. Quick non sequitur but I love your signature. I was at the same game with my father when I was 15 years old. He had 2 nosebleed seats and on our way in someone offered us 500 for each ticket... my dad turned to me and said "if you want to take the money ill let you keep the money for your ticket". Thank god I said no. Probably my favorite memory of all time.
  5. Ill give my opinions just for fun. Northern new jersey contains an unfortunate amount of Rangers fans (traitors), and the same goes for southern new jersey vis a vi Flyers fans. I am in north west new jersey (warren county) and we get a decent amount of contamination from both as I am close to the border with PA. I work at a company of around 80 employees. I would say there are about 2-3 passionate devils fans like myself, and then another 5-10 casuals. There are about 5 flyers fans and 5 rangers fans. None of the new york or philly newspapers give adequate coverage of the Devils. Maybe the star ledger is the best? But it's all far below what it should be imo. I picked the Devils because I was born and raised in NJ and its the only professional sports team we have. Also its the closest arena to me and the most televised in my area. Devils marketing is... interesting. I do think they have made the attempt you refer to but it has not been very successful. I feel no connection to newark and in fact dislike having to travel into Newark to see the games but the stories of how bad Newark is are vastly overblown... usually by fans of rival teams. The arena area is 100% fine. I am not great to speak to the atmosphere around the arena as I have never really hung out in that area.
  6. Thanks for the video. After watching id have to agree with you. 83% of his shots coming from low danger area's is scary. He also looks lost in the D zone. I saw several controller disconnected moments.
  7. I read a mock that had us taking Holtz. By all accounts he has an amazing shot and good motor but there's not much else to his game. Can anyone provide a better scouting report? Is he like Laine where if if hes not scoring hes completely useless?
  8. Rossi, Drysdale, Raymond, Sanderson are my top 4 for this pick and I would be fine with any of them.
  9. There it is. I don't listen to anyone who's reasons to discount my opinion start by including whatever demographics or group I may belong to. Have a nice day.
  10. I see Coleman is starting to have a nice playoff. 3/3 in 11 gp and a bunch of penalty minutes. I was a bit worried about him with how poorly he seemed to do in the regular season.
  11. The mentality of perpetual victimhood is a insanely dangerous thing. That's all ill say on the matter as I don't want to get too off topic like others have said. This will be my last reply about this.
  12. Rooting for the Islanders... Ive never really been around any Islanders fans in real life so I dont have the personal dislike of them I do the Rangers and Philly. Always fun to root for greene and lou. I dislike alot of the players on Tampa from our series against them. Hedman and Kucherov were just so needlessly dirty. F#%* em.
  13. I think I feel about the Rangers the way you do about PK lol. My hatred may be slightly irrational. I do think my points about their team are valid though.
  14. The rangers havent turned around sh!t. They have no centers, and a bunch of D prospects who haven't played 1 game in the nhl. The Kreider contract sucks, and Trouba has been disappointing.
  15. Game 7 ECF 1994 Schneider trade and I would give up Parise. Lidstrom. Hated him the same way I hated Jordan. 2000 OT cup win against dallas Daneyko
  16. Imo Lafrenierre would have been considered about equal to Hughes as a prospect before Hughes slightly disappointing first year.
  17. Mea culpa time. I was 95% sure we were going to lose Walsh to FA and did not want to draft any more Harvard players. Obviously I was wrong. Good job Fitz.
  18. I see Blake Coleman has really not done anything stats wise since the trade. Counting the 2 playoff games hes got 1 assist in 11 games. That's really bad. Anyone know how tampa feels about him currently? Is he playing alot? 4th line? Just curious.
  19. Welp, I wanted the Rangers to win to avoid even the possibility of them getting Laf, but at least they lost in pretty spectacular fashion. I read somewhere that the Rangers now hold another record... least amount of days to lose a "play off" series in NHL history. It was also pretty neat to see how much of a role Vatanen is taking for the Hurricanes. He is the No1 pp unit guy. Should help our conditions in the trade. As long as they dont win 1st overall this will be the best of both worlds. Cross your fingers.
  20. Hope we expose Wood. He is just too damn stupid to ever be a good hockey player, and I think Seattle would probably take him.
  21. Not thrilled given some of the other coaches who are available. Fitz has earned his shot at the GM job so thats good. My limited understanding of Ruff is he is an offensive minded coach. Dallas had arguably the best offense in the league with Ruff in charge. What I have never understood is why the Rangers hired him to coach their D. He's obviously not very good at it. IF IF IF we get a good coach for the D, this could be ok? Still not thrilled. Definitely wanted Gallant or Laviolette. Time to hope for the best. LGD!
  22. It does? If the Rangers lose the play in, they are one of the 8 teams eligible for the No1 overall pick that we know is going to one of those teams correct? Under normal circumstances i always root for the Rangers to lose, but in this circumstance, id rather have them win the play in round and then have no shot whatsoever at 1st overall if that makes sense. In an ideal world the Rangers lose the playin, AND dont get the no1. I just dont trust our/my luck that much.
  23. The best scenario imo is the Rangers lose the play-in round but then do not win first overall. I am not wiling to risk the Rangers with 1st overall so I will be rooting for them against carolina.... For the Devils if you want picks this year, i believe we want Vancouver to win the first round, and Arizona to lose the play-in?
  24. Do not want Quinn. He's old... he barely missed being eligible for the draft last year, and was on a ridiculously stacked team. From the limited viewing ive had of perfetti id be happier with him... I don't think his skating is as poor as some are making out.
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