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  1. Wood has definitely earned this. He's scored 2 ENG lately and his BadPenTaken% is the highest its ever been. Time for a promotion.
  2. Only one of those approaches the level of hero worship this fanbase has for Marty imo and thats Sakic, who's team is finally having a good season. I wont be hugely upset if its Marty, and Ill obviously be rooting for the teams success. The Devils have now been bad so long im just tired of it, and would be in favor of not having a first time gm at the helm.
  3. Do not want Marty as GM. First, just because he was an all time great goaltender for us doesnt mean Marty is going to be a competent GM and im very worried that the majority of our fanbase wont be able to be objective about the job hes doing... which will lead to an even longer period of suckage. Who wants to be the President/owner that is going to fire Marty?
  4. Jesus tapdancing christ.... why now? I don't get the timing.
  5. Would just like to say I took the night to calm down and reflect on the game so I can post in a clearer and more reasonable manner. With that said, I would still like to fire our entire D corps minus Vatanen out of a cannon to the moon. We need drastic changes on D.
  6. fvck this team. And wtf is with cangelosi and daneyko felating the rangers the entire broadcast so far.
  7. It's a craig button list which is worth about as much as the finest outhouse wallpaper you can buy. *for some perspective im pretty sure he had freaking Kravtsov as the best prospect last year lol.
  8. There's no way we win another draft lottery. It just will not happen. I expect to be picking 3-6ish this year.
  9. Just saw Smith and Bahl are on the first and second pairing respectively for Canada for a pre tournament game.
  10. Shero's drafting hasnt been great so far but he hasnt made any picks where I said to myself "wtf is he thinking". And just to head off the inevitble "BuT wE cOUld HaVE Had BaRzAl!!!!!!!" posts, 16 other teams passed on him before the Islanders. The confirmation bias that goes on with this draft pick is really something and I'm tired of it. McLeod has not been great, but has looked better lately, and we drafted right out of the top tier of picks here. The only thing you can criticise him for is not taking Logan Brown (who has played 22 NHL games), but we got an extra pick in this deal (no idea who we used it on).
  11. No hard feelings for Hall, but tbh there was always something about him I wasnt crazy about personality wise. When he called out the fans in the midst of our suckage this season kind of exemplified it. Also, love seeing Nico step up the first game with out Hall and Blackwood has been great lately.
  12. Great job SD, thanks for putting the work in on this. Shero is far from perfect, and there are some thing's about him that are starting to really irritate me but this put's in perspective just how deep the hole the Devils are having to climb out of is, and most of it is not Shero's doing. I'd love to criticise him for the goaltending this year but at the start of the year I thought we were going to be ok with a resurgent Schneider and up and coming Blackwood.
  13. Also do not see why the Devils cant hold Hall out of the lineup forever if they want to. "He's become a locker room distraction and is being held out of the lineup indefinitely" etc. (not saying this is the case, but what can the nhl do if that's what you tell them? you are allowed to healthy scratch players)
  14. very underwhelmed if thats the florida package. two prospects that are rapidly approaching their sell by dates. *edit: Tippet has done better than I thought in the AHL for whatever thats worth and is only 20. Borgstrom does nothing for me though, and Matheson lol
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