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  1. That was a horrible challenge. Come on hynes.
  2. Toasterleavins

    Fire Hynes

    In my defense it was up for a whopping 15 seconds before I realized it.
  3. Cannot recall one good thing wood has done yet this year.
  4. I mean, it cant get much worse right? LGD!
  5. Toasterleavins

    Fire Hynes

    We need forwards who can play some D with Hughes, so im fine with that line. Zacha and Boqvist should be over rooney and hayden(or wood) respectively. Ugh.
  6. I guess we are gonna see alot of Haden when we are up in the third...
  7. Ohh no. Not like this. Poor cory.
  8. I'm not thrilled with Zajac there either but I think they feel he plays the top of the key shooter position very well and I do remember him potting a few goals there. He's also the most likely center on our team to win face offs in the offensive zone..
  9. Swap wood and boqvist and i would be happy. But that will not happen due to Wood's contract. I'm really hoping we trade him in a package for a LHD as I don't think his mental processing of the game will ever catch up to his skating.
  10. Schneider looks great. Rest of team is playing like an ahl team. *edit hall scores. See I told you guys........
  11. Not a huge fan of M. Wood either. I don't think his brain will ever catch up to his feet. And his contract is bad.
  12. Could not care less about crappo kako honestly.
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