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  1. Bolded is the only one I don't agree with. This should be yet to be determined. It''s not like Smith hasn't progressed just as well as Farabee (they have both been impressive this seasoon). And defensemen are worth more than left wingers by a fair margin.
  2. Well he could have just kept his trap shut or said something to the effect of "looking forward to Keith's new opportunity in cbus". Like an adult. Not rocket science.
  3. My only problem with it is the implication that he wasn't also responsible for the poor results.
  4. His offensive game really needs to be "on" to make up for his deficiency's at actually playing defense... The infuriating part about Severson to me is not only his decision making in the defensive zone but he seemingly wont engage defensively and/or physically in front of his own net. There just isn't enough effort, and every once in a blue moon he shows you he is capable of it. He's still young so hopefully it changes. *willing to admit I may be slightly bias'd against severson due to the advanced stat crowd, but I think my overall take is fairly accurate*
  5. Gryba's / Mueller are better
  6. Phew, at least yakovlev isnt in the lineup....
  7. Impressive defending by severson.
  8. That should have been stopped. Good shot but if Kinkaid is playing his angle right it doesnt go in.
  9. Holy crap Zacha did a thing. Zacha's stat line at the end of the year. 70gp, 10g, 0 assists.
  10. Blackwood has been great. Really impressed so far.
  11. Wood is awful. Starting to think we should trade him before other teams realize just how bad he's been.
  12. The balance of seversons play this year has been positive. But he seems completely unwilling to engage physically in front of the net and it's really irritating.
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