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  1. For me personally, it's about the atmosphere at the games and the energy that a good crowd creates for the players. It's a lot more fun as a fan to witness a packed building. It's been quite depressing at The Rock this year. How can you not want a loud, sold out crowd, cheering on your team? Don't you hear the players comments in anticipation to play In Montreal, Detroit, or Chicago for example? They go out of their way to reference the energy in those buildings. You have to wonder what our players think when they play in front of an empty building. We see players leaving during Free Agency too often, how much of a factor is the atmosphere of the building? It's something to consider. Surely some fans play into the insecurities created by Rags and Flyers fans, but I think most of us just want the best for our team and a loud, sold out crowd never hurts the on-ice product.
  2. If you guys want an indication of what the attendance is going to be like tonight, look at ticketmaster. The upper corners, especially 226 are going to be completely empty again. Just click on the link and look at 226...this is an absolute disaster. http://www.ticketmaster.com/new-jersey-devils-vs-detroit-red-newark-new-jersey-12-06-2013/event/02004B261F943474?artistid=805982&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=9 This is where our loudest fans usually sit. There has been no passion or intensity in the building this year, I'm so disgusted with the front office right now for not making changes to fill these seats specifically.
  3. The biggest issue for me is the empty building this year because of pricing and the lack of special deals. I am very upset to hear that filling this building isn't important to the management. Of course, the season ticket holders are a priority and they are guaranteed sales, but the building is a morgue when it's only 11-14k people in there. I am in the same boat as some of the other posters. I go to 10-20 games a year and get all of my tickets on stubhub the day of the game. I typically don't spend more than $20 to get in. Playoffs are different, and I can splurge for those. I've had a partial plan before but it was a hassle to sell the tickets if I couldn't go. I have always done it this way because my work schedule changes and I can't commit to season tickets. I like going when I am free, and the cost savings is an added benefit to this approach. I've been going to games since 93 and I watch every game on tv if I can't be there. I'd say that is more than "casual fan" status. The past few years were great, I got emails constantly for cheap ticket deals and took advantage of every single one. I even got into the Cup finals in 2012 with one of those deals. I do also feel somewhat offended by that letter, because to me, filling the building is the most important thing. The atmosphere at games this year has been quiet and uninspiring. That is an issue that needs to be addressed, and it looks like they are going to be stubborn and set in their ways, which have proven to be an epic failure this year. I paid $15 for a ticket to the Friday night Kings game and for the first time, saw all the corner sections upstairs completely empty. That's where our loudest fans and most of the passion would come from, but there was no energy up there, and it was depressing. I can't believe they wanted fans to pay $55 for those seats. This is a side note, but I also witnessed a "clique" of Season Ticket holders being extremely rude and disorderly to 2 fans who were at their first game and then stated that they are never coming back due to the experience. We should all be making an extra effort to gain new fans at every opportunity, not lose them.
  4. The most depressing thing for me tonight was the empty seats in the upper levels, especially the corners where the tickets used to be more affordable. Despite our bad attendance through the years, the seats up top were always filled, with the fans who are the loudest and bring the most energy. The lack of energy in the building tonight didn't do what a home crowd should do. I know they didn't score to get us into the game, but we didn't give them any energy, that's for sure. It was the most dead and empty I have ever seen a Devils game on a Friday night. I am truly sad after what I saw tonight. For example, 226 and 215 were completely empty. Tickets were going for $50 for these sections on ticketmaster. Some of you are saying that Devils fans are spoiled, but we don't have the type of fan base for this pricing model. It's been an epic failure so far. To see that many empty seats upstairs (not even going to comment on how empty the club seats were) was just truly disheartening. They need to find out a way to fill the building again, and it starts with mass emailing ticket deals and getting rid of this horrendous new pricing structure.
  5. Says a dude with a Mets and Jets logo in his signature? That's kind of hypocritical considering the Jets do the EXACT same thing as the Red Bull with playing in NJ and calling themselves NY, and baseball is the softest sport with much less contact than soccer. And for the record, I refuse to support the Red Bull because of NY in their name, but I also refuse to sport the Giants, Jets, or any local baseball team because of the same reason. I guess that what happens when you put Hockey and the Devils above all else. Never understood how some of you guys can root for teams amongst the overlapping Rangers or Flyers fan bases but that's your prerogative. I am also disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm for the German Bundesliga in this thread, which in my opinion is the most exciting, balanced league with (arguably) the two best teams in the world - Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. Watching those teams play is just pure brilliance.
  6. If the "you suck" chant is the most Jersey chant ever, than it's a shame we didn't invent it and I am also saddened that apparently the stereotypes of Jersey trash are actually true, and I've always defended otherwise. For you and the others saying not to analyze the semantics and we are taking things too literally, why don't we examine our franchise for a second. This is a team where players need to be cleanly shaven until the playoffs at all times. This is a team that doesn't allow its players on social media outlets. This is a team that chooses not to ever change the uniform or add a third jersey. This is a team that rarely allows players to choose a number higher than the goalie, etc. Do any of these things really matter? Would the outcome of our games change if there were different rules being enforced for our players? We don't know, obviously. What we do know is that the people who run this organization have put all of these rules in place, and have also given us a winning team to root for for the last 20 years or so. It is also considered one of the classiest and strictest teams to play for. This starts with front office, the demeanor, and the intangibles that so many of you have never complained about. These same people have decided that "You Suck" is not something they want being chanted at the games. Say whatever you want about the people who realize the chant is immature and out of place, but we are on the same page as Lou and his colleagues, and if I have to choose between what a bunch of drunk, young fans want, and what they want, I'm going with them. And by the way, I'm one of the drunkest and loudest fans in that building, but it doesn't mean I ever boo my team, or the front offices choices, or scream You Suck while we should be celebrating our goal. I scream for my team, I lose my voice for them, I encourage fans around me to do the same. Not everyone fits your stereotype of the type of fans who aren't chanting You Suck. Booing after the goals on Friday was disgraceful and I can't believe how many of you are defending that. I don't care if you were booing the arena, the music, the front office, the new owners, the guy who plays the music, whatever. You were booing after the New Jersey Devils scored their first goals of the season. Come at me with another excuse, but one day you will realize how embarrassing this was. It makes me incredibly sad to watch the re-runs of our Cup runs, and to hear the crowd in the CAA, and to think back to a much classier time to be a Devils fan, when we were all seemingly on the same page. Win games and be happy, Let's Go Devils.
  7. I know that, and I don't like the new song either. But booing after we score a goal is not the way to change it. That's our time to celebrate together as fans.
  8. PC guys? Just because I always cheer my team after a goal doesn't make me PC. I get drunk, loud, and I stand up for fellow Devils fans against the NY and Philly scum that come into the building. What I don't do is boo the team, ever, period. Also, I don't appreciate your generalization about me being what's wrong with a the fan base, considering I haven't missed a Devils game since 1993 and you're watching tonights game from the gym. Not saying I'm any bigger of a fan than you, but you come off rude when some of us are just expressing are personal opinions about the fan reaction tonight. Grow up.
  9. Our fans booing after a goal because they can't say "You Suck" anymore speaks volumes about the problem to begin with. Everyone is focusing on the negative, who can suck, who we can taunt. What about positivity? That's what cheering for your home team is supposed to be. I am absolutely disgusted if the fans were booing after our first goal of the season. Makes me sick.
  10. Just a heads up guys, I know several people have been looking for the Daneyko #3 banner. I have been searching on ebay for years and finally found one tonight for $20 buy now! What a price (compared to what I've seen). No, I'm not here to brag about it, I'm here to tell you that this dude had at least 2 of them and he just listed another one after I purchased mine. I have put the link below! Grab it before someone else does. My collection is now complete. Enjoy and Let's Go Devils! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181197468390
  11. I'm sick to my stomach from this...
  12. Thanks for the feed Matt, it was so helpful. I used to work on Saturdays so I've tuned in to your feed countless times for Saturday afternoon games and I even had to work during the NHL draft last year so I saw Adam Larsson get drafted live thanks to your stream!
  13. Devils in 7, believe it because it's all we can do.
  14. If Kovy had lifted the puck on the breakaway and gotten it in we would have won this game. For some reason the Devils came out a little slow in the 3rd which ended up costing them. Expect to see the Devils at their absolute best on Monday facing the adversity and with the home crowd urging them on. Everyone stay positive and Let's Go Devils!
  15. Can't believe you guys call yourselves fans, post on a Devils forum, and are talking about a Rangers/Kings SCF when we are only down 2-1 and have been the better team so far this series. I know none of you predicted Devils in 4 or 5 so stop acting like little b*tches and think positively for game 4. This is a resilient team and they have come back from 2-1 already this year.
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