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  1. vonbonds

    2011 NCAA Hockey

    I actually attended UND in the early nineties so obviously I am rooting for them. It is a crapshoot though which is what make all of the NCAA tournaments so fun.
  2. That poster has to be related or a close friend of Pelley. I like Rob...there, I said it.
  3. I agree with this, I like theirs a lot too. I really dislike the Flyers but think they have a cool one as well as Toronto and Boston. I am old school though, I prefer the Devils christmas tree jersey colors over the current color scheme but that is me .
  4. vonbonds

    Steve Somers

    I moved out of NJ to MD in January of 2001. But before I moved I listened to WFAN quite a bit in high school and college since I went to Montclair as I was huge Mets fan before the strike in 94 (I can't get back into it now). I LOVED the schmoozer back in the day. Not sure if he has changed but he has a lot of schtick and he is about entertainment as much as anything else. Besides the NHL channel on Sirius I don't know of a good hockey related show on the radio personally. I miss Steve and while he may make fun of the Devils who cares, he is about getting a rise out of people good or bad, that is his job.
  5. I like the idea of Haviland. I like how Chicago plays and how they were built. If he can bring some of that magic with him then by all means the door is open. Doesn't hurt he is a Middletown guy as am I...just trade for JVR and I would be in heaven .
  6. Hello all, I just found this website and look forward to posting here. I have been a Devils fan as long as the team has been in NJ. As a kid my dad would take myself and my brother to the Brendan Byrne Arena to see Kirk Muller and a bunch of other people take on the NHL as he used to say..haha. Anyway I have seen the Mickey Mouse days, the build up, the glory and the garbage we just witnessed recently. Even though I moved to Maryland in 2001 I have always watched the team via Center Ice. I look forward to lurking and posting. Tom
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