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  1. That's what I would have done, but it looks like the puck went right through him to get to the Flyer Gardner in front. I guess I am saying at least he was there. Willman just fvckin watched.
  2. Tierney and Willman, what the fvck was that coverage. Way too many forwards defending below the goal line. fvck at least Hatakka was in a lane. Vitek has been on his game tonight too.
  3. I am not impressed with Cal Foote this game. I like his size, but I don't think he has NHL level footspeed or he hasn't shown it this game.
  4. I think he has to tear up the AHL or I don't think he's brought back.
  5. I am definitely in the camp of McLeod is easily one of the better ones in the league in that his coach is not afraid to throw him into situations where other 4C's would struggle or flounder. I would even be okay with McLeod as a 3rd line C if we didn't have Haula or if we felt that Haula had a really bad year last season. I can't imagine he would carry a 3rd line by any stretch, but you can at least rely on him to win draws and not crater the line defensively. I think nowadays you need to have a 3C who is super reliably defensively, but also has enough skill to play with a top 6 or top 9 guy.
  6. If I recall correctly, there are some Russians names that the player will anglicize a little to make it easier on everyone, but it's just the way the name is spelled in Russian versus English. Just different phonetic representations of trying to get as close to the Russian pronunciation as possible. I'm sure the player kind of gets to decide what the best version that gets put on the jerseys.
  7. I think of Nemec, Clarke, and Foote, I thought that Nemec and Foote looked the best. Clarke was on my had both good and iffy moments list. Noticed that Foote was being used as the net front presence in that first unit in the same way that Bastian would show up last year. Throw a 6'4" guy in front of Shesterkin and tell him to try and tip pucks like Kreider. I think we'll see him on the second unit PP.
  8. Yeah, the D we are bringing kind of offset that area a little. It's the pro group minus Dougie and Siegs, I believe. EDIT: Yeah, we'll get to see Wotherspoon-Nemec, but they were AHL partners a lot of last year. Them in; Dougie and Siegs sit, but mostly an NHL competent d corps.
  9. Yikes. I'm still hoping he figures out the defensive side of the puck as I usually like to root for those undersized dmen to figure it out. The other guys to watch this year are the guys we sent over to the Sharks. I want to see how Okhotiyuk, Zetterlund, and Muk look.
  10. It's just bombastic stuff to try to upset Rags fans on Twitter. He also calls them Fugheyzees, which is an entirely made up smear/word that he uses for the team and its fanbase. I don't envision any Rangers stars in the near future being asked about how the word "Fugheyzee" makes them feel. Despite getting big, I don't feel like they've really changed it up much over the years and they just speak their minds. They've become pretty good interviewers too. Show obviously has a lot of influence such as with the whole Babcock saga but it's still just former pros talking hockey with former and current pros. I tend to zone out when they start talking non-hockey or crying about politics or golf, but I've watched a few of the sandbaggers and it's the most entertaining I've ever seen golf presented.
  11. Every day is a good day to put the Rangers into the dirt again.
  12. I'm really excited to see Luke Hughes continue to develop. He's going to be paired with Hammy or Marino through most of the year and I legitimately believe that spending a good amount of time with Marino will do wonders for Luke on the d-side of the puck in terms of his development.
  13. He's looking like he's going to make the team and maybe even push for a top 6 spot alongside Cozens or Thompson. Made a slick pass to Skinner behind the back and Skinner blasted one home on a one-timer PPG. The Sabres are set to have the season we had last year. If Levi is ready to take 40-50 starts and post a .930+ save percentage through those games. Look out. I read a headline that said that they are pairing Dahlin and newcomer Connor Clifton as a top pairing. He's like Colin Miller, but hittier. It's the kind of free agent addition that doesn't scream anything crazy on paper, but can't wait to see.
  14. I heard some of the Chiclets guys (Whit and Biz) were predicting that the Rags might miss playoffs this year if they don't get big contributions from the young duo of Kakko and Lafreniere. If they get hit with a bunch of key injuries such as Shesterkin or to any of those key guys such as Panarin, Zib, or Fox, they could get into some trouble. Whit predicted that they might struggle and be a wildcard and are not contenders if Kakko and Laf don't take a step in development this year or if the PP gets off to a rocky start. Biz straight up predicted that they could miss playoffs and regress. Can't wait. Also re: Chiclets, it was great to see Hischier out of his shell a little bit and it was still nice to hear about Switzerland. I think it was nice that it was in-person. Agree that it's a little disappointing that it's so old and not from more recent, but still a welcome surprise to be sure.
  15. Jack Hughes has been working on his faceoffs. Looked strong on the faceoff dot in MTL. Glad to see that getting tuned up
  16. He may have seen less time because they know where he's going to end up, as CR76 mentioned. Likely they wanted to see more of the bubble guys than a guy who they know they can't fit. None of that takes away from the fact he had a great game in Montreal. It's really the only time when scoring a goal can get your ice time reduced.
  17. I think Stamkos is in a weird position where he has to convince TB that he really wants to stay. If I am TB I am aggressively staying away from a 35+ contract. I mean you could offer him 5-6 years, but what about 2 or 3 years on a deal with full NMC and if you're still playing top 6 time after that contract, we'll talk about another 2-3 year deal. TB and Brisebois really should have laid something like that out for him this summer as a plan/blueprint/framework for him to fit him under the cap and be a part of the contending years there. I think Stammer would have appreciated them making that effort instead of blueballing/ghosting him. It screams that Brisebois is either ill-prepared for the years ahead or losing Stammer doesn't worry him all that much because it's extra cap space for him to do what he wants with. It would be kind of funny if Stammer ends up bolting to Toronto on a team friendly deal and makes a run at the cup with them after this.
  18. fvcking love it. Every team should go direct to consumer platforms. I heard that the Phoenix Suns were doing something like this too, but they did it with local TV and they were offering to send people antennas to watch locally.
  19. https://www.nhl.com/devils/video/new-jersey-devils-live-stream-6336964206112 Both of our preseason squads are so stacked that we can't lose. lmao. It's gonna be a great year. It's super nice of the NJDTV to leave the archived stream up of the Philly game. Props to them. Watching the blowout now. Just got to the Haula goal off of that Bratter pass. Holy fvck Bratter. Also seeing Haula flub on that first attempt and then bury the second try was crazy. It was like the ghost of being snakebitten so early last year was about to show up and he fought through it real quick. Timestamp 15:20 in. Huge hit by Bahl on Allison late in the 2nd. Also watched him fly up the ice when he jumped into a breakout. He seems fast(er).
  20. I'm guessing there was no video feed/highlights from the Philly game? We must have played their B squad. 6-0.
  21. It's a great problem to have, too many good young players that you simply can't pay them all. I wonder at what point Fitz would start asking for 2030-2032 draft picks. Load up for the possible lean years if some of these 8 year deals don't resign or we need to move on to a different core by that time. In all seriousness though, I think GMs can move or play with draft picks up to five years into the future, but if we are this good, this young, I think it would be ballsy to start asking for draft picks that far out so you can essentially sell those off for later draft picks if you are still good and don't need to use them. Like take a Mercer or a Holtz, young player who needs a contract and you may not be able to afford depending on the steps they take in the next year or two. Demand high round draft picks for 5 years from now as we don't need any further depth really or have glaring holes that need filled imo. Even our goaltending that is viewed as the weak link I think has a pretty interesting pool of prospects that may surprise us young. That goalie pipelines takes sooo long to develop that you never know what you have really. I think Fitzy may have even gone a little overboard with depth this year. Just not enough spots and Fitz may not be afraid to expose a lot to waivers.
  22. DeSmith's time to outplay Jarry basically ran out and they locked up Jarry and sent him out. I hope he can relieve Demko a little in VAN. Pearson is a good player for a team like MTL.
  23. I think Hughes and Bratt might explode for 100 points this year. Apparently Palat has caught some eyes as looking to have regained a step. Thank jeebus back to form since the injury. New fourth line combo sounds annoying to play against, Nosek-McLeod-Lazar and it sounds like Lindy really likes Bratt-Hughes-Toffoli. That leaves Meier-Hischier-Holtz or Mercer if Holtz doesn't stick.
  24. Loving what I'm hearing from this article. Nice find Maddog. https://newjerseyhockeynow.com/2023/09/22/devils-alexander-holtz-is-making-himself-noticed-early/ Biggest thing is right here Matty Beniers worked out with the Hughes brothers in the offseason. There's a pattern of players work out with guys they like or want to be like. Jesper Bratt seems like a player who comes more in shape and just gets better every year and that is just the kind of work ethic that you want Holtzy to be around. Good things you want to hear from Lindy and Fitzy too early in the article. Watching some of the post scrimmage interviews with Nemec, and his english is really good now and describes things pretty good. It was such a huge year for this kid coming over from Slovakia and speaking the language everyday and really learning how to be a pro in the AHL. All he has to do is not go crazy comparing himself to L. Hughes and play his game and try to be reliable defensively. I think Nemec might not be opening night roster just based on space and if he's truly ready or not, but he's easily going to be first call up if any injuries happen.
  25. I suspect it will be a thing of management wizardry. That being said, I think Hammy will play out that contract if he's still anywhere near 80 points per season player. Palat on the other hand, I'm not so sure. Some of that money plus Haula/Toff salary after coming off the books will likely be used to keep one of Mercer OR Holtz. Hamilton just needs to be that 80 point per season player until LHughes is producing at that rate. A lot of Dougie's money will go to LHughes and or Nemec, but there's not really a reason to move on from Dougie if he's playing well. We get last season Dougie again? Idk, I think he could play well enough to play out that contract. I am predicting that we might be overpaying LHughes and or Nemec for some of these younger years, but I think you gotta try to get them on the Jack Hughes 8X8 special early on. Or maybe something like Nico's 7.25 as a bridge deal and then get the big payday promised to you if you play well. That money has to come from somewhere and you have to be careful with bridge deals when the player wants to be here long term. Players can decide to just peace out if you just bridge deal them too many times. It's clear why this man is a media darling. He has the weird goalie quirks and he sounds so excited to give them their bracelets. The way Bratter looks at him and he talks in a higher pitched voice you can tell he's doing his acting voice. "French's Braces"
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