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  1. Holtz, Bahl, and Walsh all looked really great out there. Bahl is great at using his body and reach in the open ice. Holtz at the end got to show off his blaster. EDIT: Okhotiuk looked great too.
  2. Teams that wear ads on their jerseys should be mocked relentlessly. Can't wait to play the Gila River Dessert Dogs "Hey, look, it's the Highmark Healthy Pens!'
  3. Wow those ads look hideous on those jerseys and so unnatural. Can't wait to see the Schnausberry Blueberry Miniature Penguins or the Minnesota Pillsbury Doughboy Wildboys. BASEketball gave us a very clear and omniscient warning about this. Matt Stone and Trey Parker warned us.
  4. You don't understand or relate to the significance of the first time a player does something? Like bring a trophy to a mosque? That is a you problem. Pretty sad.
  5. Hockey is a sport that "lacks cultural moments". These are not impressive people who write things like this. Congrats to Kadri and great for bringing it home.
  6. Lou will always say, "We'll be fine." Status quo and such.
  7. He is our Russian spy, comrade.
  8. Maybe I should have said that the entire American D looked exposed instead of singling out Hughes. There were other guys like Kaiser or Faber who could have played that ice time, who looked great in that same game. There's a reason that they carry 7 defensemen in these games.
  9. Understood. I am saying he had a bad game, not writing him off. I hope this motivates him further. I agree he was fantastic in every other game I saw him in, few mistakes here and there, but he takes risks so it's not unexpected. I wish I hadn't fallen asleep last night watching. I hope he gets better and back into game shape soon.
  10. What is wrong with wanting Michigan to make Luke better defensively? He tried a NO-LOOK pass at the blue line which buried the Czechs a late empty-netter in a tight game, that's not great injury or not. My take isn't that L Hughes is bad, it's that he had a bad game and that his coaching staff for the year would be wise to review that tape with him. I find that reasonable, not horrendous. I mentioned that I was viewing highlights and the highlights that involved Luke Hughes were all bad barring one pretty good ozone entry. I feel asleep watching the game live and missed most of it. I didn't even see where Hughes got injured, (which isn't mentioned in the NHL.com recap) and not forcing him to sit out would still be a coaching decision. Poor discipline in international play is a coaching issue re: slewfoot penalty called on US.
  11. Holy sh!t. I think USA Hockey needs to take a long hard look at this coaching staff. To sweep your qualifiers just to get stunned by Czechia. Wow. EDIT: Just watched the highlights and holy sh!t. Mberko looked so good through the tourney and he had a weak one for the 3rd goal, just a weird bounce off of a blocker save. Luke had a horrible game and was really exposed so I hope the Michigan coaching staff was keeping on eye on that game. And that match penalty slew-foot. Holy fvck what was that kid thinking. Corronado missed a wide open net late in the 3rd. Props to the Czechia team for skating with them and to Suchanek, the Czech goalie for really holding the line there in the 3rd. Impressive performance by the Czech dmen. At least by just looking at the highlights.
  12. It's easy for an offensive guy to go invisible if the team just goosed them for 6 goals. I want medal round dammit.
  13. It's a Swedish as first language thing. Swedes sometimes have a long pause in their language "to think" and it is considered completely cultural and normal He is falling back on "Yah, so" and "Yah know" a lot to fill in for the pause. Could just be nervous too. His English is excellent, but he still has that habit that he prolly carried from learning Swedish first. I definitely noticed it too. I love languages.
  14. 100% agree. I think it is pretty brutal losing two of the top 20 players in the league. They got Huberdeau and locked him up AND they have Weegar. Calgary's defense is looking strong with him in the top 4.
  15. yeah, Jims are such fvcking beauties. "You can see how we're a bit bunged up here tho, right?" "Why not just ask the b'ys?" "Cause I don't have 525,600 minutes!" Playoffs b'ys. Playoffs.
  16. He's so fvcking good. Like the Soo.
  17. I would give Jesper Bratt anything he wants. He want 9 million and 8 years? Sure. He want 8 million and 5 years? Sure. He wants my wife? Sure. No trade clause plus a no move clause for the first 5 years of 8? Sure. My Jesper Bratt policy would be just say yes.
  18. I'm biased, but I think Nico is better than a lot of these players. Keller, Couturier, Kadri, Zuccarello, Kreider, Kyrou. Nico was outscored by these guys yeah, but he's a step ahead of some of those guys and especially the older ones. Fan survey so take with a grain of salt I'd say. The top 25 is pretty close tho imho.
  19. It's up to players to keep their agents on their leashes. We literally just watched an agent blow up John Klingberg's shot at signing somewhere great for overplaying his hand. They were negotiating for over a year and he wanted to stay in Dallas. Now he's in Anaheim on a one-year deal when he could have had 5 or 6 years. I don't think looking at a client list is a good way to judge this. Every agent is trying to cash in, it doesn't make Bratt more unique. Bratt does stand out, but Forsling is pretty good too.
  20. I don't know. If we could find a Cam Janssen/big guy/enforcer/pest type who can actually skate. I'd take a shot on him. Geertson, a converted defensemen from another team we grabbed off waivers is still a weird one. He aint it.
  21. But he bring muh sandpaper.
  22. Fair enough, but Tarasenko is basically a lock for 60+ points if he stays healthy. Meier seems good too though after looking over his basic stats. Like I was saying, I see a lot of players numbers falling back a little this year. Not saying the high scoring was a fluke or anything, just a feeling.
  23. Well, my issue with both Anderson and Meier is that they aren't Tarasenko or Miller, buut I like the idea of those guys maybe bring a pick this way possibly. Didn't Anderson know Jack from USNTDP? Severson bring back one of those two plus a pick or something. Maybe Fitz is fine with staying patient for right now to see how the season starts. Some of these guys who had 100+ points will fall back to earth a little I think, minus McJesus and Matthews. Maybe all the RHD's coming in freak out Severson a little bit and he plays lights out based on competition and actually wanting to stay here. Either way, it's fine to just let him walk too. I wouldn't be crazy about it, but we'll be fine even if we get nothing for him. Bratt's hearing is on August 3rd for arbitration Wood's is set for August 6th, but the Devils filed for arbitration while Bratt filed for it as a player. I think the case with Wood for team-filed is that we can't walk away from whatever the arbitrator awards unless it is for more than like 5.2 million a year or something.
  24. 79 points in 68 games. Not bad. Interesting player that I am surprised he fell to the 3rd based on his numbers. Undersized or understrength maybe?
  25. Exactly. It depends on the season that Severson has. I could see him getting outplayed by Marino, but if he plays so well that he slots into the 2nd pairing and we'll looking like a playoff team with him there then I would consider trying to keep him, but chances are he gets outplayed by Marino and ends up on the 3rd pairing or god forbid a healthy scratch. I want to be deep, but I don't think Severson sees himself as a bottom pairing player. So if Severson has the bad year and will re-sign for 4m a year for 2 or 3 years. I'd take him on that, but if he wants that 5+ years and 5.5 or more, yeah, I'd say no thanks. Bring up Walsh, Muk, or Bahl and give them the shot.
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