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  1. Despite all his rage, Billy Corgan is still bald.

  2. Don't believe everything you read on the internet - Abraham Lincoln

    1. NJCroMag


      So you mean he *didn't* hunt vampires then?

    2. aylbert


      WTH CroMag... He clearly wasn't the president...

  3. damn. its freezing out

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    2. aylbert


      It's cold out there, it's cold out there everyday!

    3. NJCroMag


      Took your word for it...went to my local pond with my hockey skates on and tried to skate. I sank like a rock. So I guess what I'm saying is...you lied to me.

    4. aylbert


      That was then. We're in now, now. But did you try sharpening your skates more? #JustSaying

  4. 4.0 quake in LA. Good thing we didn't open the series there...

    1. DobaMB30


      Yeah they're already rattled

  5. I wonder what the game would be like if Cam Janseen played baseball? I assume more bench clearing brawls?

  6. Guess who got an interview with the Staten Island Yankees...THIS GUY!!!

    1. thefiestygoat


      Awesome man! Good luck!

  7. A milestone happen today. I got my otherwise Philly Sports loving gf to become a Devil fan. WINNING! Now to work on her leaving the Eagles for the Giants...

    1. Masked Fan

      Masked Fan

      Wow. No more orange in there? You sure? You know how crafty those Philthy phans can be.

    2. TheMazz


      She wasn't a hockey fan before she met me. Just liked the Eagles and Phillies. So there was really no allegiance to the Flyers. Making it easy for me to get her to like the Devils. Lol.

  8. Got my All Star Plan! Secton 131 Row 5. I hope to see my fellow board members at the arena this year!

  9. Is convinced the Flyers are losing on purpose. -_-

  10. has just learned today Ranger fans can't take smack talk.

    1. lucifer91


      oh there has to be a story to go along with this...do tell

    2. TheMazz


      Lol I will in chat. it's too long to mention as one comment.

  11. So who enjoyed Jason Arnott Vs. the Buffalo Sabres? Lmao.

  12. So my GF who is a wings fan has a girl friend thats a Ranger fan...and that friend is dating Sean Avery's brother. I...don't know what to do. Lol.

    1. skullsmasher


      Sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer

  13. Lulz @ Carey Price.

    1. Quinn01


      I hope they are saying....damn why did we let halak walk and not price?! That break away Toronto had was just disgusting.

  14. Should I watch PIT/PHL or MTL/TOR?

    1. Quinn01


      Mtl Deff. They are both going to be good games but Mtl is my 2nd favorite team.

    2. Colin226


      Really? TOR will be a good team?

    3. Colin226


      I meant to add you should wat PHI/PIT.. We play PIT monday plus it's both teams in our division.. If TOR wins I'll be absolutely amazed

  15. Just got back from the game...where was our D? We paid all of these guys, got all these big name guys and we STILL cant play defense or score on a 5-3. Pathetic

  16. Anyone found a stream?

  17. Just when I thought no one could be as scummer, annoying, idiotic and as far from reality as Rangers fans....I've met the fans from Philly.

  18. I hate stubhub...so much. Lmao.

  19. Kovy + Parise + Zajac line = Win

  20. Got center ice today. >.

  21. RWTD - I'm going to the Devs preseason game against the Rags. Where are you sitting maybe I'll see you there

  22. Does Center Ice come w/ Preseason games?

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