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  1. Ovbiously. That's why I'm not asking those kind of questions. Also, I've interviewed a few NHLers before. I know not to let any fandom get in the way. Zubrus will be great because I get to praise own our fans. (in a netural way of course. ^.^)
  2. He had a lower body injury last year right? Something with the leg or ankle?
  3. I mean, what other defense options were left? Sami Salo? I doubt Komisarek makes the team.
  4. HAHA THIS JUST CAME: Peter Albietz ToMe Today at 7:57 PM Good evening Mike- With the team now back in town, I think the best person for this interview would be Dainius Zubrus. He is the "music guy" in the locker room. Let me run this by him and get back to you. -Pete OK GUYS USE THIS THREAD FOR ZUBRUS QUESTIONS TOO!
  5. This nugget came from the Wild's office today to me: Hi Mike, Let me talk to Zach and see what he thinks. How soon do you want to try and get this accomplished? Things are getting crazier by the day with camp starting on Friday. Thanks, Aaron Sickman | Media Relations Director Minnesota Wild BRB in shock... Um, granted he's not our problem anymore but does anyone have any questions they'd like me to ask that aren't of the "What does Ryan's lips taste like ya fvcking tratior" variety. This is the biggest thing I've gotten outside the Miller interview. Holy sh!t. Also, for those wondering why I'm not getting Devils interviews. Trust me, I've tried. Their PR department aren't that friendly and are as secretive as you could even imagine.
  6. This week, I had the chance to talk to Ryan Miller, former all star and silver medalist who is the current starting goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks for my work. In this Q&A Miller discusses the upcoming NHL season and the direction of the Vancouver Canucks, NHL expansion and potentially bringing a team to Seattle, How his time in St. Louis was a "stepping stone", how hard it truly was to leave Buffalo among other topics. You can view the interview here. AlternativeNation.net | Exclusive: Ryan Miller Talks Upcoming NHL Season, RHCP And Jack White Fandom
  7. Nick Alberga @thegoldenmuzzy Host, Ice Cap on @siriusxmNHL Nick Alberga ‏@thegoldenmuzzy 14m Devils have a 4 pm conference call. Imagine it's to announce the return of Kovalchuk Although I remember a time when TSN said we were trading Parise for Towes. So...
  8. It seemsl ike half the people are for traditional hard rock while the other half are for bringing in DJ Zubby Zub style EDM. I have the perfect solution and compromise that will most likely please all parties. Soundgarden's Chris Cornell is as rock as you'll get. 1:30-2:00
  9. It's an Єklund (2.3% accurate) rumor but any rumor is going to keep us active and talking at this point: Mike Richards to NJ, NYI, Chicago or Anaheim? It is starting to sound more and more like Mike Richards, fresh off the Stanley Cup victory, could be bought out or traded. The Blackhawks are among the teams most interested I am told if a trade were to occur. The Devils, Islanders and Ducks would have interest if he is bought out and Richie were to become a free agent. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Єklund (2.3% accurate)/Rumors-Ward-for-Marleaue3-and-10-more-BIG-rumors-for-Sunday/1/60627 Richards would certainly be cheaper then Stastny.
  10. Salvador is garbage and is one more slight hit away from being completely useless (more useless then he already is). The only plus we have keeping that slug is that we can potentially LTIR him. Volchenkov isn't afraid to hit and block shots and has that physcial presence that almost no other defenseman on this team has. He also has way more in the tank left then Sal. Buy out Sal and keep the superior defenseman. That's just me. I just wish we didnt waste our first amensty buyout on Johan fvcking Hedberg. A regular buyout would have worked there. He wasn't making THAT much. A regular buyout in that case would have given the chance for us to buy out both Sal and Volch but oh well. Also my heart says to get rid of Gionta because JJ has in my opinion far more potential - however, lets be realistic. That will never happen, Jake will most likely go to the KHL or Sweeden and Petey Jr. will be our fourth line center for years to come. Bernier had one bad year. Give him another chance. You could sign another player to fill that spot up but you also got to take chemistry into consideration. We could totally revamp our lineup and put Ruutu and/or Zubrus on the fourth line. However, I'm not fond of giving players with those massive contracts fourth line minutes. CAPGEEK.COM ARMCHAIR GM ROSTER CapGeek Armchair GM Roster FORWARDS Matt Moulson ($4.000m) / Paul Stastny ($7.500m) / Jaromir Jagr ($3.500m) Adam Henrique ($4.000m) / Travis Zajac ($5.750m) / Damien Brunner ($2.500m) Ryane Clowe ($4.850m) / Patrik Elias ($5.500m) / Dainius Zubrus ($3.100m) Tuomo Ruutu ($3.800m) / Stephen Gionta ($0.563m) / Steve Bernier ($0.775m) DEFENSEMEN Anton Volchenkov ($4.250m) / Adam Larsson ($0.874m) Marek Zidlicky ($3.000m) / Andy Greene ($3.000m) Jon Merrill ($0.840m) / Eric Gelinas ($0.715m) Peter Harrold ($0.800m) / GOALTENDERS Cory Schneider ($4.000m) Keith Kinkaid ($0.605m) BUYOUTS Trent Hunter ($0.667m) Johan Hedberg ($0.000m) Bryce Salvador ($0.000m) ------ CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter) (estimations for 2014-15) SALARY CAP: $71,100,000; CAP PAYROLL: $64,838,292; BONUSES: $3,060,000 CAP SPACE (21-man roster): $6,261,708 Maybe something like this?
  11. So if anyone wants a good laugh - this leaked.
  12. DINO COSTA ‏@REALDINOCOSTA 2h I received word from very credible source based in NJ this afternoon that DEVILS are involved in discussions to bring back Ilya Kovalchuk... I know Costa isn't some scrub source either. Over 10k followers on Twitter. Was a main contributor to Mad Dog Radio on SiriusXM. I don't see this as some hockeyinsiderrr nonsense. I wouldn't know how to take this if this is true or has legs at all.
  13. How is it a "half-truth". It's a full truth. He has retired. From international competition but he has retired. I'm not saying anything false in the title or body therefore this thread is completely valid. 100% legitimate. Knock the wording however you like but the title is just a juicier way of saying the full title. Nothing wrong here.
  14. I'm not lying am I. I'm not saying anything false. Something amateurish would be "Jagr asks for a trade" or something ridiculous like that.
  15. I know it's awful. He deserved one more medal. Hopefully he gets one last playoff run before he hangs em up for good.
  16. You also know a proper title wouldn't get as many hits. I work in music journalism and post internet news stories. I know what's traffic bait.
  17. ... From international hockey competition. http://www.thescore.com/news/508392 You may all go back to breathing and stop clutching your hearts again. Still. Important news. Had a pretty good International tourny this year.
  18. I always come back to this video.
  19. Is no one concerned about what could be our biggest issue in a year (if not this year) - Schneider? Why hasn't he signed yet? Of all the rumors and acticles I've seen that the Devils are "hopeful" to re-sign Schneider to a contract extension is anyone worried that we'll not see it this year and we'll see the same Lou behavior as we have in the past with all of our past top UFAs? If he doesn't sign a deal over the summer I'm going to be very nervous that he won't sign at all. Especally if we miss the playoffs again next year. Would you blame him for leaving? The only thing that would work in our favor is that there aren't a lot of teams in the market for a starting goaltender.
  20. All you need is the "Brazzers" logo and that gif is complete.
  21. Well it's good from the NJD perspective because the Red Bulls treat their season ticket holders like gold from what I've heard. I'm personally not renewing my seats for next season but if I ever get more disposable income (and if we manage to put an on-ice product that isn't complete pigsh!t) I might get a half season plan or something. You all know how it's been. The atmosphere the past year has been questionable and I cheer for a bubble team at a fraction of the cost. Personally, I just don't think you have to get seasons to "prove" your fandom but whatever. I'm doing a "Stubhub plan" next season and will be perfectly content with that. Sorry for the rant lol. But yeah if you are in the market to buy any sort of plan just from how the Red Bulls go out of their way to treat their STH's both new and old should be ideal enough for you.
  22. TheMazz

    Lou speculation

    I heard Lou and Pete are going to re-make the movie "Sleepless in Seattle". They're going to meet eye to eye over a bowl of prunes and call it "Senile In Newark".
  23. Bon Jovi beat Sinatra and Springsteen? LOLWUT?!
  24. CAPGEEK.COM ARMCHAIR GM ROSTER CapGeek Armchair GM Roster FORWARDS Tuomo Ruutu ($3.800m) / Paul Stastny ($7.500m) / Jaromir Jagr ($4.000m) Adam Henrique ($4.000m) / Travis Zajac ($5.750m) / Dainius Zubrus ($3.100m) Ryane Clowe ($4.850m) / Patrik Elias ($5.500m) / Michael Ryder ($3.500m) Ryan Carter ($0.775m) / Stephen Gionta ($0.563m) / Damien Brunner ($2.500m) Jacob Josefson ($0.761m) / DEFENSEMEN Andy Greene ($3.000m) / Mark Fayne ($1.300m) Jon Merrill ($0.840m) / Bryce Salvador ($3.167m) Eric Gelinas ($0.715m) / Adam Larsson ($0.874m) Anton Volchenkov ($4.250m) / GOALTENDERS Cory Schneider ($4.000m) Keith Kinkaid ($0.605m) BUYOUTS Johan Hedberg ($0.000m) Trent Hunter ($0.667m) ------ CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter) (estimations for 2014-15) SALARY CAP: $71,100,000; CAP PAYROLL: $66,266,209; BONUSES: $60,000 CAP SPACE (22-man roster): $4,833,791 Am I close?
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