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  1. UPDATE: So after negotcating with Dolan's PR this is the response I get from his publicist: "Hey Mike — Sorry for the delay on this, it’s been an insane week. We aren’t going to be able to do this around anything other than the band itself, not really anything outside of that (meaning the 12-12-12 concert would be off limits actually) I appreciate you calling the office to get in touch but I can already tell you I have back to back meetings tomorrow afternoon so let’s pick a specific time to chat if you would prefer chatting on the phone about this." Womp, womp, womp. What a bust. You know how many questions I can come up for his band? Maybe three at the most. JD and the Straight Shot isn't supposed to be the "focial point" of an interview. What a waste. You have someone as in-depth of a potential interviewee as Dolan and you are that restricted? Ugh. So disapointing.
  2. Still they could have gotten an equally big name like Jay Z or whoever if they wanted a rap act to appeal to that demographic. I get what cgb is trying to say but you can only say that for so long though.
  3. Right but there is a difference between appealing to the youth and being a complete asshat like how Kayne was. I remember looking at Twitter that night and a good majority of fans and people watching that show were upset at Kayne's performance.
  4. I read in Forbes said the Garden could get knocked down in 2023 for a brand new Penn Station and it could take ten years to recover from that. Especally with Barclays outgrossing the Garden in ticket sales. I would imagine ovbiously in that time frame MSG would get rebuilt but it certainly would have an impact. Also the renovations to the current MSG would have been somewhat of a waste since it would have only lasted a few years. I'm not an expert when it comes the shelf life of arenas. However, I know in three years the Prudential Center will have been here for ten years. Doesn't look like it needs any repairs to me. Not a bad idea. I'd imagine it would be hard for Dolan to comment on that. Maybe if I word it a different way. Lol.
  5. I want to make some sort of Cablevision crack for sure. In the most professional way I can of course lol. (My cable bill is to the point where I'm considering saying screw it and just going to Netflix/WWE Network/Gamecenter) I have to get on the good side of the publicist when I do this (and all interviews ovbiously). However this one is kinda big. Same person that reps Dolan's two bit band also reps the Eagles. So. If I want to get press passes to that show at Rock or MSG better not piss Dolan and his repersentation off. Plus Dolan is someone that is ovbiously around money.It would be cool to a way to at least tell him what the site is about too.
  6. But we have the great Josh Harris for that. Lol. I'll be sure to see what I can do for ya Ollie.
  7. I'll have to contact the publicist to see what I can/can't ask. If his little house band is what they want the interview to be the focial point of then I'm going to pass. Not worth it. Dolan could give such an in-depth interview and to focus on just that? Waste. Of. Time. Is that harsh? Perhaps but I like to get the very best out of every interview. That wouldn't be accomplished if just talking about his band. I'll ask how it was like opening for the Eagles though - if there are any cool stories from that.
  8. Ugh JD and the Straight Shot. It'll prob come up but I don't really want to focus on a side project. Someone like Dolan has so much to offer in an interview. I'm not going to ask a bunch of questions on a band he does for sh!ts and giggles.
  9. This really has nothing to do with sports but I want this to get as much publicity as possible. This is kinda something that means a LOT to me here guys. I will be interviewing James Dolan as part of a interview focusing on the 12-12-12 concert that was put on a few years back. Other topics will be discussed as well but I wanted to know if anyone here had any questions for the guy - sports related or not. He might be more Rangers assocated but the guy plays a part with our team as well. NJD games do air on MSG Network afterall. (Although keep in mind this isn't really a sports interview) For those who care and are genuinely interested - the site this will be on is called Concertfy. Myself, my friend and his dad launched it and it's something we are very passionate about. Concertfy is a brand-new concert media sharing website & application for images and launched on March 10th with exclusive interviews from Doors drummer John Densmore and Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino. Other interviews that will appear on the site within the next few weeks include Capital Cities, frontwoman for The Pretty Reckless Taylor Momsen, Living Colour frontman Corey Glover and former Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk.
  10. Lol pseudo ticket broker. That's another thing that pisses me off but for another thread. I want you to convince me that the building has been loud. I've been there, I'm a season ticket holder. I've seen what it's like. There isn't any organic emotion anymore (and yes, RS part of that has to do with the team being "meh" right now) but when the only person making any sort of noise are the same chants of GIVE ME A D! GIVE ME AN E! and the constant horn blowing during awkward points of the game it makes for an unpleasant experience. Perhaps you are content. I'm not. The way the Devils have treated the Diablos - what started out as a fan movement on THIS VERY BOARD and bastardized them to the point of being corperate lackies is pathetic. It's not a loud arena anymore. At times we are as quiet as church-mice and I honestly believe fans like you are OK over that because any sort of raw fan emotion "offends" you.
  11. TheMazz

    Captain Clowe

    I think Clowe has been a very productive player. He has done more in my opinion then live up to "Clarkson replacement" status first year. That said I wouldnt give him a letter.
  12. Oh for crying out loud. So laughably pathetic. "YOU LOST! I WON! NANANANANANA" I might be pro-YS but I'm even more pro getting this building loud. If you want to say with a straight face we've been a loud building this season then you are delusional. Catering to militant soccer moms like yourself to get up in arms over every little thing has REALLY helped out this arena's atmosphere hasn't it? If we a team that won night in and night out like the Blues or Penguins we could afford to experiment with something like this but we're a borderline playoff team. Now isn't the time to toy around with the trust of the paying customer. Canned chants aren't the way to go and neither are trying to censor chants that people ovbiously WANT to chant. (That canned LGD was put in SOLEY because fans kept chanting YS) You arent going to find an option that will make fans like TRS and myself happy but I'm happy with something that isn't RRP2 as long as they don't bastardize it with a million different changes like they did with SNA. Hell SNA was perfect before they deicded to edit it a bunch of times.
  13. We shouldn't compliment the team we are playing against... What is this...I don't even. I'll let you have your opinion as well. We're going to end up in the same circle.
  14. Same could be said for you. I post on other threads though and pop up in chat. Rarely see you around
  15. How is it negative? Because it's against opposing teams and players? Oh spare me. Nobody is chanting your "positive" canned Let's Go Devils chant and inserting their "You Suck" chant because that's what THE FANS want to chant. But hey the fans are wrong right? The Devils - this team especally is not one that can afford to police their fans. Know your fanbase and cater to them
  16. I'm pretty certain the Devils know it's not directed towards them. Also a canned "Let's Go Devils" chant is the definition of cheesy, "We Are Jersey" is up there as well. A lot of the Devils PR moves have been "cheesy". The YS chant is not one that comes to mind.
  17. Yes. Hearing the words "you suck" towards opposing players and teams is just so emabarssing let me tell you. God forbid we jeer opposition. Hell having to debate having to say "Hey You Suck" in this day in age is laughable. 2014 and this fan base makes "you suck" like it's the most vile word in the dictionary. The season is almost over. Can we admit to everyone who wanted this silly "family friendly" atmosphere that it's a total fvcking bomb? We were a sh!tty team in 2011 and 2013 and the building was still electric. SNA would be FANTASTIC but Weber and co have made every effort to make it the dulliest, lamest chant in the NHL. If you can even call it a chant. The canned "LGD" that no one chants - basically telling people what to say it akin to the old "WE ROCK!" nonsense that used to show up on the screen. Last night was sort of loud. (As loud as you are going to get with 14,000 in the barn) that's because we didn't have that canned "LDG" chant in there. We wouldnt have to change anything if they would just get rid of the canned crap. SNA is actually pretty catchy. We have to be the most crotchity fan base ever - debating the use of saying "you suck" in sports. Saying something which is pretty common-place as a saying in this day and age, and which is used as a saying as a synonom for "You stink" and nothing else. Again - god forbid we say the opposing team and their players are awful. Why not just break out participation medals after each game so we don't make them feel bad. Last night's game could have REALLY used the YS chant. A lot of fans I see need to relax and enjoy the game, cheer and have fun. This is hockey. This is a sporting event. Not Church nor a PTA meeting. And my goodness there have been times this season where I could have actually confuse the two. Could we be any more of a group of fuddy-duddies.
  18. Seven Nation Army was great until they completely bastardized it.
  19. Selling two tickets for Retro Night against the Bruins. 50 dollars for the pair. Section 121. Row 10. PM me if interested.
  20. And we're sh!t against awful teams and only show up when we face the Blues and Bruins of the world.
  21. First they get rid of the peanut stand (a jumbo bag of peanuts for 5 dollars...with multiple choices) then the pretzel stand with massive pretzels and for like 5 bucks as well. I am disappoint.
  22. Hey all. I am selling this Tuesday's game against the Red Wings as well the 3/8 game against the Carolina Hurricanes. Each game is section 121 Row 10. PM me if interested as I will consider any offers.
  23. I'm selling two tickets for tonight's game against Colorado. Sect. 121. Row 10. 40 dollars for the pair or best offer.
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