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  1. I'm shocked this wasn't implimented in NY (at least) sooner.
  2. I do think, the big difference here however is how much closer you are to players when you sit at a basketball game then at a hockey game. Hockey players can actually curse on-ice. NBA players can't curse on court because the fans would hear. Still it all depends when ushers or whoever issues these little things decide that "line" has been crossed. If it's slurs and hate speech then...OK understandable. But if you hand it out for something like jeering other players or the opposing team then that's too much.
  3. It appears that the NBA is now handing out red cards to unruly fans at games. Now as stereotypical as it is for the new owners to one day do something like this, my question isn't whether or not OUR owners would more or less start handing similar versions of these out. Rather, would these things fly in the NHL at all? To me, fans do the paying to be there, and last time I checked, fans also buy the merchandise and pay teams bills by showing support... Even if they want to shout a few obscenities, as long as they aren't physically hurting anyone or being too profane, derogatory, or downright stupid, why can't they express themselves vocally or with gestures at a game? I expect lots of backlash from this. Especally in the off-chance a similar rule ever makes it's way into the NHL. It's just unwarranted policing IMO.
  4. TheMazz

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    Yes. Please go on and tell me how I feel. Like I said. I have no grudge with anyone on here and I try to like everyone on here.
  5. TheMazz

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    I really doubt people use those horns in their living room. Lol. The point is that you shouldn't have to defend being loud at a sporting event. I also saw the Diablos trying to make the arena into a soccer-like atmosphere rather then CB. It's funny how the idea for the Diablo's was birthed on this very site (and to a point HF) and now most posters are so vastly against it. I don't consider a game where you can hear a pin drop as "ambiance and atmosphere" either. I would suggest that the games that are uber-quiet with faint chanting as the ones that resemble a "living room". There has to be some middle ground here.
  6. TheMazz

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    Oh no doubt the lower bowl (while priced out the ass) is nicer. The best deal you can get is every pre-season on Stubhub, snag club seats for like 40-60 bucks. But in my opinion it's a trade off. You are trading the ambiance and atmopshere of the upper bowl for the luxury of the lower (which will be much, much more quiet) Some people like that. Others don't. Honestly, as long as I'm in the building and cheering I could give two fvcks where I sit.
  7. TheMazz

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    I have no grudge against anyone. This is a message board to express opinion. How is I can have a regular, thought out discussion with every other member on here besides you. Why do you just pick fights? If reading online comments and judging people gets you through your day then you REALLY need a life. No offense to you but you've been the complete stereotype of people I'm not satisfied with when I go to games. The "holier then thou" mentality of some people gets old and quite annoying after awhile. I might have my side but that doesn't mean I'm not open to hearing other people's. I would expect most people to be similar. You know? Open-minded. Instead of being twats.
  8. TheMazz

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    Hey man, agree to disagree but I know that if I had kids and were at the game with my kid I'd do all I can to keep them into it and NOT quiet. (Again, not towards you. Just a generalization.) However. Cue the following response(s) that I'm sure will follow! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoJVlyCGG2c
  9. McKinnon, Drouin, Jones, Lindholm, Barkov but no Schneider. Marty/Kinkaid in net. Marty retires. Kinkaid and stopgap after that. Ehhh. Maybe. Depending after spot we would have gotten. However, IMO I think Larsson and 9th would have bagged us McKinnon in a heartbeat.
  10. Would you do Larsson for Edmonton's 1st?
  11. TheMazz

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    No. I'm just a fan, who sits the next section over (121) and wonders why fellow fans want our building to have the same noise equaliant of a funeral. (Not directly talking about you. Just a generalization.) Like if some fans are too embarassed to cheer, make noise or hear others make noise...stay home. That's my view about it. I did however ask to move to the Diablo section next season. The only thing I might have a hard time doing is stand for every game. But constant cheering, noise making and having fun without being a bunch of drunk asshats the whole game? For 100 dollars a season ticket? That sounds like a great deal to me. I really wish that the Crazies got as much hype as the Diablos. They seemed to be the whole "Diablo concept" before the Diablos ever existed. Why not just build off of them? The Diablos could have just been in 231 and we would have had two super loud sections. Unless the plan is to have a fan section in each area. (Upper, Mezz, lower) However I very much doubt we see a "supporters section" in the lower bowl. Stiff city down there.
  12. TheMazz

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    Wasn't the whole Diablo concept started on here?
  13. TheMazz

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    Yes. Let's kick out people making noise and being loud at a sporting event. Seems legit. Look, I get that people find the horns repeative but the responses on here make me LOL. Pretty soon we'll have no cheering/noisemaking at all except for a few minor claps after goals and repeating whatever the jumbo-tron tells us to.
  14. While I understand it's the ECF and ANY song could make that moment insane. I just can't agree with that statement. SNA is good. I like SNA. It's just not RR2. The one thing I dont like about SNA is that it's too...forced. Not as much so as lame options like "The Whip" or "Rightous Smoke" were but SNA just does WAY too much in a short amount of time. Compare both goal songs. It's hard to really describe through text but if you listen to both you'd get it. To me there was more "organic emotion" with RR2.
  15. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2515257/Charlton-set-bought-American-sports-owner-Josh-Harris--CHARLES-SALE.html Investment banker Josh Harris is set to become the latest American sports franchise owner to buy into English football. The 48-year-old billionaire, who owns basketball’s Philadelphia 76ers and ice hockey team New Jersey Devils, is said to be in detailed talks to purchase Charlton. The Championship club have been linked with a number of potential takeover moves recently, including consortiums from Turkey and Russia. But the bid by Harris is understood to have progressed to an advanced stage since his associates came over for Charlton’s home game against Leeds earlier this month. Charlton are co-owned by Tony Jiminez and Michael Slater but it is claimed Mayfair property developer Kevin Cash bankrolls the London club and is keen to recoup his funding. Also, Jiminez has had to repay £500,000 to his former Newcastle colleague Dennis Wise after a High Court ruling regarding a property investment. Manager Chris Powell and a number of players are in the last year of contracts that haven’t been renewed because of the likelihood of a Charlton sale. Harris, who spent around £500million buying his NBA and NHL franchises, could easily afford the mooted £43m price for Charlton that would include the freehold of The Valley. And there are ambitious plans being proposed for Charlton, who could, with the aid of wealthy owners, build a new stadium on land near the O2 Arena.
  16. TheMazz

    Devils @ Canes 7:PM

    I guess people don't get internet fads these days.
  17. Aren't we facing against the Kings third string goalie? I wish I could be more coinfident about that. Lol. We make backups look like Patrick Roy.
  18. Lol. The one place I didn't look either. Oh well.
  19. Mark Lazerus ‏@MarkLazerus #Blackhawks acquire Kris Versteeg and another player for Jimmy Hayes and Dylan Olsen. Versteeg is coming to Chi @ 50% caphit.
  20. I did one of these before. It's mostly internships. Unpaid ones at that. Which is cool if you are just starting out but if you are looking for cash then avoid.
  21. I see zero difference. What's the major difference? The silly trade proposals? Meh, The only time I felt HF was different then NJDevs was with the goal song. HFDevils was for RRP2 and HEY YOU SUCK and everyone here was pretty much against it. Other then that? I see no difference.
  23. Anyone think it's too early to bust out the paper bags?
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