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  1. I must be living in bizzaro world. You're supposed to build from the goaltender out. Give me the offensive hole over a defensive hole any day of the week. This time next year you'll be saying Chia is a genius. Watch.
  2. Good luck backing up this AHL quality defense Cory. You're gonna need it. Hopefully we get Shattenkirk or something to offset this blunder
  3. I must be the only one who feels gutted. We just lost the future of our franchise for a one dimensional winger with attitude issues. This isn't like giving up Odyua for Kory.
  4. Aren't you the same poster that was also so adamant about how we didn't need Kovalchuk? I mean, with that track record... (Just joshin' you of course)
  5. You're the one that did the "Why the NYR suck" youtube video with the Futurama song in the background right? Looks like you have another year to add.
  6. I would think Drouin would want to take the Saad route and go to a team where he will get the playing time he desires and be "under the radar". That's how things have looked the past couple of months. Arizona, Carolina and us would really be the teams that fit that bill.
  7. NJD are one of the teams (albeit many) in the mix for Tampa Bay Lightning forward Johnathan Drouin: Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 1h1 hour ago The greater financial obligation team takes on, less they'll be willing to give up in tangible assets. TB needs to make a good hockey deal. 33 retweets 57 likes Reply Retweet 33 Liked 57 Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 1h1 hour ago It's possible, I suppose, losing Carle's contract could be part of a deal but problem for TB in that case is it would reduce yield on trade. 43 retweets 61 likes Reply Retweet 43 Liked 61 Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 1h1 hour ago If Drouin is traded, TB will have to get a piece that helps them this season and a significant prospect for the future. Maybe a pick, too? 95 retweets 123 likes Reply Retweet 95 Liked 123 Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 1h1 hour ago Obviously, some come and go. A few come back for a 2nd look. Not all are fits but I'd think TB has a handful of legit offers to consider. 52 retweets 76 likes Reply Retweet 52 Liked 76 Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 1h1 hour ago Teams, at times, with maybe > than cursory int: ANA, ARI, BOS, CAR, CHI, COL, MIN, MTL, NSH, NJD, NYI, NYR, OTT, PHI, SJ, STL, TOR, VAN, WPG 150 retweets 135 likes Reply Retweet 150 Like 135 Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie 1h1 hour ago Often asked where Drouin may go. No strong sense at this time. I'd say 15 to 20 teams have shown varying degrees interest at varying times.
  8. I was talking about this team specifically. Not in comparison to 03
  9. Wouldn't that be something though. Not one true superstar yet still cup champs.
  10. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2015/10/stephen_gionta_devils_arent_far_from_making_anothe.html#incart_river Love the enthusiasm baby Gio
  11. I stand by that we are a legitimate number one center and RWer away from being a playoff team again. We have the depth, we have the defense and goaltending...we just need the legitimate first line talent. We aren't gonna be a playoff team by rolling a first line that would be a 2nd line on most teams and a 3rd line on some elite teams. People need to understand that
  12. Don't we have the third highest salary cap room in the league? If I wanted to chase a good pipe dream it would be giving Stamkos 11 million for 6 years if he doesn't get re-signed by the offseason. Which he will so nvm
  13. So what exactly is the deal with the statue? Are they putting it by another area of the Prudential Center? Will it replace the "Iron Man" statue?
  14. 450 dollars. Upfront. For the package. Bloodsuckers.
  15. I just hope I can ask one of my STH friends to buy me a program and/or a commemorative puck and I can pay them back later. Really sucks that i, too most likely won't be able to go.
  16. Call the Devils and do a 6 game plan. That's what I'm doing. 400 dollars for 3 tickets and you can include said Edmonton game.
  17. Already fans are gouging prices. Couldn't wait a day. Lol. BTW. I can confirm via a high ranking NJD source that the game will be on 2/9 vs Edmonton.
  18. Oh yeah. We did sign John Moore... Forgot all about that. Meh, can't be worse than Harrold or Fraser
  19. I'll email it to him tonight. I'll send it to Cangi and Matt too.
  20. I'm still not over losing Chris Simpson. She was perfect.
  21. I know we are going into a new direction but this goes beyond getting new, younger players and even changing the atmosphere culture like the goal song. This was an agreement between Lou and McMullen. I know Lou is gone but it just doesn't seem right to me, and doesn't really sit well to me that, that agreement I'd now disregarded. You can say it's just a number but Dr. McMullen is pretty much why the Devils are here. That should go beyond what Shero wants. You got to respect tradition while embrace new ideas. Not just tear everything down like the new regime seems to be doing. And I like Shero so far, the jury is still out on our new owners but...I don't know if I can't fully get behind this. As silly as it sounds because you can just say "it's just a number", it still doesn't sit right to me
  22. Has anyone seen the thank you Lou digital billboard sign .. Saw it along 80 near Hackensack
  23. Clearly you never saw the original one which I've been using to troll Rags fans for a few years now. Both of these videos are fantastic
  24. Should of just faded into two songs that or kept an instrumental version of New York, New York That's just me though.
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