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  1. :') Tears of joy. Kinda ehhh on the really slow, almost unhearable at times song choice but it came together nicely at the end.
  2. Semin was placed on waivers with the intent to buyout his contract. I would love to take him on with a 1 year/1.5 million "show me" deal. Best case senerio he becomes the first line winger we need and rebounds tremendously. Worst case? One year, we don't re-sign him or trade him midseason
  3. Here's hoping he becomes the next John Gibson
  4. If we can get rid of Zubrus I would like: S. Matteau - S. Gionta - J. Tootoo Gionta has 1 year left. I think they will ride out baby Gio and let Kalinin develop, perhaps giving Kalinin some main roster time throughout the year and taking advantage of that two way deal. You have so many options with that foruth line. Matteau-Gionta-Tootoo Zubrus-Gionta-Tootoo Matteau-Kalinin-Tootoo Matteau-Kalinin-Boucher That 4th line is gonna be a shuffle next year.
  5. UFA will be very telling, more so than the draft. Apparently, we are one of the few teams interested in Frolik. I would love to snag him. Alternatively, I think getting Chris Stewart for extremely cheap and a shorter term then what Frolik would want would be a good plan B.
  6. What we need are three things to really get things into high gear. - A second pairing veteran defenseman (which should be easy enough to find. Johnny O, Mike Green, Erhoff...all options) - A complimentary top six winger. - Frolik has been mentioned, I wouldn't mind taking a flyer on Chris Stewart, who would come at a much cheaper price however. Stafford, as much as it would please me on a shallow level, because I interviewed the guy, I think we should stay away from. Lastly, we need a legitimate top line RW. You can make the case for a top line C as well, but hopefully Zacha lives up to his potential. The reason I advocate for someone like MSL is pretty simple: Extremely cap space and budget friendly. At the worst possible case, he bombs and we either choose not to re-sign him or flip him for whatever return his humanly possible. A 1 year, no risk/high reward deal is something that I would make 10/10 times. Last year MSL had a 50 point season (around that number anyway), I don't believe that he will decline and turn to a sloth on the ice in the span of a year. The logistics are there and are in the favor of MSL being a top contributor for the Devils if the choose to give him the 1 year flyer. Next year's UFA class will be much stronger and we can address a more permanent fixture for our top line RW then, in the mean time a no risk/high reward deal for a single season just makes too much sense to me. What else would you do? Trade assets for Sharp? Who is coming off one of the worst seasons of his career, trade a king's ransom for Kessel and pay for it in the long run? No thank you. Cam-Zajac-MSL Henrique-Elias-Frolik Ruutu-JJ-Palmieri Zubrus-Gionta-Tootoo. It's a start. That bottom line is a complete dumpster fire, yes. But I don't want to rush Zacha, I think another year or so of development would do wonders. Zubrus, UNLESS they buy out will logicially stay on the team, plus I don't think Boucher is NHL ready as of yet to take Zubrus' spot and you could always slot in Matteau or Boucher over Zubrus in time. Tootoo though? great 4th line RW. I'm a fan of Ruutu and think he's vastly underrated on this team, I see the contracts of Gionta and Zubrus being rode out to the end of next year and then then more suitable options will be on our forth line (Matteau/Boucher, Kalinin..etc) Those lines above would be a great step in the right direction. Next year's UFA RWs -Grabner -Okposo -Voracek -Versteeg -Vrbata We will definitely have options for 2016 There are a lot of pipe dreams for UFA Centers but some I don't think aren't completely unrealistic. For example, David Backes. Also as far as defense: Larsson-Greene (one of) Oduya/Mike Green/Ehrhoff-Severson Merrill-Gelinas. That's what I want to see. We are definitely in better shape than we were a season or two (or three) ago. No one can deny that.
  7. I gotta go with a solid B- You can pick and dissect some of the "would of's and should of's" but the fact that Shero wanted to trade up (what you can assume was for Barzal) shows me that he has the best interest of turning this team around. The Zacha pick warmed up to me as the night went on, Blackwood people can rag about since he's a goalie but I truly believe that he was not only the best player available but will instantly be our best prospect at that position. Clermont shouldn't be retained, Clemmer it was revealed won't come back, Blackwood and Wedgewood in the AHL together is instantly one of the better tandems in the AHL. We did draft another forward with our 3rd round pick in Blake Speers who is supposed to be unbelievable, NHL Network radio was talking about how shocked they were that he fell that far to us. I also love the speed possessed by Brettt Seney (6th round pick) Add in the Palmieri trade, which addressed a serious main roster need and I think we had one of the better, at least one of the more underrated drafts this year.
  8. 2nd ranked goaltender. The only other prospect even worth considering was Sprong.
  9. I like this pick. Dude is one of the top goalie prospects in a extremely deep draft, he's tall like Bishop and can really play. What next to NO ONE understands on here is that our depth at goaltender isn't as good as fans would like to believe. We have a stud number one who is currently on the wrong side of 20, Clarmont and Wedgewood both became major duds, Clemmer won't be retained... We don't really have that many prospects at this position if you think about it, especially skilled ones. I rather have done Merrill + this pick for Barzal but those freaking out about this pick are TRULY freaking out about nothing and/or are literally in-informed.
  10. I wish we did Merrill for that trade and walked out with Barzal and Zacha.
  11. https://twitter.com/realkyper
  12. James Mirtle ‏@mirtle 16s17 seconds ago Bruins were also offered much higher first rounders than 15th overall, which adds to strangeness of the trade. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
  13. No. God no. A million times no.
  14. If MSL thinks he is gonna win a cup with the Penguins then he'll prob go there. If he wants the ice time, he'll come to a team like us. That's how I see it anyway.
  15. On other news, told that Marty St. Louis not ready to retire. May be some mutual interest in/from Devils, Penguins. Not coming back to NYR. Per writer Larry Brooks Time to get this reved up again.
  16. We are gonna pick Connor or Meier. Conte usually likes to go off the board, he was gonna go off the board if we didn't trade for Cory...I think unless Strome or one of the bigger names falls to us we are gonna draft a real surprise.
  17. We are gonna draft Meier and the board will explode in madness. Even more scary, in that Conte piece, he doesn't bring up Barzal at all. Bringing up fvcking Meier over Barzal is insanity, god forbid we draft someone that should go 12-15 with our 6th overall.
  18. Couldn't they sign Niemi for the next couple of seasons or so, draft Blackwood and go that route? Instead of trading assets?
  19. I think either Marner or Hanifin will drop to us. I welcome both with open arms.
  20. We could use a veteran defenseman (because, let's face it all we have is Greene) to mentor the kids. Any interest in Ehrhoff or Barrett Jackman?
  21. http://www.alternativenation.net/interview-morrissey-says-obama-seems-white-inside-talks-brandon-flowers-stalking-him/ Though he requires no introduction, Morrissey is one of the rock realm’s most influential figures of the past three decades, whether it be through his timeless four record run as The Smiths’ frontman, sprawling ten record solo career, or his continued involvement in political and social activism, vanguarded by his passionately strong belief that “meat is murder” and championing of the vegan lifestyle. In this interview, Morrissey, who is about to embark on a U.S. tour, touches on the various facets of his activism, updates his stance on Hillary Clinton and her 2016 bid for presidency, and criticizes President Obama's handling of recent of events such of Ferguson by saying he "doesn't support" black people.
  22. You want trade talk? We apparently are the TOP DESTINATION (along with the Isles) for Kessel: http://national.suntimes.com/nhl/7/72/1263077/maple-leafs-phil-kessel-trade-rumors
  23. Trade a 2nd and 3rd for Sharp Sign MSL to a one year, no risk deal. Jettison Gionta to Albany and give Matteau the 4th line spot ??? Profit. Cammalleri-Zajac-Sharp Elias-Henrique-MSL Ruutu-Kalinin-Zubrus Matteau-Josefson-Tootoo I would perfectly be content with that as the opening night roster. At least our top six looks somewhat like a legitimate top six for a change. I think that the year Gomez had was a bit of a fluke so that's why I don't have him listed but you could always give Gomez a 2 way deal and interchange him and Kalinin when need be since he also is on a two way deal. OR we could trade for Mike Richards and LA first round pick so the Devils can get both Barzal and Zacha lol. Say Mike Richards + #13 + Jordan Weal for Jacob Josefson + #38 + another piece. Say Zubrus or something. I'd pull the trigger on something like that
  24. What does everyone expect our opening roster to be next year
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