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  1. Draft party at Miami Mikes?
  2. Barzal won't be there at 9. Zacha maybe but not Barzal.
  3. If Hanifin is there at 6 I really, really don't see the case for not running up to the podium and grabbing him with open arms. I don't care if he is a defenseman, I don't care that we have a "glut" of defenseman and need the forwards. You go with BPA and the only one that doesn't think Hanifin wouldn't be the BPA at 6 is Craig Button and his mock draft is really, really out there. You draft Hanifin and our defense is instantly one of the best in the league. That said I really hope either Strome or Marner drops to us. That would be the ideal senario for us. However, I can't shake the feeling that we are going to draft Crouse or Rattatan
  4. Of course Dover/Rockaway/Denville has to disappoint me by being a bunch of bandwagoners. No one in this area gave two fvcks about the Rangers not even 5 years ago.
  5. Even if he doesn't get flipped for a pick, we have him on the books for a year. As mentioned, nothing gets lost but money. I rather see MSL, even in this stage of his career for one year in our top six then someone like Bernier or Ryder, or Havlat (all three who are potential goners) We have the spot for him, who would he be taking a roster spot from? MSL, Boucher, Matteau, Ruutu. There are your RWs for next year. And actually, I wouldn't even say Boucher deserves a full time spot as of yet. So, who would he be taking a roster spot from? Zubrus? Whoopie.
  6. Sure, we could go younger on RW, but that would most likely involve a significant trade and trading assets that would be way to rich for our blood. Zubrus could and should be bought out, Ryder and Havlat won't return, Gomez, meh but even if all of this fodder we are shedding, its not like there is anything significant to replace them with. I am not getting why people are so up in arms over this potentially happening. Worst case senario, MSL bombs and we ship him off at the deadline or just not resign him. Best case? He has another 40-50 point season and everyone is happy. Look, I rather take a zero risk contract like MSL then trade significant assets for a overrated "younger" winger in Kessel or overpay for another overrated RWer in Beleskey. What exactly do we have in the RW department to be proud of? Bernier? Ruutu? Tootoo? Would MSL really be THAT bad compared to what we have now? For one year? I'm just not seeing the disadvantage in all of this.
  7. I don't see MSL dropping down to Ryder like numbers if he comes here, not right away. Maybe if we keep him for a couple of years but not next season though. It would be a drastic decline, an unheard of decline if it happened. Also MSL was a captain in Tampa, obviously he must be a good locker room guy and can share his on ice knowledge with the kids.
  8. I remember all the hype Teddy had when his stats weren't even the best. So many fans were hyping him to be the next MSL, I even bought into it for a bit.We could of had Carlson, ugh. Our defense seems to be okay right now but imagine how epic it would of been if we had Keith and Carlson.
  9. As I and others have mentioned there is nothing wrong with this if it's a 1 year deal, even a 2 year deal. Everyone focuses on our lack of centre depth when our RW depth is pretty lousy as well. MSL instantly becomes our top RWer, barring a significant trade and would be light years ahead of the likes of Havlat and Ryder who I don't expect to be on this year next season anyway. I strongly disagree with the poster that said MSL wouldn't be any better than Ryder. Have him here on a year by year deal, mentor the kids while getting the minutes he will most likely want and I see zero issue with St Louis joining the Devils. He had a 50 point year this past season to boot. This is a win/win honestly. The short term offsets the "he's old" arguments and makes arguments like that pretty much a poor point. Plus, these kids will need a mentor. Why not MSL?
  10. Maybe he helps the team compete for a playoff spot but I think everyone is looking realistically here
  11. Give him a year to year deal like Jagr. Hopefully you can sign him for cheap enough that it's not a major risk. We certainly have the cap room to make this happen. I have no problem with this if it's a year to year. It would be better depth then Havlat or Ryder
  12. Conte likes size so naturally we will draft Crouse
  13. http://m.thn.com/blog/rumor-roundup-martin-st-louis-a-good-fit-with-devils/ Is MSL a bit old? Yes. However, if the price is right and its only a 1-2 year deal then I wouldnt have a problem with this. I would take a player like St Louis over the likes of Havlat or Ryder any day
  14. The greatest video in the history of our sport. What song is that btw
  15. Steve Valiquette: "I don't want to live in this world, not in a world where Henrik Lundquvist or Carey Price aren't going to the Stanley Cup final" This. Is. Beautiful.
  16. That's YOUR video? Dude what are you gonna do in 2 years when its impossible to list any more failures because of the video length? You gotta keep this masterpiece going.
  17. I think we need some positive vibes: We also need to remember. This is the New York Rangers we are dealing with here:
  18. http://www.generalfanager.com/ You are welcome. It's not the same site or with any relation to CapGeek but it's a brand new alternative with a really easy interface and like CapGeek, really easy to use. I know this tool will come in handy during our full off season retool, during the draft and afterwards. Enjoy.
  19. I don't know how sold I am on Marner. Remember the last undersized "skilled" forward we drafted? (Tedenby) Do we really need another one of those?
  20. I've bought all of my jerseys from NH Shop and haven't had any problems with the numbers/lettering. I guess different experiences for different people.
  21. I hope we draft Timo Meier. Not at number one ovbiously but if you watch his WJC performance and highlight reels, I would feel comfortable taking him if we pick 7th/8th
  22. I think more people are blaming Conte then he should. His job is to scout prospects, not develop them. People seem to forget that former picks like Jeff Frazee, Tedenby and YaYo were VERY highly touted at a point in time and in Frazee's case was even touted higher then Quick. Conte can't help that those picks weren't developed to their full potential.
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