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  1. I just hope we can break into the top 5.
  2. Meanwhile, in Lou's office...
  3. TheMazz

    Zidlicky to Det

    The Wings aren't going to make either though so that's all mute. I'd bet my account on here that the Wings don't make the ECF or SCF.
  4. TheMazz

    Zidlicky to Det

    I guess we have to root for the Wings from here on out? They could of at least included a late round pick in this year's draft or a meh forward prospect. This is just beyond disappointing. Giving one of our best overall defensemen away for peanuts. This is the type of bottom barrel return I would expect for Havlat. Not Zids.
  5. Gotta say I agree with the above. Life is too short to give two fvcks what others think of you
  6. The best chain resturant is Bonefish Grill.
  7. I think unicorn meatballs can happen. To further the pipe dream, I'll get the pizzas from the best pizza place NJ has to offer: Star Tavern in Orange.
  8. If this team wins a Stanley Cup this year I'll buy each and every single one of you a pizza.
  9. This is not, a fully assed GDT.
  10. I seriously can't believe that they couldn't get this thing held at South Mountain Arena.
  11. No 30 someodd year old FAs. I don't care if they are 31 or 35. Absoutely not. We need young, fast players. Not Justin Williams. I would bring back Ruutu though. Seems to have been a pretty solid depth guy. I just wouldn't plug him in the top six. Tootoo should stay too. Grandfather those guys in but we shouldn't be signing any "new" older players.
  12. Well if this was attitude era WWF (1997-1999) when Rock and Austin were at the forefront then you totally wouldn't want to repeat any of the stuff going on back then. THAT was pretty unfamily oriented. If you are talking about the 80s - mid 90s WWF...then that's pretty tame. Wrestling didn't start getting this massive attitude until ECW became really popular in the early/mid 90s, then WCW followed suit with the NWO...then came the attitude era of the WWF. My nerd side is showing. Sorry. Lol.
  13. That really isn't true. There are more mom and pop places in Morris County and northern NJ in general then anywhere else I can think of. Hell, we're the diner capital of the world for cryin' out loud. I see so many bars, pubs and local joints that I can safely say this is a false statement. Also Chipotle is amazing but anyone that's anyone in Northern NJ knows that there are so many small hole in the wall places in Dover that have the best and most authentic Mexican food around.
  14. When the Devils got eliminated by the Flyers in 2010, I saw a bunch of Flyers fan yell DUN DUN DUN DUN HEY! YOU SUCK! to Devils fans and mock the old chant as the game ended. It happens.
  15. See my post above. But basically, YES! YES! YES! is the popular catchline of former WWE champion and current superstar, Daniel Bryan. Islanders have taken to it and made it their own, since Long Island and NY has some legitimate wrestling history it makes sense but after goals or big hits or whatever happen the fans chant YES! YES! YES! It's neat.
  16. I think it's original as far as hockey chants go. It shows the crossover appeal Daniel Bryan and WWE has and it's really cool that they incorporated other pop culture, relevant and current pop culture into their fanbase and the team with the chant. Certain fans bitch and moan about YS and it being "embarrassing" and "uncouth" but something like this is something those detractors should of come up with if they truly wanted to please everyone. I'm not an Islanders fan but I think it's pretty cool. It's hip, non-offensive and gets the crowd going. There isn't really any "current or original" hockey chants TBH. This is pretty fresh. Not sure why so many fans are upset about it, then again I don't get why so many fans get upset over something which pretty much means "HEY OPPOSING TEAM, YOU STINK!" What is it that you detractors want? Continued silence and miscued LGD chants? Islanders fans did this one right. Also, I'm in support of chanting "RANGERS SUCK!". That's our biggest rival, it keeps the rivalry strong and has the vibe of "no matter where the Rangers are playing, they will always suck". I just think the "Flyers swallow/Crosby watches part" should stop.
  17. Don't worry. I agree with you. I have seasons, I yell, chant, I don't partake in the Flyers/Rangers chant because that's what is truly moronic but I'm a bad fan because I chant "you suck?" The people that are so embarassed over saying "you suck", jeering another team and their players. truly need to get off their high horse. That or take up water polo or golf...
  18. Or Nashville, am I right fellas?!??! *dodges tomatoes*
  19. PRO: We draft Horvat or Domi and Marty to STL never happens. We get a top center, Marty retires as a Devil and we transition to Kinkaid who has been holding his own so far. Also Having Marty would of probably gained us some top draft picks for the pro-tankers and he probably ends up at 700 wins as well. CON: We have no way in ever knowing if Kinkaid as starter would be any less than a giant bust, much less if the Devils would of drafted Horvat, Domi or Nish. If they went off the board, drafting a scrub and the trade NEVER happened? We would of been set back for ages. Barring the results of the potential Kinkaid experiment, I could have seen a situation where the Devils could of signed Niemi in this coming offseason or another goalie earlier on. There are a lot of variables with not trading for Cory though. I'm not saying we didn't make the right call, but the "what ifs" are interesting. We would of probably been more in the McEchiel race if we took Domi or Horvat, I would imagine and having one of those two plus a def top 5 pick would of solved the foward prospect issue.
  20. The Cory trade leaves me feeling mixed. On the one hand, Cory is playing surreal. On the other hand? We could of REALLY used Horvat who is playing insane for the Canucks right now. He's going to develop into a number one center. I suppose it's an equal trade when you think about it but Horvat will be playing in the league longer then Schneider will, I imagine anyway. The only way I see us having a TRUE advantage (and it not being an "equal trade") is if we weren't gonna pick Horvat or Domi or Nichushkin.
  21. If we are spitballing? I would put a stop at 2-3 beers/mixed drink per ID. At the VERY least what could be done is something simple, such as getting rid of free booze in the suites or not letting anyone that appears blatently inebriated or intoxicated into the building. The security at the Rock is tough enough to the point that they can kick out anyone trying to sneak in a flask of all things. And I would also like to point out that I don't hate families or even parents. That is the same generalization that I'm apparently being accused of. However, it's no secret that families and parents are the majority in this and that the plan is to switch to a overly family friendly/generic atmopshere for games. Now, I actually have a Devils ticket plan for next year, I've been a fan of this team since birth and I probably could go toe to toe with anyone when it comes to Devils discussion, memories...etc. However, getting your panties in a bunch over YS is just fvcking laughable. The point that I was trying to make that it's a chant that can 100% be rationalized with children. As I said earlier, jeering opposing players and teams is a tradition that goes past the Devils, it's the oldest tradition in all of sports. Not just hockey. Chanting HEY YOU SUCK! after the Devils score a goal or the opposing lineups when they are annouced...that's just, childs play. You can argue "but what if it's a blow out"?!?! Well, personally I don't chant when the Devils are getting blown out but like I mentioned, I rather hear chants of YS then nothing at all or miscued Lets Go Devils chants. There are some games where you can literally hear a pin drop. If you are perfectly content with that, then cool, that's your deal. But people like Daniel who are attacking people and calling them insulting names because they want to chant YS is literally the last way to get your arguement across and comes off worse then the overly militant YSers. The Devils should crack down on the drunks and the beer/drink sales. My rep said they are going to expand bars in the arena next year. Everyone else thinks that's OK and not asking for trouble but saying "You suck!" is embarassing? Lordy, I can't begin to describe how insane that sounds. The anti-YSers try to lump YS with the Rangers/Flyers chant and that's equally insulting. One is perfectly harmless and the other is something that needs to legitimately stop. The Flyers/Rangers chant is something I can agree with abolishing. That's wrong and disgusting. However, to get so adiment over a chant that is basically "HEY OTHER TEAM, YOU STINK" is just silly. People can attack me for being pro-YS, I personally don't care but I don't see the logic in getting rid of it. Especally when there is far worse sh!t going on. You shouldn't have to explain or apologize to someone else that you are going to a game with for chanting "HEY YOU SUCK". Anyone that knows the bare bones of sports should get the logic in the chant. However when it comes to the Rangers/Flyers chant? Absoutely apologize and explain why people feel the need to a$$holes and chant that.
  22. Well, look, the bottom line is that fans have their fun and chant what they want. The team is going to have a hard time having fans renew or get plans anyway and the price hike isn't helping matters. We aren't in a positiion telling fans what they should or shouldn't be chanting. It's trvival and really not that big of a deal. The alcohol sh!t is so much more problematic then chanting something that is equalevant to "HEY YOU STINK!" I can't begin to tell you how many times I had beer thrown on me from drunks in the 100s or people yelling stupid sh!t in my face after games or even starting fights with other fans/opposing fans and getting kicked out. That's the sh!t the team and owners need to focus on. My rep told me that they are going to put this giant bar in the middle of the main concourse next year. They really think that's not going to cause problems? That's asking for trouble. They are getting rid of the goal bar and knocking parts of the ice/fire lounge out to expand and put more bars. Yet we need to focus on killing off YS. No one else sees how crazy that sounds? Come on guys.
  23. It's about living in the moment and having fun at games. I personally don't chant it when we are down 5-1 and apparently this team isn't "out of the playoffs" anymore. I'll say this though. I rather hear fans chant YS down 5-1 then hearing nothing at all or out of sync chants. If the Devils really wanted to counter a$$holeyness they would eliminate free booze in the suites, put a limit on beer and other booze sales to prevent drunkenness...that type of stuff. That's what causes more dickheadedness rather than chanting YS. Our priorties aren't in order.
  24. The only thing embarassing is the Rangers Suck, Flyers Swallow chant. Anyone that thinks chanting YS at the opposing team is "embarassing" really is overthinking things. "Oh how am I going to explain this sort of chant to my child! Think of the children! This is an insult to the sport!" No. You explain it like this. YS = You Stink. Jeering the opposing team and opposing players is pretty much the biggest tradition when it comes to ANY sport. What do you guys want? A big kumbaya session after goals are scored by either side? It's the tamest thing you can do in sports. These players are tough guys, they have thick skin, anyone who thinks getting jeered bothers the opposing players is really kidding themselves. On the other hand, the Rangers Sucks, Flyers Swallows chant is pretty stupid and has no place. That I can see getting rid of and ridding completely. I have no problem with that. However, there is a thin line when it comes to family friendly and overly PC. Just don't be a dickweed at games.
  25. I know the playoffs are the ultimate goal when it comes to any season, but lets be honest here. This team, as is, would be lucky to win a playoff game, let alone a series. Would it really be worth sneaking in and being eliminated in 5 games then getting an impact, franchise changing player in this years draft? I just don't see the logic in NOT wanting lose games. Especally this draft year. Any other year and I would be on board with this supposed "playoff push" but all of you need to understand. Teams above us need to start losing games, we need to start winning games and as a team, the Devils need to do something that hasn't been done in TWO DECADES and that is come back from a double digit deficit in the standings. I hope everyone can see the math here. It's not on our side. What the Devils are going to do is get everyone excited about a push, miss the playoffs by 4-6 points and play themselves out of a good pick in this draft. We are soon going to play ourselves to the point where Barzal won't be possible, let alone Strome or Marner. This needs to stop. I've been a fan of this team since birth but the Devils, for the sake of the franchise need to start losing and fans need to get over this pipedream of the team making the playoffs. The math isn't there.
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