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  1. I would have zero problem as Oates as an assistant. I actually thought he was a good assistant for us. However I would really dislike him being a HC for us. Stevens would be an interesting choice. I dont know if we are in the place to experiment with head coaches but I would actually like to see Stevens. Paul MacLean I thought would be a decent hire too but everyone has informed me that he's a bit too much like PDB. I would LOVE to ask J-Mac if he has any interest in coaching again. My media guide doesn't have his e-mail included but whatever, I can just text Cangi and see what we can set up.
  2. On what world is this team going 21-5 when a 3 game winning streak is a miracle onto itself?!? I get we are fans but you guys need to take the rose colored glasses and blinders off
  3. Severson + 2016 1st for Drouin?
  4. "Bryce is a good guy and has been an absolute pro in that locker room for the longest time. Fans give him a bad rep and I feel horrible for him because he is a good pro. People seem to forget how good he was in 2012 by the way. I’m not saying that we should continue to throw roses at players years later, I understand that’s the universe we live in but the Devils have had one magical run since 2003 and Bryce Salvador was a big, big part of that. People should not forget how good he was during a lot of those post season games." Fun fact: After I got done interviewing the guy he said, (and Chico mentioned this too) is that him and the crew lurks HF, NJD's offical Facebook page and this forum the most. Also, again, I am at awe at how different his answer was from Chico's. Chico pretty much ripped the guy apart. You could tell one is a total company guy and the other isn't at all/wasn't. But I do these interviews, basically for you guys. I have no other promotion other than here and FB. Reddit IP banned me and HF won't let me post anything unless I post 3 interviews a week, which isn't happening. So basically, all of these Devils interviews are for you guys and I thank you for supporting reading them and asking questions. I'm sure I'll have more soon. Maybe I'll do one with Dano or Johnny Mac next.
  5. From what I got out of everything it seems to be like both have the support of the locker room and elsewhere and that another hire, an outsider would be a pretty out of left field thing. Also, one of the major points I thought was interesting was Steve saying that he felt Adam was going to blossom, no matter who the coach was going to be, including Pete, while when I interviewed Chico he said he didn't know why the coaching staff doesn't like Larsson (at the time and referring to Pete)
  6. News 12 wants the audio so they can do a piece. Oh. Oh my.
  7. In this exclusive interview with AlternativeNation.net’s Sports section, Devils play-by-play man, Steve Cangialosi discusses his background as a broadcaster, Doc Emrick, what the locker room has been like since Peter DeBoer’s departure, who we could see behind the Devils bench next year, the development of Adam Larsson and Eric Gelinas, what the Devils’ role at the trade deadline will be, playoff hopes, Martin Brodeur’s stint with the St. Louis Blues and more. http://www.alternativenation.net/cangialosi-oates-stevens-most-likely-devils-head-coach-next-season/
  8. TheMazz

    Kane to Buffalo

    I think you miss the point. I'm saying I rather him go to Edmonton because I wouldn't want to be dealing with Crosby 2.0 on Buffalo and on an EC team. Lol.
  9. TheMazz

    Kane to Buffalo

    Do you really? Edmonton's hording of first rounders aside, do you really want to deal with McDavid in the East?
  10. If it means trying to bring him to the Devils? If we are third, I would suggest a package of Merill/Gelinas, the 2016 First and the 2015 first (which best case will be 3rd and worst case will be...like, 6th. However, I think we're drafting either 3rd or 5th)
  11. This should be up within the week (if not tonight) You guys are going to have a field day with this interview. I'm gonna have a hard time figuring out what the headline is going to be since there is a lot of marketable stuff here.
  12. How fast can this team drop? How many teams can pass us realistically and can we still get in Marner/Strome postition? That's all that I care about. Hell, could we get in position for Hanifin? Also, if Hanifin falls to us, we should be drafting him 10 out of 10 times and not look back. Not only BPA but do you think Edmonton would turn down an offer of Hanifin + 2016 first for McDavid/Echiel? I seriously doubt it.
  13. If this team is tanking then what was the purpose of nearly getting us 8 points out of a playoff spot? What was the point of the false hope? What was the point of playing this team out of a decent fvcking draft pick? Was it integrity? Was it "mortality"? What was the purpose there? I'm not saying put forth a losing culture but this is supposed to be the best draft since 2003 and this team was close to playing themselves out of a top ten spot. Are you kidding me?
  14. Is that a TARDIS in your avi? If so, that's pretty awesome.
  15. Right on today's 2nd intermission report for the NJD/Toronto game. Stan Fischler, the old buzzard, actually had the balls, on TV, LIVE TV, to mention that the Rangers should poach Martin Brodeur out of retirement to play for the Rags while Hank is out. My mind is blown. I just heard the stupidest thing, ever on television. Apparently grandpa Simpson isn't alone in this thinking: http://www.silive.com/rangers/index.ssf/2015/02/poll_should_the_henrik_lundqvist-less_rangers_lure_martin_brodeur_out_of_retirement.html
  16. No it should be called: "inevitable goal song thread part 67"
  17. Last chance for any questions for Cangi. I will have the interview up hopefully by this upcoming week or the next.
  18. I mean, I'll probably ask one or two Red Bulls questions but this is mostly going to be all about the Devils and NHL
  19. We can LTIR Clowe, so his deal and situation doesn't bother me that much. If the Devils re-sign Salvador then someone has to be fired. Without any doubt it's either Salvador or Zubrus. Since we are talking about "who shouldn't be on the team next year" and Zubs is still under contract for another year then I will go w/ Sal. HM: Michael Ryder.
  20. I will be chatting with Steve Cangialosi to discuss the upcoming 2015 NHL trade deadline and what it means for the Devils, the 2nd half of NJ's season, among other topics. If anyone has any questions, leave them here.
  21. Let's Go Devils? Or...yeah, a loss would be great too. We're only 9 points or so behind ahead of Edmonton!
  22. I saw Judas Priest there in late 2014. It was beyond dated but in a way a small piece of my childhood returned by just being in that building. The nostolgia factor went through the roof.Seeing the hockey boards tucked away just made me think of long ago. But then I remember that the place had no bannister on the lower level and it was easy to slip and fall to an impending doom. So, thank God we don't have to deal with that anymore.
  23. I have a prediction. The New Jersey Devils won't lose another game in 2014.
  24. I fully expect Lou and Conte to draft an off the board defenseman.
  25. TheMazz

    GDT: Devs @ Pens

    Imagine if we were 6/6?
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