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  1. Via: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=533377 I didn't see this posted in any thread/topic so I thought I would do it. However, I doubt he'll go to Long Island...he said among anything else he wants to play on a cup-contending and winning team and with no offense to the Isles or their fans...that's not what they are. But I don't know...would more money mean more over a "winning team"?
  2. Ditto. That has to be one of the more epic names out there but the Devs gotta focus on Kovy before another signing. (Although I wouldn't mind seeing one more solid defenseman added)
  3. Wait, Salmela's gone? Since when?
  4. Why would Lou want to re-sign someone that gives up the puck nearly everytime he touches it in the defensive zone. Give me Tyler Eckford anyday.
  5. I thought we wanted Lou fired and his head on a platter not just five minutes ago? Ah, how things change. In Lou We Trust.
  6. I have no clue who this guy is...is he any good?
  7. The Kings haven't come close to winning anything since the 92-93 season. Zero cups. I don't see Kovy in LA.
  8. No the worst case is that he goes back to the Thrashers as this being part of some sort of master plan concocted by Don Waddell.
  9. Career ending? Wow. I thought it was just a season ending injury.
  10. What about Emery? Anyone know if they're keeping him?
  11. I'd be happy with Mottau being traded for a bag of pucks personally. Give Eckford a shot.
  12. Kings? Flyers? Those are the only two teams that are plausible going after Kovy in my mind if he doesn't resign with us.
  13. How about calling up Ben Walter? Also, I didn't think Pelley wasn't that bad. If you want bad you should look at Rob N.
  14. Well since the Devs are focusing on the future and on new, younger stars. IF Pando goes I think (and I said this in another thread) they should bring up Vasyunov.
  15. Hey I'm Mike. I guess I'll try and break the ice and introduce myself here. >.< Big Devs fan from Northern NJ. Been around the team since I was a kid...the pops got me into them. I remember always go to the South Mountain arena and watch them practice back in the day. Fun times. But yeah, I lurked here for a bit. Thought it was cool...and joined up.
  16. Personally I don't think we need another Left Winger...I think we should call up Vasyunov. When's Pandolfo's contract up?
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