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  1. TheMazz

    GDT: Devs @ Pens

    Of course there was.
  2. TheMazz

    GDT: Devs @ Pens

    I really disagree with that last part.We get swept or lose in five, have nothing to show for making the playoffs, will we improve in talent? Maybe we'll sign a few fringe first line players (mostly older second line players) but it will just lead into another season of the same sh!t. Something needs to give.
  3. TheMazz

    GDT: Devs @ Pens

    First round sweep or a chance of getting one of two franchise players? I'll take option B. I wouldn't do it yearly and be the Oilers but we need something. Getting McDavid or Jack would make this season more successful in comparison to losing in 4 or 5 games and getting a mid/late first round risk.
  4. TheMazz

    GDT: Devs @ Pens

    Jokes on all of you. I have a full bottle of gentlemen jack to get me through this bullsh!t that I'm a quarter finished with
  5. TheMazz

    GDT: Devs @ Pens

    At this point I'm actually welcoming missing the playoffs. I rather win the McDavid sweepstakes TBH Also Ryder should be playing and should be pissed to be scratched. He's our best forward thus far.
  6. On the heels of the news that legendary goaltender Martin Brodeur will be attending camp for the St. Louis Blues on a try out basis, I was able to get exclusive reaction from NJ Devils commentators Ken Daneyko and Matt Loughlin http://www.alternativenation.net/exclusive-daneyko-loughlin-react-brodeurs-blues-tryout/
  7. He can play at a higher level then Scott fvcking Clemmensen
  8. I enjoy both honestly. I tend to post more on HFBoards but I tend to use the chat for gamedays here and use the marketplace here a lot. If I'm going on my phone then I'm definitely posting on NJDevs however. The mobile experience is just night and day. Still, there really isn't a need to discredit one or the other. That goes for the FB groups. We are all NJD fansites at the end of the day.
  9. You know, for someone that's a big NJD fan I was shocked when I read it as well. Especially since we lost Gionta ages ago.
  10. In an new interview w/ AlternativeNation, WWE Hall of Famer Edge discusses his fandom for the New Jersey Devils, what the team has to do to make it playoffs this season, among other topics: http://www.alternativenation.net/adam-edge-copeland-interview/
  11. That commercial is hipster overload.
  12. And you dont think you and other hardcore anti YSers arent acting childish with the way you are presenting your case? Where is the middle ground? Apparently you are a mutant neanderthal or a country club snoot that thinks a NHL game should has the same atmosphere as a Bergen county country club. There has to be some sort of compromise because what is going on now isnt gonna cut it. For the record I would boo this goal song too because it's just fvcking awful. Really I'm more for bringing back R&R 2 over the whole YS chant but the whole hall monitor attitude of anti YSers is just so fvcking off putting that it makes me want to be the most hardcore pro YS guy out of spite.
  13. Well if Lou does retire soon my pipe dream is Shero.
  14. Saying YS is a sign of lower intelligence? Look, I've become more neutral to the matter over time but I will never be anti-YS due to superiority complexes like this. As MANY others have said hearing YS is one of the tamest things you'll hear at a hockey game. Look, at this point I just want a song that works. We have half the crowd chanting YS and other other half sitting down and twiddling their thumbs because the current song is such a steaming pile of pig sh!t and does NOTHING to rile up the crowd. If you really want to start getting rid of YS then start ejecting people for chanting it. That might be the only way to get rid of it if you really want to disconnect from the chant, but again, it's not like we are chanting HEY fvck YOU! here. It's such a mild and tame phrase. Children of today's age (and I've worked at a day care taking care of 5 year olds mind you) know worse. I know a lot of anti-YSers. Most of them on this forum, I've met some of them at games, talked to them outside the forum. They are nice and friendly people. I'm not slighting them in the least.However, when it comes to this particular issue I've never met a group so self-righteous. I might actually be more sympathetic to their cause if it wasn't for the "holier then thou" attitude. You guys do realize, I hope that you come off no better then the overly moronic pro YSers that live on the Devils FB page and the like. Two different kids of extremism here. This side calling people "mongoloids, mutants, low intelligence human beings, cretins...etc" it comes over of as overly snooty and superior. If chanting YS isn't your cup of bag at a hockey game, great. However, to look down at other human beings because THEY choose to do so is pretty reprehensible. The judgement that the overly PC anti YSers have for those who wish to chant YS is just fvcked up IMO. I share a similar view as those people that want to chant YS. They want to get rowdy at a hockey game, fans want to boo the opposition and cheer the home team and I'd be pissed too if I went to a game and I had to walk on eggshells when it came to what to say and what not to say. And look, I get it. I totally do. I get that you guys want a family environment but I don't think targeting "you suck" was the right way to do it. Targeting the stupid "Rangers suck, Flyers swallow" chant would of been the right way. That has NO place in hockey and while we are taking away the goal song, the chant and the chanting of YS during player intro it's THAT chant that is still able to continue. The priorities are just in the wrong place.
  15. Not a problem. Thanks for you guys continuing to let me post these on here. I have an interview (in principle) with Cangi but I might hold it off until a later date. Since I got Chico I'm not sure what I would particularly ask now. Maybe I'll revisit mid-season.
  16. The way he worded things though it sounded like, speculation or not by him that Kovy left because he wasn't named capt. Which is a pretty significant thing if it holds water.
  17. We will see if management truly believes if Bryce is the player they CLAIM him to be if they resign him next year. If they DO then this whole board is gonna riot.
  18. Well it was my fault for not triple checking on if I could include it or not. I included in the transcribe on the last page that the Kovy part was speculation. However the audio has him saying: "And you can include this, just don't quote this as truth". So it was basically that Kovy sh!t and less about Bryce. Yeah though, double checking the audio assures me this is safe to post. I wouldn't jeopardize anything.
  19. I relistened to the audio. It was my mistake, he said I could post it and actually include it in the interview (which in heinsight I should of). However just to include that it is speculation and not printed as fact.
  20. OK everyone. Here is the full quote on what Chico said about Bryce and his captaincy. I didn't really have time to proof read it so it's not as official as the interview but consider this an "exclusive" for NJDevs: Chico on Salvador’s Captaincy: What I would say to the fans and maybe this is what has to happen, if you are going to have Adam (Larsson) and Damon (Severson), Eric (Gelinas), Marek Zidlicky and of course Andy Greene is really soild, he can play with anybody but my point is that if you have much inexperience or players like Zidlicky who are more offensive and won’t be a typical “stay at home defenseman” then you are opening yourself up for some serious inconsistency. I know you would say it and some of the Devils blogs are really on Bryce, who is such a nice guy and while I’m not disagreeing with you, all I’m saying is that if you are going to do that then, and maybe it will come to that but you gotta be really patient. You gotta live with a lot of mistakes, Cory Schneider is gonna have to be really good because, let’s face it, we don’t have a Scott Stevens or Scott Neidermayer on this team and I’m talking defensively, not even offensively. I don’t know why [the coaching staff] are so down on Larsson. I don’t know and I’m not second guessing because I’m sure they have reason but I just don’t know. He’s such a nice kid, he wants to try and do so well, I just don’t understand what they don’t see in Adam. I think if Lou made the decision last year though it would of went to Andy (Greene). I’m going to say this though and this is off the record. However, being an NHLer I think that the guy that wears the C, he’s gotta do it on the ice. We’re not stupid, the fans aren’t stupid, you’re not stupid and we got a team in the dressing room that wants to beat the opposing team as much as they do and we have really good players. Very seldom is it ever about something that is something that is said in the locker room unless it’s something big like Messier’s thing, which if I had a nickel for every time a player was gonna predict a team was going to win and it didn’t happen I’d be a rich man. Although that wasn’t the case with Messier! My point is though; the guy wearing the C has to do it on the ice. That’s what you would want, I would want and here is what I think happened, I think that, and this just speculation by myself, Kovy told Lou that during the lockout that there was a chance he wasn’t coming back and when we had that shortened season when Zach was gone and they didn’t give Kovy the captaincy I thought: “Why wouldn’t they give him the captaincy? You make a long term commitment to Kovy, he’s the most physical, skilled and highest paid player on our team, young and you still don’t give him the C?!” I know Kovy didn’t have the best character but I’m thinking “Ovechkin, is he captain material? I don’t think so.” So when I saw that they didn’t give it to Kovy I remember thinking “something is up here and this makes no sense” but if Lou knew and said “listen, I’m coming back to finish up this shortened season but beyond that I don’t know what’s going to happen” then I think Lou had to play it safe and not give it to him. Of course we all know what happened, he didn’t come back and they gave it to Bryce because they already had given it to Elias and that didn’t work out. I think that Andy was good at that time but I think at that time they thought they owed it to Bryce. Another thing about Andy Greene is that that, he is a guy who is witty and players rally around him, players like to be around him. Just like Scott Stevens, people and players respect Andy Greene. Unlike Scotty who was a bit of a loner off the ice the players like to hang with Andy and he’s very easy going and easy to be around. If I were to do it all over again I think Andy would be the best choice but I don’t know how Lou could of done that, how he could of taken it away from Bryce because it already happened with Elias. It’s dicey, it was a dicey situation
  21. TheMazz


    Matt Laughlin I would imagine...but then who does the radio games?
  22. Hey, I got him to rip on the coaching staff with Larsson so who knows, maybe it will be of use. I thought it was.
  23. I'm going to be out most of the day today but I will transcribe what he said about Bryce tomorrow. I called their program director. Not a show. I was told (and I quote) "how would Chico know that Brodeur is a distraction? He wouldn't. He's not a coach."
  24. Proudly live in the executives living mansions territory. (Yes that TOTALLY fits me however!) Dating someone from "Pretty Much Alabama" and seeing it over there ruined South Jersey for me. It really is North Philly. A "nice" mix of North Philly and Alabama. Ugh.
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