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  1. The Jersey Shore, for the most part, is located in Southern NJ. We can get into a geographical debate on if Seaside, Point Pleasant and the rest of those areas are considered "Northern or Southern" but I think anything past Mercer county is "South Jersey". Flyer territory especially.
  2. To be fair. The "Jersey Shore" thing fits the South Jersey/Philly area more then the NJD demographic.
  3. Ah. Thanks for the correction. He's just as bad.
  4. Not this forum. This forum is 90% anti YS'ers. He is better off going to HF or the FB groups. More pro YS'ers there.
  5. I knew Chico wasn't going to pull punches. Dano seems like a company man to me. I base that on nothing. I hope I'm wrong. If he didn't tell me directly not to post it I would of post the juicy sh!t he said and what he thinks of Bryce as Captain. This board would spin and go into a frenzy.
  6. BTW. If anyone on here wants to conduct an interview, say with Cangi or any member of the Devils (I'm sure I can get their roster players now. Who knows, their media team isn't as welcoming as say, the Sharks or Preds) hit me up and I'll have you be a guest contributor for AN.
  7. It's amazing to me. Sporting News - Interested. Sportsnet - Interested. WFAN? LOLNOPE. It's hilarious to me that an out of area market is more interested then an in-market outlet. IN OTHER NEWS: Steve Cangialosi ToMe Oct 22 at 11:38 AM Mike, My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Very busy juggling two sports. Can I still help you with this request? Steve ---- Oh boy. Yeah I think Steve is a little late to the party. Unless he wants to give me his top five Chico memories then I don't see a point. I asked Resch everything. I'll revisit if the Devils make the playoffs or maybe mid season for a "mid season assessment"
  8. *ahem* http://www.alternativenation.net/chico-resch-talks-ceremony-brodeur-deboer/
  9. *Calls Sportsnet. Speaks to the VP of communications for Hockey Central* "Oh where's Chico working these days! Link me to the interview and I'll look at it!" Take that WFAN.
  10. LOL WFAN just told me "Brodeur being called a distraction by Chico Resch isn't a news story" Go find another obscure baseball story to run you asshats.
  11. Thanks. I think he really let loose about Marty and Larsson. I'm going to let TG know about those quotes for sure.
  12. Chico Resch is one of the NHL’s most beloved personalities, both as a goaltender and as a broadcaster where he spend nearly twenty years as the color commentator for the New Jersey Devils. Resch is set to be honored by the Devils on October 24th, 2014 for his contributions to the team. In this exclusive interview with AlternativeNation.net’s Sports section, Resch discusses the upcoming ceremony, Mike “Doc” Emrick, the future of Martin Brodeur, Adam Larsson, if he thinks this year is truly “do or die” for Devils coach Peter Deboer, what the Devils have to do to make the playoffs this season, and more. You can view the full interview here
  13. I mean, even the anti YSers should agree it all goes out the window when it's the Rangers lol. fvck em all. I've never met a fanbase with more entitled fans. Not even Flyer fans.
  14. I'll have to listen to it again but it really seemed like he didnt pull punches at all.
  15. Just spoke on the phone w/ Chico for an hour and 15 minutes. Transcribing this will be a pain. Full interview will be up by the Dallas game. I got to MOST of your questions. When I called him he was in the middle of writing his speech. Surprising to me that the interview went that long. Nicest man you'll ever talk to. I will mention this though. He says he reads a lot of Devils blogs. Including HF and NJDevs. He also hates the club seat changes.
  16. I welcome the Rangersuck jerseys and even Rags fans if they have Devilssuck. That's just keeping the rivalry alive. I don't see a problem with that. I think that's a better choice of jersey spending then someone actually spending money on a Salvador jersey or Stephen Gionta jersey. Unless you are a relelative of PDB then I just don't get it. (Or in the case of Sal collect jerseys of captains. That's understandable.) And also I went on HF. Maybe one other person said that I was wrong in that thinking the food was bad. However it wasn't some mass revolt like you are trying to tell me it was. And is this what things have come to now? Elitism over concessions? My goodness. The next time I go I might get that chicken thigh sandwich from the Ironbound stand. That sounded pretty good. All I said was that the food was not worth Dinosaur BBQ prices. You can't compare that stuff to Dino. Or, maybe you can, maybe there was something I didn't have that was that good. I don't know. Reccomend me something. Haha. I found that the berating of the other team was just part of the experience. I don't think that was the "childish" chant here. The "sucks/swallow" bit is what is childish but chanting something that is pretty much going "HEY OPPOSING TEAM, YOU STINK" is pretty tame. Find a goal song that has the same in-house vibe as RRP2 and I'm all for a new song. I was campaigning for that Fall Out Boy "Light Em Up" song that we used opening night last year. I was fine with Seven Nation Army. Maybe having a new goal song a year will be our new tradition. Who knows. If you really want to get rid of "YS" just change the goal song to some EDM or Dubstep thing. It would literally be impossible to insert those two words to that. And look at it this way, it can't be worse then what the Leafs did (use Harlem Shake as their goal song for a few games)
  17. I'm just going by what I had. The food I had tasted like the same Aramark crap. Actually, I prefered the pastrami sandwich by Aramark over those legends sliders I had for a compaable (if not more expensive) price. I'll give it another shot but I'm not gonna kiss ass if I think something wasn't that good. Sorry. I'm not gonna spend 100 dollars just on food and try everything though. I WISH I had that kind of money and stomach room though. That'd be impressive. However, maybe I was the only one to have those sh!tty black bean sliders. Who knows. They were cold, bland and not this "massive improvement" over the Aramark stuff. The look of the arena is fantastic though. The boardwalk theme is a nice touch. I'll give that much. Lol who is "my buddy"? I like that I'm apparently in cahoots with another member. Especally since I'm not a member of the anti-YS sheep. It's not so much that I have a "grudge" against the new owners. I just think a lot of their decisions, when it comes to atmosphere is petty. The getting rid of opening lineup annoucements is clearly because they don't want people to chant "sucks" but they backtrack by saying "its because its a convicts song". I would have so much more respect for them and our social media team if they were at least honest. Say it's because it's because you don't like the words YS. But, I mean I look at it like this.2012 ECF. Not counting team performance, RRP2 played a big part of the atmosphere in that arena. It actually did for several key moments in Devils history. Does it have the same effect with a goal song so loud that you can't even hear yourself think? One that just utters pure cheese and screams PC. SNA was a fine replacement honestly IMO but the people that treat saying "you suck" like it's saying "HEY fvck YOU!" in 2014 is pretty amazing to me. The lengths one goes to limit ONE word, which is tame as can be is incredible. If you think kids are hearing "you suck" for the first time at a Devils game then you are really fvcking clueless.
  18. We were supposed to trade our 1st round pick in 11 (which became Larsson) for Burns. That was the big rumor at the time. So, there actually could be truth to this. Or Єklund (2.3% accurate) is prob just rehashing old rumors and just being Mr. 2.3% as per always.
  19. Aren't they already national?
  20. As much as I like Severson, I'm not sure if I agree with that statement: http://fireandice.northjersey.com/fire-ice-1.174987/former-devils-coach-larry-robinson-phasing-himself-out-of-coaching-with-sharks-1.1112691
  21. Well, I have my opinion, which I think is pretty founded that those who don't like YS are going about their argument the wrong way and act a little snoody. However, I don't call anti-YSers every single name in the book and don't act like a complete jackass because they like to chant YS. Your superiority complex is amazing.; You preach about "immaturity" but act completely immature yourself. That's certainly calling the pot calling the kettle black.
  22. Didn't we have a version that made sure Glitter didn't receive any royalties? In any event I think the Devils taking out the announcement of opposing players one by one shows that this was never about who Gary Glitter was and what he did. At least for this team...
  23. Is this all you do? Just get your kicks on berating others? Just because some fans want to chant YS. Lol.
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