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  1. The reason he isn't playing is, let's be real here, PDB rather play the scattered ashes of Bryce Salvador because he's the "Captain". The worst mistake this team ever did was give that cone the C IMO
  2. The people turning their noses at the people being "immature" are hilarious.It was pretty much a library tonight for the most part after the opening ceremonies. Everyone here got their way. Now you have others bashing opposing fans because they dont want to think or do exactly like they see how a game should be. Fighting hate with hate. Always the answer! I'm not an adimant YSer anymore but this fanbase is the bunch of snoodest snoods I've ever seen. I was actually half kidding when I said one of the new food stands should feature caivar and fine wine I'm not too sure if I'm kidding with that line anymore. Some of these posters needs to get their monocles and top hats out of their collective asses. I'm ashamed of what the new ownership has done already. It's divided a fanbase amongest each other. Yes pro YSers are rowdy and loud but this is hockey. You are trying to turn the arena into something that it's not. Most anti YSers come off like clones of the preacher from the movie Footloose. It's amazing. You could come up with better ways to support your side then attacking those that want to chant YS and look down upon them or say "they're mutants". Grow up.
  3. What sliders did you have? The ones I had were cold, bland and just sucked.
  4. At the same time, I'm hesitant on generalizing all Russian players to do the same sh!t Kovy would. If we could get Eberle over Yak for that package then sure. I just think Yakupov is more realstic and his upside could show here. Or Deboer could hate him and he's in the press box every game. Lol.
  5. I think Yak would be more tradeable then Eberle or Hall. Plus as said I think playing with Jagr and the other vets would put him in line.
  6. Yak is pretty much in the same boat as Larsson. At least that's what I'm lead to believe. Package a deal where we trade him, Brunner or Ryder (so we have a damn RW spot to play him) and a draft pick or two. I think that's fair value.
  7. Larsson, Brunner and a 2nd for Yak.
  8. That's going to be, without a doubt, one of the first things I ask him. I gotta make sure I tell him about the time I met him a few years back at a game with some family and he takes a chicken finger from my sister.
  9. I would bump up the Zubrus thread (which the Devils confirmed then canceled on me. Thanks for that guys.) but the page history apparently goes back three pages. Anyway, I am interviewing Chico next week so if anyone has any questions leave them here.
  10. Over the phone. It sounded like they were just done with practice or about to practice so I only had a short time w/ him. Well you know, tone gets lost in text so it's hard to tell at times.
  11. Well I e-mailed Mike Miller, Sportsnet and pretty much everyone else and they didn't notice the "assistant" flub. Hopefully the rest of the big dogs don't either. Haha
  12. As promised here is my interview with ZP. (I am still waiting on the Zubrus answers to get back to me) Parise talks Marty Brodeur, bashes NHL expansion and reminisces about the 2012 Stanley Cup playoff run. http://www.alternativenation.net/zach-parise-bashes-expansion-talks-upcoming-season/
  13. TheMazz


    I hate the fact that it's a fvcking 3 mile hike from the parking lot to the venue unless you buy VIP tix.
  14. Oh those lines are brutal. Thank goodness it's pre-season and only being used so we can confirm who sucks.
  15. What a mature response. The non smoking area was outside anyway. Were you really dealing with "their mess"? Non-smokers have this massive eliteist attitude sometimes. Yes, you are choosing not to slowly kill yourself but there is quite a bit of judging upon those that do smoke in here. That's wrong. A non-distrubive smoking area was just fine. However, since this is state law then really there is nothing that can be done. Never the less, the attitude some here have towards smokers is really quite awful. I don't even smoke and I can see the malice in the words typed to those that do. Get a grip.
  16. I'm not a smoker. (well, tabacco anyway) but I've been around quite a few. I know a lot of people within my family that are smokers. To say "if you can't go 2.5 hours without smoking at a Devils game blah blah blah" is absoutely asinine. It isn't that easy for people that are addicted to it. If it's a state law and there was no choice then that's one thing, however, I see no problem of having an outdoor balcony. It never bothered me nor affected me and to all of the non-smokers here it really didn't effect you either. It's so easy to go after smokers and bash them to high heaven but unless you've seen what addiction does to you then you truly can't judge.
  17. With the way the secondary market is priced because of this asinine "broker" policy I don't even think a Stubhub plan would be in question. (at least for me)
  18. Lol. All I said was I missed a good portion of game because of weather. That isn't an excuse for you to go on a tangent. There was no invitation to try and slander my reputation on here. I told what happened, apparently you see it differently. Which, OK. I'm not going to try and change your mind but to try and discredit me in a public forum is childish and unprofessional. Any problems you have/had with me could of been taken up via PM. A member responded to me before you over that game in question. I sold it to him and offered you an alt game instead. You denied it. That should of been the end of it. I don't even have season tickets anymore so I don't know what you are gaining by bashing me openly. Just completely childish. From now on just PM me any problems you have so this thread doesn't get rerailed. Thank you.
  19. No, what happened was (and I explained this) you and someone else PM'd me for the tickets. The guy I eventually sold them to got back to me first. Since he got back to me first (and trust me. I was refreshing both sites) he got the tickets. I was willing, since we had a deal in principle, to sell you an alternate game but that's something that you didn't choose to go for. And that's fine. However, I'm not in the business of "screwing people over". Also, regarding parking tickets. You have to buy those seperately. They don't come with the tickets. Really, it isn't worth the price (even my rep at the time told me so) because the price of what you save isn't that substantial. Especally, if you park in the 30 dollar lots right near the arena.
  20. With winter in the tri-state rumored to be as brutal as last year, I couldn't justify renewing a full season again lol. I hope to get a flex or half season the future but I must of missed a good quarter of last year's games on weather related reasons alone. Packaging looks super cool though. Better then that whole hashtag theme last year.
  21. That's badass. Beats the "NHL 14" mask he had last year.
  22. Christ I'm slow. I assumed, for whatever reason you meant him going back to the Minny after some kind of injury. Oof.I'll see if I can a more elaborate answer from him.
  23. Oh you meant coming back HERE.... I mean, I could, but I think he talked about that already saying that he was "finally glad it was over"
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