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  1. The Devils have officially reverted back to being the Colorado Rockies. This is just embarrassingly bad. The DeBoer watch may officially be on also. This is just painful to watch.
  2. Every fwcking game is the same goddam script, except maybe this one they will be shut out in, which is due.
  3. 8 straight games giving up the first goal. Pathetic. Did this team become just a bad team overnight? Makes you wonder.
  4. I think the Devs are trying to pull a Blackhawks, in reverse.
  5. It's amazing for a team that is so used to winning have the bottom fall out like this. And after a good start to the season. I hope I am wrong, but this team has become a bottom feeder overnight and with no end in sight. It is quite shocking that all this happens for only losing ONE player in the off-season.
  6. Cam should have gotten 5.
  7. Getting blown out by the Lightning is all you need to know about how the Devils are playing. Tampa is one of the most useless teams in the sport and the Devils are getting completely embarrassed by them, all the while not even scoring a goal. This team right now is worse than the 2010-11 edition and that is saying a lot.
  8. I am in utter shock that this team is this bad and with ZERO puck luck. Bad combo.
  9. Will the Devils ever score first again?
  10. I know it wasn't a fluke, but everything that can go wrong will go wrong and it feels like there is no end in sight. And I am usually the most patient of people.
  11. I hate to jump the gun, but it is starting to look like the run to the finals last year was a complete fluke. This team is finding ways to lose now, which is always a bad thing. For the last 20 years, it never really mattered who the Devils were playing, it was how they are playing. But the Devs are losing to the most garbage of teams when they need to get this ship righted. Flyers, Rags and Pens fans are loving that the Devs are garbage right now.
  12. And I thought hockey fans were supposed to be smart. I just laugh at the people who think the Devs play the trap. I guess it is just jealousy at the Devs success over the last 20 years, winning 3 cups.
  13. I think Urbom should get a shot now. That is the simplest line-up change that should be made. And only scoring one goal a game is getting really old now. But there are still 28 games left. I won't panic just yet, but before you know it the season will be over.
  14. I think they should do away with this 1 point for a non-regulation loss crap. They should do away with the shootout. What they should do to make it really exciting is to go to one 3 minute overtime period 4 on 4. If the two teams remain scoreless, they go to a 3 minute 3 on 3 overtime. And if it remains scoreless after that, it just goes as a tie. With a 3 on 3 overtime, it would be very exciting and very little chance of the game ending in a tie. A 3 on 3 overtime is a lot more exciting than a shootout. It will never happen, but just a thought.
  15. Doesn't Iginla have a huge untradeable contract?
  16. You gotta figure that if the Devils make any sort of trade, they will go for the hungry veteran type who can add some offensive punch come play-off time. I am not as smart as most of you, so maybe you folks can throw out some names.
  17. If this game with Kovalchuk continues, Lou should just turn his attention to TRYING to get Bobby Ryan in here. Parise, Zajac and Ryan is a terrific first line. Hey I can dream, can't I. I know that there are a lot of factors going into getting Ryan, but maybe Lou is trying to work something out here. You never know.
  18. What would it take to get him and would anyone be interested. He is a GRITTY forward that the Devils can use. What do you think?
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