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  1. Well, wouldn't we all expect Boqvist to make his NHL debut in Buffalo on Saturday if he doesn't suit up tomorrow night? Makes zero sense to keep Boqvist on the pines by making this team.
  2. You gotta think Palmieri would be one of the players going the other way in a Laine deal. Wouldn't the Jets want some semblance of a goal scorer in return.
  3. Handshake agreement means nothing. That is just a talking point. Gardiner could have a handshake agreement with 20 teams for all we know. Search the net, I’m sure you will find info on it cause I’m pretty stupid at posting sources. We are all big Devils fans and I’m sure most of us have friends tied to the organization and will not reveal names. Just like I am a big Bills fan and I have good friends tied to that organization that give me info without me revealing their names.
  4. Apparently the Devils have a handshake agreement with Gardiner. I don’t know how true that is, but I would suspect that Gardiner would land in Montreal or Pittsburgh.
  5. Does adding another small guy worry some of you or are those days over?
  6. Would you do Vatanen or Severson for Ehlers? Is it possible?
  7. How about the Devils help themselves out with their salary cap space instead of all these rumors of them helping out other teams with theirs. Unless the Devils receive multiple first round picks in return for doing other teams favors, the Devils (and us fans) should have ZERO interest in these types of maneuvers.
  8. We keep talking about guys like Laine, Marner and Gusev, but we all know Shero is working on something none of us is even thinking of. It's what Shero does.
  9. The Devils really can't afford to give up Smith in any type of trade. Smith is the only Dman in the system ready for the jump.
  10. Ok, I will have a little fun here............ Bratt, Palmieri and a 1st round pick for Laine?
  11. I am fine with Simmonds. The Devils need his grit and leadership. Unless his skills have completely left him at the grand old age of 31, then this was a good deal.
  12. Panarin is good. But is he good enough to put the Devils over the top at 12 mill a year? If you could tell me that Hughes, Smith and Boqvist will develop overnight, Hall remains healthy and MVP caliber, Hischier's arrow continues to point up, plus other factors........... I'd be all for signing Panarin. But how much of what I mentioned will work out for the Devils?
  13. Is a big trade with the Sabres in the works? You guys would know better than me.
  14. Is this appropriate for this thread?
  15. It would be Hughes, Hischier, Zacha, Zajac as of now.
  16. Joonas Donskoi has been suggested as an under-the-radar signing for the Devils. This would be a pretty good signing for a third liner. The third line would be pretty darn good with Coleman, Zacha and Donskoi.
  17. No team in their right minds are waiting 3 YEARS to make a Cup run. Even today's version of the Edmonton Oilers don't want to wait that long. If that is the case with NJ, then why the hell did they go get Subban.
  18. Would you take on David Clarkson's salary for Alex Tuch?
  19. Would you guys want Ristolainen? I know a career -143 is awful (so are the Sabres as a team), but, he is a consistent 40+ point man a year and he has size. I wonder if the Devils have talked to the Sabres and they might think that Ristolainen might be a better number two pairing D man than Vatanen. I would pass, despite his offensive game. How about you?
  20. That seems about right. Or, at least, should be right.
  21. Having three number one overall picks on one roster has to amount to something? Right?
  22. Anytime you have the first overall pick and then 10 more picks in one draft.............. can't really complain............ and if Hughes and just ONE of these other kids turns into a star, this draft is a major success. What's next for the Devils??????
  23. Defenseman can play well into their 30's and who knows maybe he takes a queue from SS and becomes a leader in his 30's the way Stevens did.
  24. Chemistry on a team that didn't make the players last year?
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