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  1. njbuff

    2018 UFA Thread

    I, for one, have never worried about what the Devils have done or not done at the start of FA. SC's aren't won on July 1st.
  2. njbuff

    Eric Gryba to NJ

    He is 30 years old and has played exactly ONE entire season in the NHL, for starters. I rest my case.
  3. njbuff

    Eric Gryba to NJ

    Did a Dman in the Devils farm system get an injury that we don’t know about? Otherwise, it’s pretty meaningless to recognize this acquisition.
  4. njbuff

    2018 UFA Thread

    Time will tell. My point is that these kids could be used as trade chips also. The fact that Shero was able to pull off the Grabner and Maroon deals at the deadline tells me he thinks he has a strong farm system with the arrow pointed firmly up.
  5. njbuff

    2018 UFA Thread

    We can all whine and cry about the Devils not bringing in big ticket FA’s like other rivals, but the fact that the Devils are building one of the strongest minor league systens is far more valuable than bringing in big time FA’s. As Aaron Rodgers famously said............ R-E-L-A-X
  6. Some bad deals happen and chalk this one up as a bad deal. I don’t think Devils fans want Grabner anywhere near The Rock as a member of the Devils. He was awful as a Devil. Good riddance..
  7. Aren’t the Devils interested in JVR anyway, reguardless of Maroon?
  8. I still rate the Neal Broten trade as the best in team history only because of the short term magnitude of the trade, but the Taylor Hall trade might be the biggest steal of a lifetime. And if Hischier develops into that 40-goal player he looks to be....... that will only add years to Hall’s career with his passing ability. Hall is an amazing building block for this team and I will stunned if the Devils don’t become a serious Cup contender very very shortly.
  9. Like I have said before, I am fine with it if the Devils wanted Tavares or not, as there are as many negatives as there are positives in bringing him in. We all have to like where the Devils are going and I’m fine with a lesser FA or two. The Devils are starting to build a really nice farm system that is developing chips for trades and that is much more valuable than bringing in high priced FA’s
  10. I wonder if the Devils are truly in the market for another Dman.
  11. Would you guys want Hanifan or Dougie Hamilton? And what would the cost be?
  12. When can he make it to the big club? Is he going to be a fast riser? Anyways.......... it looks like Shero is starting to build a really strong organization from head to toe. Let's hope I am right.
  13. Do the Devils believe McLeod is ready? Do the Devils believe that Zacha will get it? If the answers are yes and yes, then the Devils aren't in on Tavares. Maybe Shero has a plan that we don't know about. It seems like he always does. Well, my little birdie has told me the Devils and Blues are in discussions............... Can I dream............ Tarasenko?????????????
  14. It's because Grabner is starting to get up there in age (I believe he is 31) and he blows to boot.
  15. Would you guys trade the 17th pick for Ryan O'Reilly? He could be a nice complement on this roster. I think O'Reilly could be a nice piece to a championship puzzle..
  16. I ask my fellow Devils fans.............. Are the Devils lying in the weeds and are a serious player for JT or are they already on to something else altogether?
  17. The more I think about, the more I am fine with the Devils either getting Tavares or not. Positive.......... gives the Devils one of the best, if not the best, 1-2 punches at C in the NHL. And the PP automatically becomes lethal with Tavares and Hall to start. Negative.............. there will be a lot of pressure on him to produce and will take up a large cap hit for NEVER producing a 90-point season. Like I said, I would be fine with the Devils landing him or not landing him. I am actually excited to see what Plan B would be.
  18. I guess the Lou factor could keep Tavares on The Island.
  19. Is it true that if the Caps and Carlson don't bang out an 11th hour deal that the Devils are in on Carlson too. That is just nuts. I don't wanna get my hopes up though. This would be a million times better than what Minnesota did a few years with Suter and Parise.
  20. It is pretty darn impressive to see a team win the Cup when the ENTIRE world had given up on them doing so.
  21. I hope Devils fans (like me) aren't setting themselves up for a letdown.
  22. The Devils lost out on Shattenkirk...... So if they are in the market for Taveres, they won’t get outbid this time around.
  23. Ovii has taken a lot of grief over the years. If the Caps win it all, I’ll be happy for them, even though we are supposed to hate Washington. Not counting Vegas out yet though.
  24. I wonder if anyone knows if the Devils are going to go after either one of these two. Carlson would make more sense since the Devils think the world of McLeod as a potential number two center. But I have no idea who or what the Devils want. Could the Devils make two big splash FA signings like Minnesota did with Praise and Suter?
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