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  1. Aaaaaand... I have a question... but first How much do I love Rex Orange County? Such a brilliant little kid. My daughter almost has permission to marry him. But haha thinks he’s too old for her and swears too much. She thinks that lacks creativity. I don’t mind it with him. I was listening to Cake and she told me about this kid last Summer. His new album is fab! I intriduced her to Still Wuzzy not the best trade off. Oh well. Ok. The question...
  2. Hey dew! Check if maybe tap dancing would be good for you. It does build bones. But sometimes that’s not what you’re really going for
  3. Yeah yeah. Just go for it man. All IN!! well. Actually I have no idea. I don’t play video games much. 🥴. But I would if I could!
  4. Guess what!!!! still bored. Or out of sorts or whatever. I did find that my vintage Frye boots are excellent for tap dancing and - true story - I did some nice pull backs and asked my daughter how she liked that. Well at first she just rolled her eyes and left the room - that’s pretty much the usual. But then at dinner I said “seriously what did you think ehh? EHH???” And she said and I quote: it was impressive. 😊 I always tell her everything is like tap dancing. I never took a lesson in my life of course but when she freaks out - logic problems are like tap dancing, playing the piano is like tap dancing. Basically you just visualize and hear what you have to produce. KNOW you just have to do it and shut your brain off and do it Im honestly not one bit like Scott Stevens is. I wish I was. I’m totally intuitive and if it just comes, it does ( that’s what he said). I hardly know how to be disciplined. I dispair of myself. Stevens doesn’t HAVE to be disciplined. I mean he just had the talent but he took nothing for granted. I worked for ballet but when it was clear that wasn’t going to happen I just did what I call Toa’d my way through the rest. I’m a floater — yet I do work. And I do make conscious choices. Ack. Gotta go. So. There. Bye
  5. I love Paul Rudd he’s like Bertie Carvel with a juvenial sense of humor. And a set of testicles ...
  6. Oh and fvcking up isn’t all that bad. I don’t mean to say that it is. I never regret anything. I’ve got fantastic stories filled with absolute mayhem and I take joy in all those mistakes. I had planned on making my life a series of awesome tales - true I would not have had children - and just as I really decided to commit to that life I met my husband! 🤨 just. I wish the whole world could gain perspective. Perspective: Use it or lose it. That’s all
  7. Aaaaaaaand ...... still bored. rugby was a big fat trauma. No worse than Devils hockey. Much better in fact. I actually have more fun following Cardiff Devils because they’re much more down to earth. Grateful to play in an empty arena. I don’t know why slickness irritates the sh!t out of me. It’s just so disingenuous. I’m trying to just not say anything, if I can’t say anything nice. It’s so hard!!! Especially with very ... how do I put it? Just - like Amal Clooney say, she’s this wonderful philanthropic human rights activist - who spends thousands of dollars on an outfit - there’s just this massive disconnect that no one allows to register. Be a 1-percenter as they say - flaunt your wealth via physical adornment and pictures of forced fun and fake charm and really hollow relationships- how can they not be when it’s all so studied and documented? because whatever you’ve put out there is solely for marketing and to say how gorgeous and admirable they want to feel. It’s all just so tragic and unhappy. They all are just praying they’ve gotten it right this time. They’re all just obsessing about making it last or document it before it’s gone or something. It’s so distasteful and sad and not ... it’s not communal or communicative or connecting. It’s alienating and isolating and sad 😔 It’s just so self involved and ultimately filled with fear and unhappiness. Loneliness I think. Social media. 😔. Marketing ones self A great artist shares of themselves via the art form. Why have we made it that they have to present bullsh!t marketed representations of themselves? yeah. I have to get headshots done. The world is pressuring me. I’m helping my kid start down this road. She understands it all so I’m OK with it 💖. My husband wants me to earn my keep 😂. I don’t have it in me. HEY. But I do NOT have flabby arms!!! Can you even stand it? I don’t have hoppy and Bob as Garrison Keillor called his 5th grade teachers upper arms as she wrote on the chalk board. OK. So that’s this weeks installment. It’s not so bad. And not so Stevens. Who I miss incidentally.🥺☺️
  8. So. Bored. Poor Laura from Kitchener. Here’s to hoping she wasn’t wanting to abrogate this thread. I just never stop. It massively sucks to be me. I even joined twitter but haven’t twit yet. It’s just so — annoying and self involved it’s people shouting into the void and getting a boner if anyone agrees. Then it just becomes manic shouting from everyone all at once I prefer to shout in the relative obscurity of an old school message board 👍🏻 My latest is wanting to get a PhD in physics so I can be a philosopher. I love pontificating with objective truths there to back up my — well, kind of opinion actually. Well anyhow it’s Saturday and I have to get to work keeping the home. I hate that I enjoy that ...
  9. See now back in the day Scotty would say something off hand about rugby 🏉 and Tada! Could be random - no personal cost to him. That’s the ways it’s done. Who needed to meet him even? 😁. Just giving any would be hockey stars some pointers. Not Pointers
  10. Anyone watching rugby? My Rugby fan friend watched hockey on a visit to the city and decided she was a Rangers fan 😡. I have a good reason to like the teams I like She has no reason to like the Rangers! I have no reason to like Leinster or Ireland. Humph. Anyhow. So... that’s that then. Watching England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Australia 🇦🇺 Glad the games are on TV finally! I despair of the Devils. Humility works for them historically - flash and star power does no one much good and is certainly not sustainable. So. And that’s that then so... so. Right. Ok. 👋
  11. No one really wants to read this so it’s going here. Yes someone just asked me to email a document. Gave me her email and I wanted to say but did not: “clunge? Your email is clunge@—.com? Hmmm , ever watch The Inbetweeners?”
  12. And THIS happened today. Mini me! But.. we’ll — it’s a sheep and all. A ewe though! And on my birthday!!!
  13. We have sold the twins but I love the crazy white bodied lamb. All ewes. 2 more coming it looks like. My husband went to the upper pasture and this little lamb was roaming around. Thems what we call oopsies. OK. your turn. Go! Gogogogogogogogob
  14. Ahh. I see how it’s going to be... So. All my lovely Devine discontentment and then this happened:
  15. You know -- I thought Okhotyuk was rrrreeeally bad nick name some one came up with for laughs. Glad to know he's a real person. $h*t sonofab --- I think this whole getting rid of the Stevens thread was a bad idea....
  16. Come on -- that was lifted ages ago! So did the Sub-PK (get that? see what I did there?) send nudes? ANYHOW - it's cute that he's made himself semi-available to people. It's not the old school Devils fan way - but it's cute for the newbies and stuff. Hey and I DID ask Stevens questions back in the day when they did their question and answer sessions. and he answered like 3 of them ❤️ To this day I wonder if he saw puck-poodle and thought "good god -- I know who THIS IS!" Ahhh the joyous torture of it all... it's so.... actually - it's pretty f*cking English truth be told in that Remains of the Day kind of way HEY! The butler was named Stevens in that! Never occurred to me... cute. Seriously. I'm just riffing here - I haven't thought of Stevens in ages thanks to Satan.
  17. Wait a sec... PK? 🤨 Ohhhh... THAT PK... ok. nevermind
  18. Remember the good old days when our first Survivor thread was a combined work of fiction? That was fun.. good times... back when the board obsessed about players as personalities. I personally think that helps assess their role on the team. You identify the locker room roles as easily as the on ice roles. It's like a massive thought experiment whereby your imagination gets you answers you'd never reach looking at stats alone. I love the mental aspect of the game. BUT -- my brain isn't set like that any more - I think just my 20s-30s I could empathize more readily. Now I blow off stupid feelings and reactions these kids have - yes -- as just kids stuff - childish prioritizing. and with that --- ciao!
  19. See? Now you’re making me write here. The Satan TV show guy is Tom Ellis from Cardiff. So it’s Cardiff Devils this was why I think I had the NOT Stevens dreams. This I tell Chimaira who may have actually seen even, moreover than merely heard of the Cardiff Devils. AND. I was in Somerset this Spring visiting friends inWashford. Having NOT gone to see the cousins we’re back next year. My husband is so NOT into Nottingham ... we may end up in Ystradgynlais where I think no one lives now. Or Glasgow where my family extended family owns a street in haghill. It’s my middle name - and we actually we’re trying to fight for it in the 1900s. Now wait now... this is dull. Yes ssooo! Well. SO. Not going to meet Stevens I’m thinking. I can’t see me speaking. 😄😩 but if there’s hockey when we’re there we should try an international meet up at a game!! Although I AM an embarrassment to watch hockey with - I’m a gesticulator my daughter informs me and I swear in front of small children 😔 (oh and I’ll try to stop the thread. It’s totally self oriented not Stevensfilled. I lack self control - it’s not fun though I’ll try to paint it that way anyhow my daughter thinks thecall was total coincidence and my husband thinks it was not ... it’s boring now though 2 days and I’m bored That sad!)
  20. Hey. I’m dead honest and think maybe it’s time to close this pup down. I just want to say I have never had any significant contact with Scott Stevens, nor do I really ever want to. I’m a fangirl as the kids say today, and I have no other interest. I joke around and have been for nearly Good LAWRD ... 18 years!?!?!?!?!? Jeez that’s just weird! Im sure it was just weird coincidence but I’m not looking for ladies stalking me from the dudes home town. Don’t care if it’s not coincidence and I’ve ratted anyone out. Sneaking around is bullsh!t and intrigue is even more so... so just in case - This thread will finally go silent. 😔 I’ll still post in normal threads 😁
  21. Scotty loves his thread. 🤩
  22. I can’t watch NHL tonight videos! Heeeelp! I’m reverting to my undisciplined self!!! I want to get rid of the $&%¥~@ chickens and sheep and move to the city!!!! I need a nice stable stayed Stevens fix I’m living on gummi bears!! I’m not eating tons of fat and stuff but I’m reverting to a diet of pure sugar!!!! And, you know, I’ve always had that coffee thing going on so... A nice hunting trip sounds like real crap to me too - always has though - So that option’s out Working out is lame. I mean I am and all but it’s a means to an end not a self-contained joy like Stevens seem to find it. Stevens is older than I so I’m sure he’s been through this kind of thing. I always secretly hoped so anyhow... it’s not like I’m Gomezing our or anything... but. But. WWSD? 🤣 It would help if I could ogle him and catch his vibe but noooo my nhl tonight videos all freeze and refuse to open for me. Just sayin’ as they say 😊
  23. So – someone has invaded my Stevens dreams! Uninvited!! THE NERVE! I had a dream where Stevens stood me up for a date and I saw him with his wife at the restaurant -- so I was totally bummed because I dumped my husband to go on this date (brilliant). Then this actor held a press conference to say that he stood by me one hundred percent and that maybe Scott Stevens and Jonathan Cake would reject me but he was there ready to stand by me (presumably as my significant other for life?) because I was so adorable. --- Now I have ZERO idea what any of that means – although I have my theory – which as always, I’ll share later… (and yeah – I have no idea where the Jonathan Cake reference came from but whatever…) Thing of it is -- a few weeks later I had another dream about this dude. This was the annoying invasive one because it felt like a Stevens dream but he wasn’t in it at all -- So in this dream it was just me. I was flashing pictures – like head shots – this dude’s head shot and my head shot and I kept asking everyone if we looked alike. They kept looking at me askance and saying “Have you looked at Alison Janney?” I’d then explain No I didn’t like him – I just thought we looked alike and needed confirmation – and again “have you looked at Alison Janney” “Just have a look at Alison Janney” I kept asking what are you saying? That I look like Alison Janney? I mean – do I look like Alison Janney?? I went to a close friend (no clue who it was – just shadow figures in the dream and this friend pulled me aside and said “You really need to look at Alison Janney” Then I woke up. – what is that about even – I don’t even think I’ve seen Alison Janney in anything – not a West Wing fan – not a network TV watcher even, unless it’s on Netflix. I don’t think you have to worry Scotty – the actor is the dude who plays Lucifer! How cute is that Devils / Lucifer? AND – back on topic -- I saw an NHL tonight where Scotty was wearing pink. Looked good – wondered what he thought of it. I figure wardrobe put him in it, because he certainly didn’t take my advice. Hmph. I need smilies...
  24. Thumbs up for “douche nozzle”
  25. And today's topic -- The Wichita Lineman which I listened to on the way in to work. Why? because Ron Swanson of Park and Rec was singing it, and reminded me how much I liked that song ... and thanks to my daughter I now know my husband is Dwight Schrute and Ron Swanson wrapped up in one. My husband was hilarious. We were laughing at random things he'd say and calling him Dwight and he was getting annoyed (because he had no idea what we were talking about) -- finally my daughter had The Office on while my husband was around... "Wait...did he just say 'venison heart is a great delicacy'?" (that's almost the line, 22 years ago, that won him my heart) then a while later ... "wait... is he wearing Birkenstocks...with socks?" and then about a week later out of the blue "Hey I asked my sisters -- and no one thinks I'm like Dwight -- Dwight right?" Ahh... he's so adorable. We'll see how he reacts when he watches Ron Swanson... HA! My daughter just texted us they watched The Office in history class today. timing...I think it's lost here though... and now my husband is asking the relevance ... SEE???? how Dwight is that?
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