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  1. I can’t watch NHL tonight videos! Heeeelp! I’m reverting to my undisciplined self!!! I want to get rid of the $&%¥~@ chickens and sheep and move to the city!!!! I need a nice stable stayed Stevens fix I’m living on gummi bears!! I’m not eating tons of fat and stuff but I’m reverting to a diet of pure sugar!!!! And, you know, I’ve always had that coffee thing going on so... A nice hunting trip sounds like real crap to me too - always has though - So that option’s out Working out is lame. I mean I am and all but it’s a means to an end not a self-contained joy like Stevens seem to find it. Stevens is older than I so I’m sure he’s been through this kind of thing. I always secretly hoped so anyhow... it’s not like I’m Gomezing our or anything... but. But. WWSD? It would help if I could ogle him and catch his vibe but noooo my nhl tonight videos all freeze and refuse to open for me. Just sayin’ as they say
  2. So – someone has invaded my Stevens dreams! Uninvited!! THE NERVE! I had a dream where Stevens stood me up for a date and I saw him with his wife at the restaurant -- so I was totally bummed because I dumped my husband to go on this date (brilliant). Then this actor held a press conference to say that he stood by me one hundred percent and that maybe Scott Stevens and Jonathan Cake would reject me but he was there ready to stand by me (presumably as my significant other for life?) because I was so adorable. --- Now I have ZERO idea what any of that means – although I have my theory – which as always, I’ll share later… (and yeah – I have no idea where the Jonathan Cake reference came from but whatever…) Thing of it is -- a few weeks later I had another dream about this dude. This was the annoying invasive one because it felt like a Stevens dream but he wasn’t in it at all -- So in this dream it was just me. I was flashing pictures – like head shots – this dude’s head shot and my head shot and I kept asking everyone if we looked alike. They kept looking at me askance and saying “Have you looked at Alison Janney?” I’d then explain No I didn’t like him – I just thought we looked alike and needed confirmation – and again “have you looked at Alison Janney” “Just have a look at Alison Janney” I kept asking what are you saying? That I look like Alison Janney? I mean – do I look like Alison Janney?? I went to a close friend (no clue who it was – just shadow figures in the dream and this friend pulled me aside and said “You really need to look at Alison Janney” Then I woke up. – what is that about even – I don’t even think I’ve seen Alison Janney in anything – not a West Wing fan – not a network TV watcher even, unless it’s on Netflix. I don’t think you have to worry Scotty – the actor is the dude who plays Lucifer! How cute is that Devils / Lucifer? AND – back on topic -- I saw an NHL tonight where Scotty was wearing pink. Looked good – wondered what he thought of it. I figure wardrobe put him in it, because he certainly didn’t take my advice. Hmph. I need smilies...
  3. Thumbs up for “douche nozzle”
  4. And today's topic -- The Wichita Lineman which I listened to on the way in to work. Why? because Ron Swanson of Park and Rec was singing it, and reminded me how much I liked that song ... and thanks to my daughter I now know my husband is Dwight Schrute and Ron Swanson wrapped up in one. My husband was hilarious. We were laughing at random things he'd say and calling him Dwight and he was getting annoyed (because he had no idea what we were talking about) -- finally my daughter had The Office on while my husband was around... "Wait...did he just say 'venison heart is a great delicacy'?" (that's almost the line, 22 years ago, that won him my heart) then a while later ... "wait... is he wearing Birkenstocks...with socks?" and then about a week later out of the blue "Hey I asked my sisters -- and no one thinks I'm like Dwight -- Dwight right?" Ahh... he's so adorable. We'll see how he reacts when he watches Ron Swanson... HA! My daughter just texted us they watched The Office in history class today. timing...I think it's lost here though... and now my husband is asking the relevance ... SEE???? how Dwight is that?
  5. Rozzie went hunting for the first time this weekend! She pointed 2 pheasant Emma our 12 year old got all the chuckers I watched my nephew play hockey this weekend. He’s great. He’s defense and not a big guy at all. (He’s 13). But he’s smart and so disciplined. When he was 3 he was a total wuss so my BiL got him more seriously into hockey to toughen up a little mentally. He knows he’s not the fastest skater but I wasn’t shocked at how he played. He’s very mentally fastidious and self-driven. We saw his last game of the weekend and everyone was so tired but man he took it to the body and kept his focus I was surprised at just how focused he was! He took a pounding and just never got pushed off the puck. I’d have liked him to keep position just a little bit more but I forget these kids don’t use the whole ice like a grown up can. I’d liked to have seen the stick on the ice more but he certainly compensated making back up stops with his skates. Not sure if he was exhausted though. Anyhow. I’m so proud of him!!!
  6. No I haven’t studied him because I’m not that into it - I’m not focused. Remember my initial impression of Stevens was an immodest blabber mouth (false modesty and felt he felt very physically striking - I understood it after actually paying attention). Hynes He likes hockey. He knows the game as I know it. I’m not feeling it though. Potential, I do feel. I cannot speak to something specific missing .... but it IS missing and he’s not open to growing in a way that a Pat Burns is. It’s something spastically driven I’m just not seeing. I don’t see him get on the scent of a game like a dog. I don’t see need to constantly grow. He’s just what he is. He’s not puzzle solving. He’s open to the idea that a solution might not be there and at the true end of the day he’s OK with that. There’s just not that deeply imbedded relentlessness. He’s also not fast enough. He’s in control. His brain kind of — it’s got to get out of control fast where you don’t quite follow - this is what is required to start on a bottom rung and move to the top progressively to actually win not merely get close. It’s not smart. It’s processing speed WITH accompanying accuracy. Can you tell I have a teenager or what? So HARD to have a jovial goof off for a daughter. Need smash head against wall smilie. Ok. There. You’ve been Pepperkorned. Bye :-D
  7. Been a while -- got my DNA done (how original) Now I'm obsessed with genealogy instead of Scotty... Seriously -- i am having amazing dreams of survival in the Maine wilderness... weirdest was two gods came to show me what it was like settling Maine - they were half kind of Norse and half native American. I was learning so much then the hairy white guy god said "OK that's enough for now - go with her" and there was a black crow and she turned into an old woman sort of in widows rags - and she held out her hand and made me think she had a different story to tell but instead she was bringing me back to my normal life... I felt so duped! and then I woke up and felt like... hmm so this is how A Christmas Carol got written... So here's the breakdown because I know everyone is so interested -- its' so gripping to everyone in real life 25% lowland Scott 25% Welsh 40% Germanic UK - you can't really tease out what is UK and what is Hanoverian/Danish 9% Cornish and 1% northern european unidentifiable... whatever that means. It really is all astrology - knowing what I know about DNA and genetics and coupled with my known ancestry I can pretty much tell whats what. My mitochondrial line (U5) is Lapland/Finn -- the Saami people.... from 35-50K years ago. THEN I got into my ancestry...my maternal grandmother who felt VERY Scottish and I always poo-pooed (because my paternal name has a tartan and crest and the whole 9 yards "My DAD is Scottish not you guys") - is ridiculously Scottish although it's all USA diaspora - TOTAL intermarrying other Scotts only - 1700 until my great grandfather married a Brit in 1905. Every single clan feud she harped on -- yes - they all carried over into the US and it goes back hundreds of years - wack-job NEVER FORGET Scottspeople... and of course my great grandmother who insisted her family wasn't Welsh, but Scottish - even though everyone spoke Welsh (much to her chagrin - it was a big deal to her) is - obviously - Welsh. My dad's line shocked the heck out of me. That I can so easily trace it was the biggest shock. Again - the brushed off family history -- "Oh we've been here forever" DUDE -- PRE-MAYFLOWER?!?!? It's psycho. Pemaquid ME - looks this up - it's amazing - bustling before Plymouth even. Plymouth MA AND Jamestown? This one I'm not so sure of -- the Chewes - he was back and forth UK to US - my line picks up in Maryland - I didn't get this all documented yet though. ANYHOW - my Dad's German side turns out yes - one great great grandfather came from Germany - but the German he married in the US started out as Puritan in MA and went Anabaptist and moved to Amish country PA - then OH and turned Lutheran. Other Puritan families in our line went Quaker or Unitarian. But his patrilineal line - which is my Scottish maiden name - yeah it is straight practical Scotsman and goes all the way back to 1600s - just hard working apolitical dudes - they must have been hot because they landed quality women. 4 generations of fishermen/sailors who then turned into 4 generations of farmers (here they waxed into semi-literacy) - who then turned into businessmen in the industrial age. My grandmother brushed our fishermen off as "Oh we've got pirates..." Well they were supposedly marauding naval officers (Sols and Sailors) - one of my grandfather's regements left Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys out in the cold one battle so they got all pissy and called them opportunistic pirates -- fine, be that way.... but it's insane that this all got carried down in family oral tradition the way it did. My dad's father is the New Englanders and his mother is the mid-atlantic. I was so scared I'd find Confederates in her line and only one guy was in the Revolutionary War ( I have over 10 grandfathers in DAR records - I thought I only had ONE when started this - stopped counting at 10) - so then I was bumming about loyalists -- but they were Quakers. Except the Shakespears who were loyalists (and Quaker ??) - and from Stratford UK -- but of course not related to William - well cousins ... all documented out because everyone wanted to be related to William Hahahaha! What IS funny is one of my grandmothers family - unrelated to the Shakespeare line - was also from Stratford UK - and were great friends with the Shakespeare family. The Kinney/Quinney family. The world is so small. Oh and don't get me started on how my fitbit keeps me amused. Thats sleep thing -- how fun is that? and I think of this because today Ive come up with a new brilliant idea... I am seeing what minimal activity looks like. I have remained inactive for 5 hours, not getting in my 250 steps - ignored each reminder... lets see... sadly because i live on a hill and did check on the sheep have gotten in two flights of stairs.but my total steps today -- an impressive 2050! It's almost 2pm!!!! HAHAHAHA! I've burned 896 calories today! OMG!!! You know... I bet Stevens would not have the discipline to do this. Seriously. I'm not really doing well with it my lazyassed self even. Writing on this board helps keep activity to a minimum. I think we all get worked up just to increase our heart rates as we obsessively sit on our butts...(REMINDER - need to get in 233 more steps this hour... oh no I won't!) OHHHH and the snow storms! That got me fitbit spastic! I reached my daily goals every day before noon! Tree work is freaking AMAZING for burning calories and getting the old cardio vascular system in gear - we lost 5 trees and one almost took out the house - but missed by mere inches. SO Last week I had to get me maximums with no actually necessary yard work to be done. I was trying for the whole month exceeding my goals daily. Until I missed my first hour activity goal today.... I'm so grumpy that I decided to do NOTHING! &*$^&*)%)* I'll show you fitbit! OK... so. that's that. Hope all is well with everyone. Don't know when I'll get back. OH I had one weird Stevens dream but it was just a glimpse with no plot really - he just walked by in a hallway - I was in a school or hospital and saw these little blue caps on things... but couldn't see them clearly - like syringes or tubes -- I think because I'd been to the dentist in real life that week and watched the womens Olympic hockey game during my cleaning. Oh hey -- it's almost Stevens birthday too!
  8. Awe -- I'm semi-here. I follow the team but not with the obsessive minutiae of the past, so I don't have detailed insights I feel the need to share like I used to. The things I disagree with on the board now-a-days I see as just so far off the mark it's not even worth discussing -- but mostly I pretty much agree with the general overview. It's funny -- I loved the ultra-controlled vanilla of the Lou years - it made it a standout flavor. It was working so hard for the even keel it made everything ultra-dynamic. Now it's true vanilla - a league vanilla team with blips here and there that pretty much have a nice vanilla solution. It's a nice team, no unexpected traumatic issues. I seldom think WTF? not in any lasting sense anyhow.
  9. HockeyPulz doesn't post here does he? I'm in the office listening to hockey podcasts and rasta music with my office mate and just wondered :-)
  10. heh heh. I am lurking. not too much though. Nothing to say. Just listening I guess. It’s all pretty much been said
  11. Aye yay yay. I ditched Facebook. I might go back because I did reconnect with people there. But they won't let my husband join. I think they think I made him up. Hahahaha. That's a bad thing to post here huh? I tagged him on all the cute photos I had within 2 hours of his creating his account. He always makes me log on so he can look at all my Pointer dog groups heehee. So finally he joins and they suspend him. His friends who friended me to follow him think it's hilarious because Facebook is just not him. So now facebook wants him to upload personal identification documents!?!?!? WTF??? I think they're odd I think the site is creepy now Hmmph So my make believe husband is going to St Paul Friday. Just in and out. I want him to take pictures of our old house. It was Arthur Anderson row housing. I think it might be a slum now though. I don't know where to tell him to eat. His boss will know I'm sure. They party freaking HARD!!!! At least I get invited. I'm bored. Scotty Stevens,. What's it like to be some nutters default setting when her mind is a blank? No dreams to report. some of my sheeps spawn live down the road from Stevens. He's sired fab lambs. But no one wants him. He's bred everyone in town haha!! We'll show him again this year and try to sell him in New England I guess. We had/have a freaking Fisher Cat in our woods. We think he's moved on but he ate my neighbors chickens. And had the nerve to show his adorable fuzzy face trying to grab another bite. Anyhow. And we have this creepy night bird who ate their chickens a few weeks ago and I'd say owl but it doesn't hoot. Who will answer all my questions ... Sigh. My nephew is a hockey maniac now. His team is sort of good. Yeah well. Bye then. :-)
  12. I'm just going to vent ....Lone Eagle just suc... needs work. The dogfish head brewer they hired on just doesn't get it and I swear he doesn't clean out the lines. It's just sloppy. Or tastes it. I keep trying them, and no one wants it to go away ....but dude!!! And my boyfriend Devs84 hit on the head - dude never names the beer right What gives even? Dogfish head let him go for a reason And yet I'll persist in going Bluefish Baja tacos down the street... I'm obsessed with I would recommend anyone who likes beer makes the effort to find Conclave. I'm not telling you where it is Their Gravitational Waves is incredible. They stick to their guns and make what they make how they want to.
  13. Miss you guys. Don't miss the Shero Devils but you guys are charming. Covfefe!
  14. It's pretty clear Stevens will do whatever suits his fancy. The Devils organization, as is, doesn't suit my fancy. Theyre not an organization that Stevens should or would feel any loyalty to. They have no loyalty for him. Any move they'd make for him, in any capacity, is purely to trade in on his name. Sound like something he'd enjoy? Announcing is removed enough from the team to amuse but ... why not go back to NHL where it was fun and relaxing? Announcing for the Devils -watching it all unfold with no control -as a fan alone, I don't even find it tolerable. Although I'd enjoy hearing how Stevens communicates driven to distraction with the sometimes unfathomable ineptitude, despite changing to the Penguins minor league management staff. Im still bitter. Devils can $h!t in their collective helmet or come crawling to Stevens mea culpa-ing their stupid Pennsylvania hockey asses off. Short of that fvck 'em They don't deserve Stevens.
  15. And that's my daughters rump so ... She's a monster. They keep trying to recruit her for sports. First field hockey then lacrosse because she's so violent errrr.... agressive. Hahaha. Now a formal recommendation for track because she's a fast sprinter. She just does singing and theatre though.
  16. If you're speaking during a movie, you're in the wrong. Just sayin'
  17. Moved our guys up the hill. The big brown boy is the goofy smiling boy from 2 years ago. We're using our hill for our vertical grazing Shetlands. I have a psycho feeding them grass fuel infused from a mower who refuses to believe they like brush better than grass. *sigh*. My neighbor has to catch him. He raced away when he sees us. And I'm sharing my husbands skirt with you . Heehee would Steves wear that? My dad, husband, and brotherinlaw would say his calves would look a $&@1load better. Heehee.
  18. She's uglier but younger than Deb. "Hey Sarah, why the long face?" A rather unfortunate nose as well. Debs just gettin old
  19. This years twin Rams. We also got twin ewe and ram. So finally bred our first ewe! And Hsppy Birthday to #4. I didn't forget the day of but ... One can't keep up the spaz fanaticism despite the insane loyalty. Go Wild !!!!
  20. had to share my dream last night.... yes... another one. So Scott Stevens was waiting in bed for me... how, why, I have no idea... I mean, I know why, but not why -- all I know is he was there, waiting for me, in the bed, at the end of the hall and I was too scared to move. It was like a horror movie! How hilarious is that? and what can it possibly mean? well... now that I actually consider the meaning... I think it's fear of change. Our lives our actually in a state of flux now and we're not sure if we're going to move or stay or REALLY move. And what with Scott Stevens's change in circumstance, I guess I was just sort of equating the 2 situations? Luckily St Paul is not on the table for us right now. I wouldn't be too eager to go out there right now either. It was idyllic when I was a little kid -- now... mehh -- it's like living in New Rochelle with none of the benefits of NYC. Time marches on.
  21. Hi I think it's pretty cute Stevens is going to MN. I loved it there, of course I was FOUR, what's not to like when you're 4? Hockey is life there - unlike anywhere else I've lived, for sure. Not so much the NHL, as just the sport in general. I've said it all before. He looks massively cute in all the press appearances so I've been kept happy. He looks much more relaxed and happy and himself - not like he's trying to be something else. So for me, best first step away from the Devils. So is it true the Devils third Jersey is going to have a penguin on it? How weird is that?
  22. Haha! Hey 3stars! I'm sporadically here these days. I'm killer loyal so of course if I were to have a crush on anyone it would be Scott Stevens still. and I am here to write that... indeed... I had a Scott Stevens dream last night. No idea why. woohoo! and here it is the dream I dreamt: So... my best friend had searched high and low to find a Scott-Stevens-alike for me and was very excited to introduce me to a German scientist she had found. He was sitting at the bar in a black suit white shirt and black tie - a massive stuffed shirt, with a drink in his hand -- he looked like Scott Stevens's twin, but much lighter hair and a long goatee that came almost to a little point. It seemed he was completely in love with me because I actually knew him. I was saying how I wouldn't go for it because he was all goofy and lovey dovey and didn't even know me so... it was just stupid. Then the real Scott Stevens came in dressed in kind of sportywear, looking all collegiate jock-y. He was surrounded by buddies and somehow knew that this guy was going to try to make his move on me. Stevens wasn't going to do a thing to stop him, but he was all possessive and grumpy that I had lost interest in him -- so he was playing all grumpy cool very obviously ignoring me. I was thinking I thought he doesn't even know who I am -- what the heck with the attitude? Then Mr Scientist said he knew I really only liked the real Stevens and they weren't the same so he'd help make Stevens jealous and told me to come with him. He started to dance with me right in front of Stevens and his friends. But he started dancing really gay - line dancing and acting like a queen and stuff it was sexy but SO GAY it made me laugh hysterically (I think because I saw Chubby Guy Dances to Can't Stop The Feeling that's going around facebook for real yesterday). I finally got to say "DUDE! He's not going to be jealous of me dancing with a raging Queen!" Scientist said "Well, this way he'll know he still has a chance with you" I just rolled my eyes still laughing, then German dude said "well, here's the real plan" and pulled me into a slow dance like a normal guy and got me laughing and talking and I started thinking "Oh no... you're just like I imagine the real Scott Stevens -- I'm not doing this.." I tried to act like I cared what the real Scott Stevens was thinking to get away from scientist dude - I saw Stevens drinking and acting all dudelike and macho insecure and then I was thinking how warm scientist dude was dancing with me... then I woke up thinking Wait a sec! I'm not done! but I was all cozy under the covers with dogs and my husband so I didn't try to get back into the dream Whenever I'm all cozy asleep I have snuggly dreams. How funny I haven't seen Stevens in a while. s he still on NHL onight or whatever he was doing? like anyone will answer Hope all is well with everyone! Same old same old here.
  23. and what fresh hell is this the new owners have cooked up for our traumificating pleasure? Just glad that when it comes to pass the Devils have.. like... Sunchips logos on their unis Lou isn't there to have to say his is not to reason why but to accept owners' decisions.
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