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  1. Well, see, that's what I mean --- when you don't have to work, it cuts down on your ambition. Complacency can only take your happiness level so high. There needs to be achievement. Family isn't an achievement - it's a support system. You support each other through your rises and falls. His kids now have to experience those every day highs and lows on their own -- I mean they HAVE to. Really everyone does. Even in joint ventures people follow their own path bringing the whole to success. There is no such thing as taking time to enjoy life... not on a full time basis. that's just sloth...probably accompanied by gluttony Hashtag first world problems. My daughter seriously talks like that to her friends. She was talking about a year end party to her friend - not texting but talking "it's going to be so fun. I can't wait. Yeah! Hashtag summer is here!" but back on point... The door to hockey has not been closed. Clearly he feels that niggling. He's not like Marty who seems to actually enjoy kind of just floating and interacting discovering whatever purpose comes to him. Stevens isn't like Neidermayer who seems to be able to peripherally observe -- comprehending the entire picture, then make his move -- while all the while being completely comfortable if his opportunity never presents itself. Stevens seems like he likes structure and forward progression - it seems like he needs to feel he makes things happen. I dont think I know him or that I am brilliantly intuitive - I just feel the discomfort of the situations he finds himself in. It's my discomfort. I hope he doesn't feel it! I dont want Stevens to shut himself off under the guise of enjoying his down time and doing things he's always dreamed of but never had the time. He,s been doing that and it sucks. (but he should farm. He'd like that. Being surrounded by life would make his head explode with happiness. Hunting gets life confused with death.) Things come to him when he puts himself out there. He started his announcing career and then all this stuff came to him, fell in his lap. I hate that people here looked at his announcing just as what it was, in that place and time. It was a good job for him, to be in there to find out guys relate to him -- his vision will be broadened and he'll learn important skills. BUT -- will it take him in the wrong direction and then one days he'll think well ... this kind of isn't where I wanted to be but... That's not a fun feeling If only he wasn't so obvious. if only he didn't think of things the way he does. I hate that Neidermayer will sit on his fat ass playing with his kids fighting for the rights of geese the world over -- then one day after apparently dabbling (he'd actually have been secretly lurking and seeing and learning) in coaching the dude will win the Jack Adams and everyone will say how fvcking brilliant he is but ... it's like he CHEATED! I can't be like him... I'd fvck up if I tried. or I'd be somewhere I didn't want to be. LIKE HE ACTS when he arrives where I'd like Stevens to be.... AHHH!
  2. Well -- you can't select coaching around my hero. Although a Ward Stevens combo might have been nice... probably not though. Stevens just doesn't have enough experience. I'm not entirely convinced he'd actually enjoy coaching anyhow. He's a teacher and a seer - but I just have never seen the coach in him. He takes things too personally and that's who he is - not something he can unteach himself. I dont know how he can marry the two pretty divergent parts of himself. Nothing good can come of him forcing that balance - it just has to float gracefully like a bubble balance. Blahhh... but who cares .... I am really not liking Hynes though. it's a touch off... and I can now tell Shero knows it too.
  3. You do know I think it would have been a terrible terrible mistake to have picked Stevens dont you? I'm on your ass because you don't understand the situation, Stevens or his coaching style and are mouthing off like you do. Now I ... I am merely venting about Hynes. I'm making a sh!t call based on nothing. You on the other hand are massaging the facts to suit your whim. You dont understand the players in the Devils arsenal but since we're stuck with them you're blaming the ousted guy after the fact. SO HA! (I hope you dont mind and put this into the context it belongs... UNLIKE STEVENS COACHING CONTEXT WHICH IS JUST ALL MESSED UP IN YOUR BOOK! I'm kidding.... )
  4. Hynes if for sh!t. Why the hell didnt' we go with Ward? I hate this... I hate dicking around givin' the kid a shot. Wasting even more valuable time. fvck your buddies personal development! You PICKED fvckIN G WARD!!!!! YOU KNOW HYNES IS PROBABLY NOT MAKING IT! Oh man.... this fvcking blows... on paper --- this just blows Who better to manage the AHLers than an AHL coach -- THEN YOU HAVE A fvckING AHL TEAM IN THE NHL, JACKASS!!!!!! O M fvcking GGGGGGGG!!!
  5. Well -- he'll be sensitive to egos, but we still have the very real danger not of kind old veteran assistant but an actual take over -- but unlike a Stevens, Ward will guaranteed successfully take over. It's as if Stevens jogged Shero's memory of Ward. Part of me likes that -- btu I HATE to see a born leader be a namby pamby to a short bald lipless douche. I fvcking hate Hynes... can't contain it.
  6. Oy vey -- like the world doesn't share your thinking? Seriously? You have to work with what you have. Stevens wasn't saying "Hey, stick to your own zone boys because that's the way you play Devils Defence." yeeshh...He was slowly working them into a a place of sound positioning while building confidence. You don't tell some one go play there when they are all unable and already a fragile corps. I know you know that so please cut that kind of justification sh!t. EDIT 1 and it's he and the head coach not the head coach and him. Him doesn't share him's philosophy - sound right to you? I dont care if only trolls correct grammar. fvck it EDIT 2 AND -- it's totally chemistry. Stevens was not hired almost solely based upon a simple "NO fvckING WAY!" If it was for any other reason, then this whole new set up is doomed. Trust me on that one. Don't kid yourself either or you'll be real disappointed next season. I'm not bitch slapping - simply managing expectations
  7. well I have more mulling to do over Stevens's future So... AHL would be nice. See -- but Lou is hinting about Albany sucking... if the team is in Albany that works logistically for Stevens quite well - a fair bit of driving one way or the other... In the end, where he ends up is all about chemistry. Sorry big guy - that's who you are. There is nothing NOT intimidating about him. and if Stevens tried to modify who he is -- then he'll seem either weak and unsure or conniving and insincere waiting for that moment to pounce. Only a secure Adam Oates kind of dude can handle what Stevens brings to the table. Or a mentoring Pat Burns. No sane young guy is going to want or need Stevens by his side. I'm only sad because this won't be easy. I mean it's going to be a totally different kind of work --- it's finding a job. Stevens has never had to find a job. The opportunity to work has always fallen in his lap. To hear him talk he truly has no idea what it is like to - how can I even say this... to have such a general starting point. Anything I write can be argued against but the fact remains he has no idea what it's like to not have a job, to not know the path, to not be wanted ...all at this BASIC a level. It's not a joyous blank slate ... it's standing outside the art store dude, with NO CLUE what you need to get started and no one there to tell you in a way that you are capable of understanding. I have total faith in him but some preconceived notions and personal preferences would need to be shelved. It's career, not a sideline. He kind of sort of doesn't seem like that's really worth it to him. I get it - I do. "What do you love?" HOCKEY! It wins hands down... or does it? is the thing... I guess that's what I'm thinking... pursuing hockey has never been a hassle like this. I've kind of been there is the thing. That's why a career in acting BLOWS! The top echelon suddenly - it all turns into just bullsh!t. You cant just do your thing, do what you do best. It becomes totally subjective at that point - I found I just didn't need that. I was always envious it wasn't like hockey where you can just have that time where you shut everyone up. There is no debate - you are simply fvcking awesome. In acting that's all in a closed room and fvcknuts do get to say -- yeah but see, I don't care - I want my kind of loser friend to get the job - END OF STORY! or some guy who didn't even see you says no you have to use my buddy. Well - Stevens will have to confront that all the time just to get off the ground. And people can easily substantiate the claim he's nothing special when it's about coaching. I just know... I know and understand his threshold. I'd be impressed and think it would be worth it if he changed his boundaries and stuff... hahah he thinks he has I suddenly feel... heeheehee. I'm not being negative. It's totally possible for him to do this... well and there it is... but he doesn't HAVE to. See I didn't have to... so I didn't. and I'm glad.... but what's really difficult is to have to say "because I really don't give a sh!t" about something you do care very deeply for... ok so.... no idea what I just wrote nor do I care so I;m just going to tap my li'l finger tip on Post
  8. There is NO way I'd EVER EVER EVER take Stevens as my assistant coach if I'm Hynes. Stevens had to know that. I was going to write this in my Stevens thread but never got around to it. Stevens is intimidating. There is no way around that. Just standing next to him will make any guys testes shrink. And with Hynes, the great communicator, the nicer and easier Stevens is to get along with, the greater the threat. I'd think he had no interest in staying long term if Stevens came aboard. I think Shero is sending a vote of conflicted confidence in Hynes if he supports Stevens coming on board. Yes it's best for Stevens to join up but it's the absolute WORST for everyone else involved. Dudes entire life has been about putting people detrimentally on the defensive - hsi thing was to walk by you and immediately you second guess yourself and ... just seriously -- think about... how is that ever going to work. Yeah -- it's not - that's how. If he now gets signed on well that's just nonesense... I think it's BS to have the Pens staff come in though.
  9. Three sh!tty things: Stevens concussion, Niedermayer departure and slammed with the lockout/new CBA. This is when everything came to a screeching halt and left the Devils with no way forward... absolutely NO transition around the myth of "the new NHL" which is effecting team thinking to this very day. It is a myth, that's the thing of it - hockey is hockey. It was a complete psyche out the Devils organization never EVER recovered from. Parise would have stayed on without that resulting quagmire and of course Pat Burns's cancer. I guess I blocked that little peice of the puzzle out pretty well.
  10. good for him. Don't get me started on his fight though. Why doesn't he have livestock? It's such an honor to have these little living beings share space with you. I love my sheep so much. Of course I think it's hypocritical to eat meat if you don't know what the animal has gone through. If he had livestock I almost MIGHT believe he's more than just a trophy hunter. I understand where he's coming from -- but I'd prefer he not kid himself -- I mean it's one thing to BS hunting mag readers - but if he's BSing himself well that's a whole other kettle of fish. Livestock brings you more in to the day to day life of animals - their empathy and intelligence as well as their ruthlessness and stupidity. It's just makes that connection to life and the earth that much richer.
  11. Mighty -- you're going against all that is Lou in fiscal responsibility just to make the owners out to be dipsh!ts. Get your philosophy straight. Who can take anything that you write seriously when you're just being contrary? Of course everyone is (taking you seriously) ...so... what do I know? Basically I kind of feel like they're letting fans know they're not going to go all wacked out buying the best team they can put together -- there will be no more Kovalchuk signings - there will be no throwing money at problems. which is nice because I don't even remember ANY time you could really buy a whole team and get any real buy in from your players. Everyone is seeking the winning philosophy within the Devils. As I've been saying something is just terribly wrong with the concept of what a character player is. Guys with undeniable character suck. Guys spouting the right sound bites of course just suck. Somehow the values are not being articulated within the organization. Too much effort put into adapting? All I know is looking at the Devils roster I dont thnk anyone can see the forest for the trees. Some teams you can see - just bring in this piece just trade out that one. For years now there have been no pieces available to the team. Yeesh -- tons of action in this thread while I clack away without posting -- I hope to god it's not stupid mindless back and forth -- this message board's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. I can't stop thinking that line every time I read these goofy contrary threads
  12. Hopefully he'll go back to the announcing thing. Everyone here is so negative about anything he does. I think that's weird. I'm a very detail oriented critical person and I dont have much problem with Stevens. I'm pretty vocal about it when I do. Everyone here kind of hates him though. Maybe I just register the negative... but if it's just something arbitrary you can't improve upon -- why be a hater even? If you're a Devils fan and all. I guess I pick on Marty.
  13. I want Scott Niedermayer to just love the game so much he has to coach. And then I want him to coach the Devils. There.... I said it. He's smart and articulate and wouldn't take the job unless he knew he could succeed. But he doesn't know that so he never will. PU$$Y!!!!!!!!!!! ^&*)$@%^&($@^*()&@$%&(@
  14. True true CR76 -- I don't mean to be calling anyone a true fan or not a true fan. Not by a long shot. I knew it might reads that way -- but I'd really be going off making no sense if I didn't draw the line in my ramblings somewhere. People don't need to get defensive about their taste in hockey. It's just neat the way people now have to really be clear as to what they like and why they like it when they discuss how the team will move forward. There's no "ANYTHING BUT WHAT LOU SAYS!" nor is there "ANYTHING LOU WANTS!" With Lou out of the equation the need and in fact the ability to second guess how the team will move forward is gone. It's interesting to see how that has shaded the discussion.
  15. wow... so will this thread DIE?!??!
  16. You posted while I was writing so don't think any of the above was directed at this post at all. I agree with you! Except the Rangers are always boring or sickening so I can't enjoy the game any how
  17. This is actually quite a revealing time on this board. You can see quite clearly who likes what I'll call Devils hockey - which I consider consistent hockey throughout the ages unaffected by trends of the times. You can see who didn't really know what they were watching. You can see now that all their years of hockey talk actually boil down to their pretty much just trying to second guess what Lou would do next - not really seeing the WHY he might do it or why he did do something. You can see who kind of bandwagoned onto to the team - yet still felt great loyalty and stuck with the organization despite it not representing a product they liked at ALL. The winning was cool but they didn't actually enjoy the hockey. hmm. You can see who reeeally doesn't know sh&#33;te from shinola about hockey and has been trying to figure it out all this time latching on to a winning team and trying to figure it all out from there. Sort of a "these guys are winning and they make me admire them - there is strength and I'm going to sit here and watch and try to figure it all out." Many people are quite lost... they have no clue why they did or did not like Lou or in fact the Devils. You can tell by what and how you all are writing. I enjoy the people trying to see how to get Devils hockey back in play. They reference decent teams and look for HOCKEY options. Maybe they came to the team for any one of the reasons above but they've come out the other side KNOWING. They found hockey. Which is ... its the best ever... My nephew is finding hockey playing and that's adorable not sure he likes it...but I thinkhe does. He's a scaredy cat -- but as he grows I see he's just a big thinker -- I hope he starts to enjoy the game <3
  18. I hope it's not too disrespectful posting this... it sure sums up the past 5 years though.
  19. The thing is -- Lou hamstrung himself. I'm not sure how it happened but never at any time did I see a way to really get out of anything. You can even follow Tri's posts on this. Being logical, rational is how Lou got here. I don't see how he could have been wheeling and dealing as you all think he should have been. I think it was time for him to go of course. Well, let me re-phrase that: it was time for that statement to be made. My problem and it's an eternal problem not one caused by new ownership or any whining etc. Lou isn't replaceable -- not with one person who will last for another 27 years. So the team will now be as inconsistent as any other NHL team. I never saw a way of avoiding that. I also couldn't see a way for Lou to go out on top. We're at square one and it will take Shero a good long time to get the team on it's feet. I dont think there will be people set to work against him which I do think Lou had to swim against. and I do think Lou is responsible for making that bed, dont get me wrong. I wish Lou had gone out on top. Sigh... he can't compete with Scotty Bowman's legacy at all now. I know it's SORT OF apples to tomatoes but ... it's like Stevens not getting the Norris ever. It's just like --- this amazingly high standard that still goes down as on rung below... and that is my only problem. and the fact no one is being normal rational logical and we're infighting and talking about the Blue in the Lou Appreciation thread. There's haters and worse yet the apathetic, acting all kind and full of insight giving Lou his vapid props, then the weird folks I think just want to blow off steam arguing about nothing. Lou just deserves much better than the majority is giving him here.
  20. True enough but the guys I'm thinking of HATED that kind of talk. And they'd get the wrong information from it like they do today with the few bits we have. Probably why they hate it so much -- they suck at comprehending intangibles. They lack creative thinking. Theses guys who were anti-Lou are not from Jersey even. Why not go root for Ottawa instead? Or Montreal? Why did you bad-mouthing a team you've adopted that has nothing to do with you? Because you liked the style.... so when that style is dull to you go back from where you came from, you know? Why drum out what got you here and change things to just another sh&#33;t Ottawa Montreal Leafs team? It took a decade but these crappers got what they wanted. It's "their" team now. It's just garbage - like any other team in the NHL with some good years some bad. I don't see a tradition being carried on from here. I really don't. I'm sure I'm just being negative - but it's McHockey. Homogenized. Commercialized. There will be nothing to make NJ stand out from the crowd now. They'll be inconsistent running by whim of the NHL demi-gods -- not by hockey.
  21. Is everyone so obtuse that they don't see Stevens and Oates don't want to be the coach here? We were watching Butch and Sundance -- with Oates in the Katherine Ross role Seriously - that's why this board sucks now. You guys - you don't see things.
  22. If the owners could have picked someone to be GM I'd imagine it would have been someone unoriginal, close to home, someone obvious to the PA bandwagon hockey fan... like Shero. I don't see the move as having Lou all over it. I don't see it as some brilliant find or historic changing of the guard. Lou hit a wall. I'm sure if he doesn't know why he can't get things in gear, it's a fascinating puzzle he'd like to have sussed out before he has that cigar on the beach. If Shero turns things around then we know Lou's been an a&#036;&#036;hole. If it takes Shero time to get things moving -- if he can't get a scorer without losing something else equally as significant well then ... everyone else is an a&#036;&#036;hole. and I have really gotten sick of my Holden Caufield of the NJDevs role so.... I should probably just shut up because haters don't gotta hate...
  23. Hi! Two Rams... what did I expect born in April? This is brown and cream... the other is black and white... so cute i could explode!
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