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  1. Wow! What silliness! Lets see here...we just lost Nieds, nobody has a clue if Stevens is coming back or not and some people out there *coughEklundcough* think Lou would trade Brodeur? I have a better chance of hitting tonights lotto numbers than this happening.
  2. WFAN just reported the signing on their 20/20 update moments ago.
  3. I bet right now he's thinking, "Do I trade Marty and start over again?" I'm sorry but this is the stupidest thing I've ever read regarding the Devils. And that's saying something.
  4. Everybody on WFAN is a Rangers fan. Somehow, I don't see them showing much support for the Devils. In fact now that I think about it, the only on air personality I know that is a Devils fan is LaGreca. Am I missing someone else?
  5. Owner or not I will never question Wayne's love for this game. While neither side is telling the complete truth I have a very hard time believing Wayne would go along with a fabricated story because that's the "side" he's on now. This game means to much to him for that kind of nonsense.
  6. I'm all for some changes in the game but they better keep shootouts at the AHL level.
  7. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/columns/story?id=1996549 After taking that poll, Thurston, Suits and Payne have conceded that they can't wrest control of the Cup away from the current trustees, Ian "Scotty" Morrison and Brian O'Neill, officially based at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. The goal instead is to convince Morrison and O'Neill to go along with the proposal to put together an alternative Stanley Cup playoff competition this year. On the movement's web site (www.freestanley.com), fans are asked a series of questions about possible playoff or challenge formats, perhaps including Canadian and U.S. college teams, major junior teams under the Canadian Hockey League umbrella, professional minor leagues and European leagues. It could be a tournament or a playoff competition, and the possibilities are myriad. Whatever the format, the point is that the roots of the Stanley Cup pre-date and have nothing to do with the NHL.
  8. It's only a matter of time before these two start prank calling each other. Unless that has already happened. Phone rings- Goodenow picks up Bettman: You suck Bob! Gary hangs up Bob calls Gary Goodenow: Your mom! Bob hangs up
  9. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story.asp?ID=115726&hubName=nhl 2/21/2005 National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman said today that he thinks he was "set up" by the NHLPA last weekend, along with Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. In an appearnace on WFAN in New York on Monday, Bettman blamed the players' union for unfairly creating the impression that a deal to save the season would be struck at Saturday's CBA negotiating session. Instead of an agreement being reached, talks went nowhere on Saturday, leading to some bad public relations for all involved, and especially for the league. "I think this was a set up," Bettman told Mike Francesa. "I think this was done intentionally to try and cause the type of reaction we saw all weekend. I think they were trying to position us into an offer they knew I couldn't accept - either because they wanted me to make a mistake that I couldn't get through my board (of directors), or so we would ultimately agree to something we couldn't afford." Bettman said the whole ordeal was tougher to deal with than cancelling the season, which he did on Wednesday. "What happened with our fans, in raising the level of expectation... I was sick to my stomach. It was more trying than what I had to do on Wednesday. "And after Saturday, when everybody realized that they had been had, then they had a field day in the media, killing us on Sunday." Francesa told Bettman both sides deserved the bad press for dragging the fans through that emotional roller coaster on the weekend. "You're right," Bettman agreed, "except all we did was - all that information about a deal, a season, a press conference, the whole business of making an offer - it was all a pack of lies. I can't control the lies that are being told by whomever is telling them. "We got criticized by people saying, 'How can you cancel the season Wednesday and then talk about undoing it on the weekend?' We never talked about undoing it. "This is a case were it all ran amok, and none of it came from us (the league)." Francesa then broached the pre-meeting rhetoric about Gretzky and Lemieux showing up at the meeting. "Hockey people suggested Wayne Gretzky would only come in if the deal was getting done, that he wouldn't come in and preside over a loss," Francesa said. "The idea was that Wayne was the stamp that would get the deal done." "That's right," Bettman agreed. "So what you're saying is, that Wayne got set up too?" "Sounds that way to me," said Bettman. The union has not responded yet to Bettman's allegations.
  10. I wish FSNY or MSG would televise some of these games. Lord knows we need some type of hockey around here.
  11. I don't trust anybody anymore. If Francesca gets Wayne or Mario on to back up Bettman's story I'll give it some truth.
  12. I doubt Mike is going to ask him any tough questions. He's been very pro-owner since this lockout started.
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