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  1. He ain't wrong. I like how he mentions that we were lucky that Scuderi and Eaton retired
  2. Dude has 69 pts through 44 games. That's insane.
  3. Laviolette has no association to any of the Penguins organizations so Ray will pass
  4. That blindside block call on Buffalo in OT was bulllllllshiiiiiiit
  5. Devils looking better for sure post Taylor Hall. Took a while but that chemistry is starting to gel
  6. He had a really hot goalie in Carey Price. I would have to see what the D roster was when he was on MTL, but our D is pretty awful
  7. He's always been surrounded with really good players on D so maybe his weaknesses are showing considering we have no D
  8. Maybe the Devils have realized that being a team and not relying on star power is the way to go.
  9. Biggest surprise for me tonight: Ryan Miller is still in the league
  10. To be fai: Hall was a huge part of our playoff birth a couple years ago and he did win the Hart I mean we've all soured on him, but it's not like Shero made any valid effort to surround him with talent or provide even a passable defense.
  11. I predict that whoever scores more goals will more than likely be the winner
  12. I would say getting actual NHL defensemen would be top priority, but that's just me
  13. Is this Jay Caufield's kid? That dude is arguably considered the worst enforcer ever
  14. What other former Penguins will Ray hire to fvck up our team?
  15. CarpathianForest

    Fire Hynes

    Shero will extend Hynes and look to add some more folks from the Baby Pens to the front office
  16. CarpathianForest


    Shero wont hire Babcock. He's never had anything to do with the Penguins
  17. Schneider has had a case of the yips for a while.
  18. Haynes is like that guy searching for his arm on Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan
  19. There's a reason they called Ulf Samuelsson "Robocop"
  20. Do we play only one game per week now?
  21. PDB school of curbing development
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