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  1. My money is on Vadim Sharifiajanov
  2. I still remember in 09 the ESPN idiots predicting that the Canes/Devils series was going to be the boring series no one would watch
  3. Not upset. Khudobin was healthy was my point.
  4. Dude, Anton Khudobin was languishing away on the Iowa Stars. I doubt Fitz even thought for a second to inquire about him
  5. Well there goes Cleveland's hopes of being competitive
  6. I know we are talking about Gadreau, Debrincat, Fiala etc, but what guarantees they will be as good on our team as the others. Chicago, CGY and Minny all have better teams than us
  7. My mistake. Either way we gotta get these motherfvcking Penguins off this motherfvcking team!
  8. Fitz was too busy watching his son play for the Pens to be bothered
  9. You don't but at least Ruff has a little more hands on experience so he knows what type of assistants this team needs
  10. A RW with a goal scoring skill? Trade for him. As long as we get our goaltending and defense issues put of the way somehow since those are the big apes in the room
  11. Good. Go back to trading all your young talent away and signing over the hill stars. I hear Kovalchuk wants to play in the NHL again
  12. I'm sure Anastasio will.get a tryout with the Rags next year
  13. CarpathianForest


    Nah. Doesn't fulfill a need.
  14. Life sucks. Time to move onto something else
  15. Gotta agree. It's possible but still unlikely. However, knowing the Rags' luck this year it still wouldn't be surprising
  16. God hates Devils fans. Only explanation
  17. Maybe, but 3-1 seems to be the most precarious lead for the Devils. I would be interested to see the statistics of W-L for the Devils when leading 3-1 for this year alone
  18. Didn't that happen with a Turner Stevenson goal in the 2003 SCF but it was ruled a good goal?
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