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  1. I'm out fvck You Guys! Enjoy watching this team be driven into the fvcking ground
  2. Yeah. Cuz you're talking sh!t and making stuff up.
  3. Dude played on a stacked team with at least two future HoFers. We basically got Dainius Zubrus
  4. Dude, you're absolutely schizophrenic with your posts. Earlier you said no to Palat now you're like oh good deal. All this has done is make Fitz feel better about his moves and less likely to pursue anyone in trade.
  5. Yeah except that just makes us less likely to purse a Tarasenko or Tkachuk in trade fvck You
  6. Yup. I complained about Kovalchuck, and Jagr and Hall and Cammaleri and Ryder and Jack and Nico. Such bullsh!t, Dude. I rarely posted during the Shero years and Fitz has given me a lot to complain about the past couple seasons. When Dougie got signed I didn't say sh!t. Fitz has given me a lot of reasons to complain.
  7. Nino is still out there with Kessel and Radulov if we want to chase a RW
  8. I don't complain all the time and I certainly didn't complain when we were doing well. You're just making sh!t up. That's fvcked up, Dude
  9. That is complete and utter bullsh!t..I've been on this board for 12 years. Don't be making sh!t up.
  10. He's definitely benefitted from being on a stacked team.
  11. And this will be all Fitz does because he's pathetic and incompetent Gonna come in around 5.5. Bet
  12. Can Fitz try for maybe Tarasenko?
  13. Apparently you don't know what circumstantial evidence is. BTW I know a guy who knows a guy who know Auston Matthews and Matthews said he wants to come to NJ next year
  14. Dude Fitz sucks and is running this org into the ground, but if defending him is the hill you wanna die on then have at it BTW the Burakovsky spec is from a guy who knows a guy i.e. rumors.
  15. It's about perception and the perception is that we were the big lovers of the day
  16. 1. Last year Fitz barely made any moves while he focused on Dougie. It worked. If it ain't broke don't fix it. 2. We have the reporting from draft day saying Fitz didn't really have a plan B if MTL took Slaf. 3. We weren't rumored to be in on any other players beside JG
  17. You don't think folks believe we look kinda clowning right now considering every sports network, journo and Twitter report had us as the most likely destination for JG?
  18. There's more circumstantial evidence to support my claim though.
  19. I've been on this board for a long time and I can say with 100% honesty the ideas that board members are coming up with to get players on this team are way better than anything Fitz is thinking right now.
  20. The Burakovsky thing is hearsay. He was laser focused on Gaudreau. Guy can't seem to walk and chew gum at the same time. Not only are we still in the basement, we're now the laughingstock of the league right now
  21. I believe this article sums up the frustration many of us have with Fitz https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2022/7/13/23212201/day-1-free-agency-reviewed-new-jersey-devils-made-some-good-moves-marred-by-not-getting-gaudreau
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