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  1. Owen Power? How can you pass with a name like that
  2. I imagine this is one of the multitude of reasons the Devils can't attract top UFAs. The Devils basically strip down their roster every trade deadline. I'm sure being dealt late in the season is a pain in the ass. Basically you're living out of a suitcase until your team is out of the playoffs. I also imagine more often than not, the player moves to their new destination while their family stays behind to have the kids finish school. I mean, is there one veteran on the roster outside of SoupCan who is still here?
  3. Well until next year when we trade roster players for AHL assets
  4. I'm sure signing with NJ just to get moved at the deadline is a major reason why so many players want to sign here
  5. I meant to say late first round picks
  6. fvcking MB3 ro the rescue! Thank You for expressing what I'm having a hard time expressing
  7. I'm upset Zajac got moved but I'm more upset for the return. We just don't do our homework with later round picks. Probably could have still gotten something decent for Palmieri...late second or third round pick maybe if we throw in an pick swap. I just don't think the value was there
  8. We traded a Paul Molitor rookie, you know not that flashy or valuable, kind beat at the corners but still worth something, for a box of 1984 Topps with all the good cards taken out
  9. I missed you too, Sweetheart
  10. Except you don't have much of anything coming back. If the Isles go deep we're picking way late and the Devils don't exactly have a history of doing well in those spots. With Zajac you know what you got. You got someone who is reliable, seemed to have good line chemistry and had leadership skills. You lose it for someone who maybe can develop in a few years
  11. I do, but seriously it gets tiring walking past the school janitor every year and telling him we suck when he asks how mu team is doing.
  12. fvck hockey and fvck this team
  13. They're basically turning this team into the late 00s Sixers except the Devils have no process to trust
  14. A first is nothing from a playoff bound team in a ho hum draft. And outside of the number ones it's not like we have been good at drafting in the recent past. I'm totally fine keeping and aging Zajac instead of going for a high first rounder ala Quennville or Matteau
  15. Didn't expect to trade one of our stalwarts for two minor leaguers and a crap shoot. Zajac on the Devils is better than what we got back. Palms is like whatever, but the team gave away too much.
  16. Garbage. We've been in rebuild mode for 8 years. Welcome to 8 more years
  17. I had the jersey Ryan Carter wore in that fight
  18. Talked with a guy who is a Rags fan last night. He is certain the Rags are going to go far in the next 5 seasons. Ugh
  19. Goalie, D Man. What else we need? A couple forwards?
  20. So I seenwe got Ryan Murray in a trade. No action on the free agent front yet. I guess there aren't that many wrong side of 30 demanding more than they're worth out there.
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