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  1. Do the Roger Nielsen and have players hang white towels from their sticks
  2. It's the dread 3-1. You knew it was coming.
  3. SO is gonna six. Cory got the jimmies
  4. This team is Tommy Wiseau
  5. That's a good Mac Demarco song
  6. I'm still hearing rumors that Sheldon Souray may be coming back
  7. I miss John Moore and what's his name, the guy that went to SJ. I can't blame Hynes 100%. While Subban was a nice addition, Shero should have done a bit more on the D
  8. You know sh!t is really bad when you start to miss Mike Mottau
  9. What is Jim Schoenfeld up to these days?
  10. A dog with one of those neck cones....
  11. Considering what PG&E is doing in California I find it apt that they sponsor our powerplay
  12. Anyone got Jacques Lemaire's number?
  13. It does have shades of 10-11. The first game of that season we were blowing out the Stars only to collapse and lose in OT
  14. Sorry. THIS is Pysyk's claim to fame
  15. This is Pysyk's biggest claim to fame
  16. This is 10-11 all over again. We even have a Palmieri on the team
  17. Total shades of the first game played in 10-11. Typical Devils. Get a lead, then coast in the third
  18. Getting that 10-11 opening game feel
  19. Wood is so fast.....when he skates to the penalty box
  20. Wayne Simmonds returns to his premium form. I like Wayne Simmonds
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