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  1. Interesting. I thought he was still trying to find his way off the ice after Scott Steven's hit him
  2. It's not the NJDevs forum until.people are calling each other names
  3. Dolan just loves to fvck up his teams. I hear fans are head over heels about Boogie Cousins and overpaying for a bunch of old Mets
  4. Ray should offer sheet Trouba just to be a nose
  5. Simmonds is only 30 and had one down year. We have the space. Give the guy a chance!
  6. Well they certainly signed the right player. Panarin made it pretty clear that partying and living it up was his number one priority
  7. Shero is keeping his Vatanen rookie cards
  8. Damn! Are there other former Penguins scrubs still available?
  9. At least our free agency isn't like the NBA where you can just roster an western conference all star team to the Lakers
  10. Interesting point. Offer sheeting someone could be a good gamble if Hall bails
  11. I You sound like you want to speak to a manager
  12. Looking at his stats last year looks a bit of an outlier. Hopefully he can bounce back a bit.
  13. I've always liked Simmonds, but I'm torn because he's a bit past his sell by date
  14. A trade! Baited breath! What 4th liner? Are we getting Lovejoy back?
  15. Are there any goons and traffic cones we can sign? Maybe some UFA signings to send to the AHL?
  16. You know that UFAs can sign anywhere they want for whatever reason?
  17. Is Free Agent Frenzy a Red Lobster or Olive Garden promotion?
  18. I thought this was the Taylor Hall thread, not the complaint department
  19. Dude if Panarin wants to put playing second to partying then that's kinda questionable commitment there. What would stop him from just pulling a Kovalchuk in a couple years?
  20. Just go to Meigray and get a game worn
  21. Michael Frolik? Is this 2015?
  22. Until Hall signs a contract with us or another team, whatever comes out of his or Ray's piehole is worthless jibber jabber.
  23. Mine was OttyOttSauce. His insightful "Kovalcup" posts were great
  24. Cory has had the jimmies for quite a few seasons now. I don't trust him to bounce back at all
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