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  1. I was kinda meh on Bernier. He's been a career journeyman backup for his whole career then he had one above average season.
  2. At this point not winning another game for the rest of the season seems more plausible
  3. Would be cool if the guy we draft could step in a make a positive difference.
  4. I see there isn't a new post saying so and so has been fired so that means Fitz's head is still stuck up his ass.
  5. The NHL should have relegation for teams like this
  6. That shirt was actually pretty nice in person. The brown parts on the coyote and AZ patch we're suede. I owned a few of the game worn ones. The best one I had was Laraque's when he was mic'ed and asked Ivanans if he wanted to go then told him good luck
  7. We still have a very long shot at the playoffs We need a goalie. Imagine how different things would be if we had a goalie
  8. Anton Khudobin is playing in the minors. He may have a bit left in the tank
  9. I can be goalie as long as I can lay on the ice since I don't know how to skate
  10. He's always wincing because he's captaining a team with no defense and no goaltending
  11. You know even the sh!ttiest goalies bring out their inner Hasek when they play us
  12. We have 11 forwards and 7 D tonight? Which forward is doing double time? If we dressed 7 D, can Ty sit the 3rd?
  13. Notice our sh!tty players don't end up in Covid protocols
  14. I see we're trying to imitate 2000 Leafs game 7 with our SoG
  15. On that Domi goal: Seriously where the duck was Subban going?
  16. We got a lead. Now pull one skater and put an extra goalie in
  17. For some reason I see Blackwood and I think Steve Yzerman game 7 1996
  18. Look on the bright side: Blackwood didn't give up a goal in the 2nd
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