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  1. That and a box of stale Cheez-Its will get you a box of stale Cheez-Its
  2. Recchi needs to be replaced by a stale box of Cheez-Its
  3. Nass should be fired and replaced by one of those large 1960s reel to reel computers
  4. I'll be happy with just old ass current Jacques Lemaire
  5. Look on the bright side. Deboer isn't the coach. Imagine losing to two teams in a row run by our previous coaches
  6. Rarely do you have a coach whose last name describes the team he coaches
  7. There better be a few jelly jars in the locker room
  8. The short answer is no. We don't have anyone who can play defense. In our over pursuit of PMD we forgot that we need people who play defense
  9. We wouldn't be here if we didn't trade for Kovalchuk. It's all his fault
  10. Down 1-0 fvcking travesty. Impack Jack should have 8 points already!
  11. I hate our division. "Let's just put every really good team in one group. That sounds fun"
  12. This team is good, they're just a bit rough around the edges. Recchi and Nas need to be shown the door though
  13. Glad I forgot they were playing tonight
  14. Same refs who officiated the Bears-Steelers game
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