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  1. 8 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

    no? Seeing how the Rangers can keep on signing players shows that players are not that scared of that lol

    True, but despite being more successful than the Rags over the past 25 years, we don't have the overrated legendary status of them. New York is still the mecca to some kid who grew up in a small Canadian or midwestern US town

  2. The last time we overpaid for a guy who didnt want to play here was with Ryane Clowe and that was when we still had an okay roster. I mean we can maybe attract some talent, but I doubt that especially if we begin a habit of moving players right and left. Players aren't going to want to come here just to be moved later in the season 

  3. 5 hours ago, devlman said:

    Has this career loser been dealt yet? His loser stench still permeates the team and can be smelled over the usual stench of our great state. Let’s go Shero, execute whatever deal is on the table so we can all move on.

    To be fai: Hall was a huge part of our playoff birth a couple years ago and he did win the Hart

    I mean we've all soured on him, but it's not like Shero made any valid effort to surround him with talent or provide even a passable defense.

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