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  1. Jiminy Christmas y'all need to read better. That's what I'm inferences. Heck, we just need one of these guys to go down again this season and we're fvcked
  2. And most teams have competent gms who don't sign injured goalies and 3rd string AHL netminders as a backup plan
  3. You can't force anyone to go to teams for parity. If this team wants to start becoming attractive they need to start with their front office and coaching staff. Ruff should have been shown the door after this season and the owners should have put Fitz on notice.
  4. Thing that sucks is if Jack goes down, if Blackwood goes down, if Vanecek goes down we can basically write off the season. Our situation is that precarious
  5. We have to offer something in trade first.
  6. There's no way JG considers living in Ohio better. Besides Cleveland, parts if Cincy and Columbus, Ohio is full of hillbillys and sh!t kickers. It's basically Kentucky and West Virginia outside those three cities I'm fairly confident the Gudbranson signing played a factor
  7. Having been born in Jersey I've heard it all, but it's an undeserved rep. Their schools are ranked in the top 10 and there's a reasonably a lot of people who work in New York live in Jersey
  8. I'm telling you. They signed Gudbranson so JG would go there. They're buddies
  9. Don't let's forget about CBJ signing Gudbranson. It looks like that signing may have influenced JG. Apparently he and Gudbranson are pretty tight
  10. I'm not saying Fitz is Milbury bad if this is true but...
  11. And we need to change his name from Failure Fitz to Fired Fitz
  12. Here's the list of remaining UFAs. It's not updated so it still lists all UFAs pre 7/13. There is like nothing left https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/free-agents/ufa/?ref=trending-pages
  13. It's a gamble especially since Tkachuk said he didn't want to be part of a rebuild or retool. Not sure how excited he would be about signing and extension with a team that's just treading water
  14. Maybe we can use the cap space to improve our defense. I mean offensively we were competitive last year. We could still make our D better
  15. There's still Pujujarvivi Maybe it was a Parise/Suter thing. Sign Gudbranson and I'll play there. They could buds. They did play together in CGY. Could explain the awful contract Gud got
  16. Yeah, but if Fitz is swinging for the fences and by all reports the Devils are the front runners, how can Fitz go after other UFAs in the meantime? He really can't do both.
  17. But we're mostly used to that so...
  18. I was arguing this the other day
  19. We also traded Pavel Zacha for Pavel Zacha
  20. And don't forget we got Geertsen coming back
  21. He doesn't owe us a goddamn thing
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