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  1. You can get Kovy's actual game worn jersey at meigray on sale for 15% off. I think it's 2700 right now. if not, just wait a few days and when he signs with another team because of Bettman you can probably get one for 3 bucks on the clearance rack of any WalMart.
  2. Big Lou is just having a bad day. He got a ham and cheese sandwich in his lunch again and they forgot the fancy mustard. He loves that fancy mustard. You could put that mustard on a shoe and he bets it would taste pretty good. But his day is lloking up cause he got a Hostess cupcake. He likes to peel the chocolate frosting off the top and save it for later. it's like a desert desert. Whoa!Whoa!Whoa!
  3. If the NHL and Bettman want to be a bunch of hypocritical punks then in the immortal words of The Bad News Bears' Tanner Boyle they can, "take their trophy and shove it up their ass."
  4. In other news Bettman said that the contract to the Devs is null and void but if Kovy wants to sign the same deal with the Penguins then that's okay.
  5. I'm in New Mexico. What do you got against New Mexico? There are a lot of Devils fans here. I actually make a living wage and I'm in a union. I like to thing those two things are related. No one has to tell me to vote Democrat I'll do it anyway.
  6. Yeah. I wanted to sign this guy but it was really a conspiracy to with the commisioner with kovy as the patsy. This has gone from a hockey topic to a David mMamet movie.
  7. Go from 6 mil to 8.8 mil? I can't go for that! No can do!
  8. I imagine Kovy was offered a few contract scenarios. 17yrs/102mil was what Kovy liked and then a couple more alternatives were what he could live with.
  9. If what that update from ESPN is correct about Lou knowing beforehand then I'm sure he informed Kovy and Grossman of what the NHL's reaction would probably be. I doubt Lou would keep Kovy and Grossman in the dark about a possible denial from the NHL.
  10. If the deal goes to 6.8 mil per year does this mean we can't resign Mike Mottau?
  11. This just in representatives from Russian and Italian mobs uh, businesses to visit Gary Bettman
  12. If I could go my sign would say "Careful Now!" and on the back it would say "Down with this sort of thing." Ha! Find the reference for that one.
  13. Yeah, for some reason I thought about that a lot during the Flyers/Devils P/O series.
  14. So seriously speaking does this get fast tracked into the courts or arbitration or whatever?
  15. It would be hard to protest Gary at his residence since he lives so far up Crosby's ass.
  16. Everyone knows what this is really about: Sid and Bettman were lying in bed Monday night and Bettman told Sid that Kovy was signing with the Devils and Sid was like, "I don't like Ilya, he punked me in my rookie year." So Bettman decided then and there to avenge the smiting of his sweetheart. Anyone got a vid of Kovy punking Crybaby BTW?
  17. From now on Bettman will officially be known as Buzz Killington.
  18. Keep in mind baseball is in full swing right now. They are past the all star break and in the second half so it's going to be basebal baseball over everything else.
  19. Just as long as it isn't the goal song Nashville uses. I hear that's one reason Jason Arnott was glad to be back in Jersey. Nashville was in the bottom in goal scoring last year and I can understand. It would drive me nuts to hear, " I Like it, I love it. I want some more of it.", everytime I scored a goal.
  20. Can't wait to see what the opening image on the Rock during gamenight is going to look like.
  21. Since Kovy is the mega million dollar man just nickname him Steve Austin or Lee Majors
  22. DevilChuk or Russian Satan. That's all I can think of right now in such short notice.
  23. I could see Salvy for a 3rd round pick. He's still a decent stay at home defenseman. However, I guess I'm one of the few on here who still thinks he deserves a shot.
  24. I stand corrected on that, but where does a 6mil cap hit come in when the reported first 10 years is 8 mil?
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