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  1. Can't access that Єklund (2.3% accurate) link. What does it say?
  2. Typical right winger. Sarcasm, ad hominem attacks. No substance whatever. You want to get down and dirty by calling me a tool I can retort. Call me a tool. BTW how does Glenn Beck's d&ck taste? I know plenty of Muslim men who have wives at my martial arts club who have no problem letting their wives work out with us. Once again your logic(if you can call it that) is faulty at best. I'm done with you.
  3. Timothy McVeigh was a Christian terrorist, so was the guy who did the Olympic park bombing in 96. Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin bombed the Kign David hotel in Jerusalem occupied by British Troops in 1946 killing 91 people, is he not a terrorist? You can believe what you want about abortion but when a nurse or staff working dies because a pro-life zealot shoots or bombs a clinic is that not an act of terrorism. Have you ever seen the damage a nail-bomb can cause?
  4. You're an a$$hole. I've met and have plenty of Muslim friends. They are no more different from any other people of other faiths and have not done or behaved in any way crazy as a result of their religion. Inflammatory rhetoric like yours is one reason why this world can't progress and you should be ashamed of yourself!
  5. I like how people think that this is disrespectful to 9/11 victims' families like they're some sort of monolithic group that is 100% against this. There are some families that are in favor of the mosque. You all do know that there were Muslims who were victims of the attack as well. And quit referring to it as a Mosque. The Mosque is one part of the larger community center which has other areas inside to accomodate the religious practices of other religions. Thi community center is much like any YMCA around the country, swimming pool, basketball court etc. The main guy behind this community center is a Sufi Muslim which is the most peaceful brand of Islam much like Quakers are to Christianity. Finally to everyone who loves their Fox news, it is interesting to note that the second biggest shareholder in Newscorp is a Saudi Sheik who is in fact a funder of this community center. So you're getting duped. Snake eats it's own tail. This is just a bumper sticker ploy to stir up Xenophobia.
  6. Will this thread hit 600? The world waits with baited breath......
  7. Yeah but the can do an end around by just rejecting the contract based on length. That's the Catch-22
  8. Maybe we should get Chris Christie involved. I hear he's good with numbers!
  9. They might get him as a 1 year rental but he's not gonna want to do that. They have a few hot commodities to sign next season. Shameless plug: Check out Intent to Blow's take on the Kovalchuk second contract rejection, it's pretty spot on.
  10. I'm pretty sure Kovy has no other desirable situations besides the Devs or KHL. The Kings signed Willie Mitchell to 2yr/7m deal yesterday.
  11. Chris Kelly in Ottawa, Mike Grier in Buffalo
  12. Why is every time I think of the Kovy situation I think of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer found the Merv Griffin set and moved it into his apartment. When George asked Kramer how he got the set into his apartment, Kramer replies along the lines that he just hooked it in. C'Mon, just hook it in finally.
  13. If we do eventually get something done with Kovy he better be a candidate for Art Ross, Hart, Selke, Norris, Jack Adams, Conn Smythe, Lady Bing, President's and Super Bowl trophies.
  14. My thoughts exactly. The KHL can throw money at any player and they clearly overpay. So in essence they are paying Kovy a huge sum because they can and it doesn't appear that Kovy is all about the money. There are other factors.
  15. Maybe since his whole 10m deal is somewhat of a friendly rivalry Ovechkin can call him up and say, "Dude this is getting a bit silly, you win okay?"
  16. How about giving him merchandising and concession rights?
  17. Socialist, statist, Marxist, Nazi. Communist, Mussolini, Hitler!!! Glenn Beck told me so!!!!
  18. Yeah! Or like how he held hands with and kissed a Saudi monarch. Oh wait! Tha was Bush, never mind.
  19. April 2010- Chris Pronger out indefinitely with injured elbows.. In a shocking bit of news young future star Sidney Crosby has decided not to enter the NHL draft saying he prefers to pursue his true first love, ballet and hand jobs.
  20. How could I forget one of my favorite players, Mike Fisher. I'd love to see him in a Devils uniform. Barrett Jackman would still be relevant if there weren't so many changes to defense after the lockout.
  21. Stephen Weiss is pretty good too. Steve Downie had an excellent season with Tampa last year so let's see if he keeps that up. I know he's a Flyer but I've always liked Kimmo Timonen. Scott Hannan is a solid defenseman. I also like Patric Hornquist and Joel Ward in Nashville. Let's not forget David Clarkson. He's pretty underrated and sometimes has flashes of scoring brilliance. Mikhail Grabovski is pretty good as well.
  22. Seconded on Corey Perry. He's a pretty sweet player. I think Rick Nash has been placed on the backburner with the emergence of Crosby and Ovechkin. He's a pretty phenomenal player.
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