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  1. Not many options really. Zajac before he was traded, Severson?
  2. Whose idea was it to bring Wedgewood back?
  3. Now gold the fort down and swing for the fences
  4. McDavid>>>>>>>Crosby Never liked Crosby
  5. Penguins, Crosby first game back..can't mess with the narrative Don't worry. We'll get a PP when we're down two with 2 minutes left
  6. Who is this Johnsson kid they replaced Johnsson with?
  7. This just ain't the year. Maybe another time, but until what's at the heart of this team's inability to compete is addressed(no idea what it is) it's gonna be a while
  8. If I'm Ruff I'm healthy scratching a couple guys and calling up Foote and Holtz and putting them on a line with Mercer. Might as well
  9. Real accountability will happen when Nas is shown the door
  10. Ahhh. Whenever I hear that a 6th round pick is playing like an all star against us I assume it's a goalie because it usually is
  11. That's always the case with 3rd string goalies vs the Devils. So many good moves this off season to still be middling at best
  12. fvck it. Call up Foote and Holtz. Put them on the first line with Mercer
  13. Buffalo entered in a cheat code before the game
  14. Well I guess saying "at least we're not the Sabres" doesn't work anymore
  15. Anyone know what Jaques Lemaire is up to these days?
  16. How is it that other team's third string goalies look like the second coming of Patrick Roy against us, but our third string goalies always look like the second coming of Red Light Racicot?
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