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  1. I'm not sure I understand why no one from previous teams should be retired. Brylin was the heart and soul of the team and one of those rare players who was willing to do whatever was asked. Totally deserves to have his number retired. We don't need to be the Rags, retiring evey guy who played more than a season, but I think we can be a little less stingy with retiring numbers especially for a guy like Brylin.
  2. Disagree. Brylin's number needs to be retired. He was a life long Devil who was only 1 of I think 4 to be on all 3 cup winning teams. In addition, he was clutch and the very idea of a guy who left it all out on the ice every night
  3. Firmly believe Sergei Brylin's number needs to be retired. Zajac hmmmmm maybe
  4. Who is the moron who tried a drop pass in their own zone and gave BOS a scoring chance?
  5. When do we get to wear Scouts jerseys?
  6. Last game worn Devil's jersey I had was a hammered Randy McKay
  7. Malkin is on that list but not Crosby? This list sucks
  8. Who gives a fvck what the Rangers do?
  9. It's because of all the donuts he eats
  10. Outside of Terasenko there's still some decent guys out there in the UFA market especially for bottom 6
  11. Good pick up. Good hands and reflexes. Seems to get his fair share of goals off the rebound
  12. Nas is one of those "He was a Penguin" Shero holdovers
  13. Who gives a sh!t about Evander Kane. His hockey career is a huge waste of time. Total coulda-woulda-shoulda.
  14. I think Jack's concern about his health trumps the Sabres. He will be the one who has to live his life with his spine and neck issues.
  15. Reaves is old and slow. He ain't gonna do much.
  16. Did they get a shrubbery?
  17. If that happens we can swoop in and siphon off a guy like DeBrusk
  18. I know he's a center but David Krejci is still unsigned
  19. That and they realized, "Oh sh!t! We forgot to sign a goalie!"
  20. Everyone knows Saad is only allowed to go to the Blackhawks or Blue Jackets
  21. How long until Bettman asks his goons to investigate for cap circumvention?
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