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  1. Dang. Manson would have been nice. Still more decent D left on the board
  2. We get JG then what? Do we go after a D Man or try to bring back PK on a one year deal?
  3. Or a team that is good for business
  4. Nice. Getting Lebrun to use you as a source then using Lebrun as a source There goes Malkin to bright lights bruh
  5. You need to stop interpreting the sound of your own farts
  6. Jeff Petry is the very definition of a late bloomer
  7. I believe we would have to offer sheet him.
  8. I dunno, but why give the guy a hard time about jorts when skinny jeans are a thing over here?
  9. While that beat reporter wears skinny jeans
  10. He can always buy a Flyers jersey on ebay
  11. If Gaudreau is interested in taking a discount to play for a team that probably won't win a cup why doesn't he just come here for more money?
  12. If Johnny G doesn't come to us, I really hope Fitz takes a look at the Reilly Smiths and Mason Marchments and avoids any of the old guys
  13. Link to UFAs https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/free-agents/ufa/?ref=trending-pages I want to believe I'm joking but I can see Fitz going after guys like Kessel, Erickson or Ladd while leaving guys like Marchment and Reilly Smith on the table.
  14. Would be a nice change to see Philly clearing space to sign Johnny only to see him sign with us
  15. We didn't get Gaudreau but here's Phil Kessel and Loui Ericksson!
  16. Great. So we'll have Johnny Hockey on one side and Evgeni Malkin on the other side
  17. It's the Rags. They always figure it out
  18. I believe NYR has 10mil in cap space
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