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  1. Have a feeling something good is gonna happen tonight. Maybe a little KovalCup magic? KOVALCUP!!!
  2. I have a good feeling Kovalchuck (KovalCup) will return and this is just some dumb story meant to rile up the Rags fans. But I'll put together two line-ups in case he doesn't come back: W/ Kovalchuk KovalCup - KovalCup - KovalCup KovalCup - KovalCup - KovalCup KovalCup - KovalCup - KovalCup KovalCup - KovalCup - KovalCup W/O Kovalchuk No KovalCup - No KovalCup - No KovalCup No KovalCup - No KovalCup - No KovalCup No KovalCup - No KovalCup - No KovalCup No KovalCup - No KovalCup - No KovalCup
  3. Thank god hockey is back. Now it's time to win the KovalCup!!!!
  4. I think the KovalCup clause is what's really holding this whole process back. Basically: The NHLPA wants the KovalCup Clause to mean that every year Kovalchuk is under contract his team should the KovalCup The NHL wants it every other year. Neither side is budging. KOVALCUP!
  5. Rick Nash is the most overrated player in the league. Dubinsky was an underpaid player. Rick Nash is overpaid and overachieved. He's never scored 80 points despite playing with some of the best players in the league Nik Zherdev makes Ryan Carter a 30 goal scorer. Rangers overpaid and will never the Stanley Cup..........or should I say the KovalCup
  6. No KovalCup Award for me?
  7. They were gonna award the KovalCup to Ilya Kovalchuk, but there are rumors that they are going to rename The Stanley Cup to The KovalCup. KOVALCUP!
  8. Gonna ride these Shootout wins all the way to a KovalCup!
  9. KovalCup-KovalCup-KovalCup KovalCup-KovalCup-KovalCup KovalCup-KovalCup-KovalCup KovalCup-KovalCup-Janssen Scratches-Tallinder
  10. As long as we put a team on the ice for the rest of the season we will win every game from here on out! KOVALCUP BABY!!!!!!
  11. We dominated baby. Lock up the KOVALCUP!!!!
  12. Time to step up in crunch time. KovalCup!!
  13. The Devs don't look too bad. Refs are pretty much handing this game to the Avs. We will step up in the 2nd and 3rd and I'm gonna say KovalCup gets an Ovechtrick.
  14. Otty Ott-Sauce


    C - KovalCup A - KovalCup A - KovalCup
  15. Brock Lesnar was also a Division 1 National Wrestling Champ. That's a big advantage in MMA especially with his size and strength.
  16. Devils need to bounce back, they will because of one reason.....KOVALCUP!!!!
  17. Well if you win the Kovalcup I think you get the 1st overall pick for the next decade.
  18. Ottawa is a good team. No shame in losing to them.
  19. I'd say this during the offseason. The Rangers have young enough players and a good enough goalie to be a decent hockey team, but everyone ripped on me cause they're blinded by fanhood. Oh well I'm the man. But no reason the Devils won't turn this around and win the KovalCUP!!!!!!!!!
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