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  1. GDT: Flyers @ Devils 2-1-18 7:00PM

    Great game tonight. Nico with the clutch goal sealed it.
  2. GDT - Devils @ Winnipeg, 11/18/14

    I did as well, but getting up early for work was an equal driving force. Game was tough to watch from an entertainment point of view. To think all those years Devils fans would get defensive when other teams fans parroted the "boring" label around and now fewer and fewer of us are taking exception to this criticism for good reason. My hopes for turning this ship around focus on packaging Gelinas, Zajac, and a pick to whichever western team can send back three young scoring forwards, one of which is a center. Then deal Brunner or Ryder for whatever the market best returns and commit to playing guys like Boucher and Matteau who both had solid training camps. Infuse this roster with youh and speed. Purge it of inconsistent, woefully underachieving, ever disappointing stand ins.
  3. GDT - Devils @ Winnipeg, 11/18/14

    Would like to see Josefson centering the second line and Ruutu centering the third for the next game. Increased minutes and responsibilities for two hard working, well deserving players. Bring up Matteau and sit Brunner or Ryder. Play Larsson more.
  4. GDT - Devils @ Winnipeg, 11/18/14

    Its time to make some trades. Gelinas, Brunner, Ryder, possibly Zajac to shake things up.
  5. GDT - Devils @ Winnipeg, 11/18/14

    The Jets are skating circles around the Devils so far. Too few shots on net for NJ..
  6. GDT - Devils @ Winnipeg, 11/18/14

    Lack of a big hitter? Check. Lack of a physical intimidator? Check. Lack of timely offense? Check. Lack of good faceoff centers? Check.
  7. GDT - Devils @ Winnipeg, 11/18/14

    Josefson should be in this game.
  8. GDT: Colorado Avalanche VS New Jersey Devils 11/15/14

    Missed opportunity at two points tonight. This is not a great team.
  9. GDT: Colorado Avalanche VS New Jersey Devils 11/15/14

    3-2 Avs now. Saw that coming after the last Avs goal.
  10. 2014-2015 Around the league thread

    Penguins had 31 hits against the Rangers through two periods of hockey against the Rangers.
  11. GDT: Colorado Avalanche VS New Jersey Devils 11/15/14

    Zajac took a hell of a big hit late in the first period. Would like to see the Devils return the favor later in this game.
  12. GDT Devils @ Capitals 11/14/14

    Was a pretty tight game until the gift goal.
  13. Mike Richards trade obsession

    What kind of player could the Devils land for Gelinas and a third round pick?
  14. Wild @ Devils

    Corey made some huge saves in this one at critical points in the game. What a performance.