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  1. McDavid didn't seem happy when Oilers won the pick still would take him 1000 out of a 1000 even if he hates it.
  2. If they have the WWE displays on the concourse like they had from last year can someone take a few pics thanks.
  3. No intentional out of play has always been a penalty back after the lockout it was unintentional that was made an automatic penalty.
  4. Dude wants those 162 goals this year.
  5. Trying for their first 4-0 start since 95-96... you know what if that year is anything to go by maybe we should throw the game.
  6. That last night of hockey watching the Rags blow it, the Devils win the division and knowing I had tickets to that first playoff game was so much fun
  7. Well my thing ,which I didn't really say well because I wanted the joke, is to do something or not do something just because its tradition or the way its always been is stupid. Do it because it has value, because the other way is worse, or because its fun even if it takes more work. You can have a preference to not want a black third and that's fine but to use "tradition" as the reason just doesn't sit well with me
  8. Well it was a tradition to not have sex until I lost my virginity. Or sometimes not doing something isn't tradition its just something that hasn't been done yet
  9. I'm glad he likes it there. Its like watching an ex you broke up with no hard feelings move on. Circumstances meant it wasn't going to work, you hoped they could come back but to see them happy makes you glad. I'm lonely.
  10. roomtemp

    2018 UFA Thread

    Yzerman is in a win now mode. Let next year's Yzerman deal with that cap problem or trade his RFA rights
  11. roomtemp

    2018 UFA Thread

    fvck it why don't we just get Karlsson?
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