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  1. very fair point,i will discuss with Brian,and if a price adjustment on equipment is possible,we will post it.
  2. gotta defend sports minded on this one.Its very expensive to get arnott to the store. The guy hasnt done a signing here in 10 years,and scored the goal that won us the stanley cup.The store was very reasonable with super pricing on parise to accomadate the overwhelming demand and afforded all of you the chance to get his autograph,and meet him.If the agency we have to use to get him to make the appearence charges almost an extra 10 bucks for inscriptions,then in turn the customer has to absorb that fee.Its not like the inscription fee they are charging is 20 bucks!Also,if you want personilization,thats free.Kenny,I would like you to change your position on this one,Sports minded has been more then fair with their devils pricing for signings,and getting Arnie was a year long effort,just wanted to share my views on this with you.
  3. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    quinn, get the shirt to me i will get it signed for u. ron sports express
  4. Elias on Kovalchuk

    when patty was a free agent,he had a significantly more lucrative offer to sign with the rangers. He bypassed his agent ,called lou directly,and found a way to remain a devil.He has always shown loyalty to the organization,and has always put winning and not stats at the top of his priorities.At 34,its not feasable for him to be the type of point producer he was.His body has gone through a tremendous amount the last number of years,including concussion,sports hernia surgery,and heppatitus.His comments about kovie stem from sheer and utter frustration,as during his tenure as a devil,the entire formula and concept has always been about winning,and team play.Those of you who rip him in this forum are entitled to your opinions,but he still wants this team to win,and plays hard every night. I believe playing with arnott, that by the end of the season they will both put up solid numbers.
  5. we will have photos, pucks, mini helmets,lots of inexpensive items to get signed.Think i may even have some surprise devils guests that night,as well as a few devils game used items for a charity silent auction.As always,customers can also take photos with the players.
  6. travis zajac signing

    travis zajac will be signing at sports express in the livingston mall on tuesday nov.9th from 6till8. all autographs are 20 dollors,and tickets are available now. for more info call 973-535-6477
  7. Devils Signings Coming Up?

    andy is 15, and u get a free 8by10 photo. also,feel free to take a picture with him. patty is at 30 per,and brian also is very friendly,and cool to bring your camera.
  8. andy greene signing

    andy greene will be signing at sports express in livingston mall on monday october 18th,from 6till8pm. autograph tickets are now available,and will be 15dollors each,and will also include a complimentary 8by10 photo.as always,customers are welcome to bring their camera.
  9. Devils Signings Coming Up?

    got 2 upcomings signings to share,although the dates arent set yet. in early october andy greene will be kicking off the season with a signing at sports express in the livingston mall.Tickets will be 15 dollors and will include a complimentary 8-10 color photo.In october the devils all time leading scorer number 26 will be at sports minded in warren.no dates or prices set yet,but i will post when we know.