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    Beer ' Hockey.. I brew my own beer, love drinking while watching the Devils.

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  1. Had plans on going to the game this Saturday but not going to happen, I'll probably check out game towards the end of the season, living a few blocks away from the place makes it easy.
  2. I brew extract batches with steeping grains (think of making tea), I do a 5 gallon recipe with liquid yeast it'll cost me anywhere from 30-45 dollars, I'll get 2 cases of good beer. If you brew All grain, i've seen people brew up a 5 gal recipe for 17 bucks. I have 2 fermenters, so I usually have 2 batches going (and 1 or two in bottles). A few weeks ago I had 7 cases of beer here lol, down to a modest 4.5 now No better feeling walking into a party with a few 6 packs of your own beer, then watch as everyone drinks your beer before they drink any store brought. If you have any questions or are looking into it, best place to start is here..great forum Homebrewtalk Have alot of fun making labels also. here's my brewing blog Pembroke Farms Brewery
  3. Since I'm usually with my son, I don't get the chance to stop at a bar after the game, I do grab a few during though, hopefully this season. And on a brighter side, I brew my own beer as a hobby, best hobby in the world
  4. I'll take a shot at this.. I'll be 48 in a few months, born and raised a Ranger fan, there wasn't a hockey team here in Jersey yet, I stayed a Ranger fan for quite a few years. Hockey has always been my favorite sport, always will. Pat Verbeek had always been one of my favorite players, even on the other team, I watched all teams, if a game was on I was probably watching it. When my son was born, I couldn't wait to take him to a Ranger game, I was lucky and had no problem scoring tix in work, so we went to about 10 games when he was about 7 or 8 can't remember, he had fun. The following season he wanted to see the Devils, the first game was against the Bruins, there were 2 women sitting directly behind us covered in a Devils blanket. They kept screaming "Boston Sucks!!", that was probably the first time my son heard such language lol, boy he turned around and looked at them like "OMG, you said a bad word"..I told him it's ok to say that at a game, and he's only telling the other team that our team is better than yours. When we got home, my wife asked him how was the game, he was so excited he couldn't contain himself, he looked at her and said "Boston sucks mom!" The look on her face was priceless lol, he kept walking around the house chanting "Boston sucks!!" He started playing my video games and every game he had to be the Devils. My wife looked at me and said he's a Devils fan, you're a Ranger fan, I told her I'm not about to root against my son, at that moment I became and forever will be a Devils fan. Travis Zajac is my favorite player. And yes, I proudly lead the Rangers suck chance whenever I can.
  5. watching game 7 on nhl network

  6. Always thought all of the old Flyers went up into the stands to fight someone at one time or another.
  7. Can't wait for the season to start, already tired of baseball lol..I'm from Harrison, bout a 5 min ride to the Rock. I've been reading these forums for awhile then realized I never registered. Hope to pick up a mini plan this year, had one the past 2 seasons.
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