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  1. Isles basically gave up 3 first round picks. Horrible deal for a rental, robbery for the Oilers.
  2. He had 3 assists in the game and your bagging on him? Tough crowd, Patrik doesn't deserve that kind of treatment.
  3. MissionHockey

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    Tallackson-Papineau-Bergfors Pihlman-Vrana-Gionta Ryznar-Khomutov-Voros Davis-Foster-Clarkson
  4. When did I say I was making this trade just to make a trade?? I missed that part of the post. That is all pre-cap thinking, if you want to understand this thread then re-read my post. I'm tired of explaining it again.
  5. The whole point of the deal is that Legwand is temporary. Next year when the Devils have tons of cap space they can sign another center. I whole heartedly believe that Legwand could produce 60 points playing with the Devils, then the Devils can let him go and look for an upgrade during the offseason. Hell, if Gomez only signs a one year deal, they can go back and get him! You made a good point about Langenbrunner which I had never thought of. Jarret Stoll also had 68 points with Edm, and will probably get 2 million from the arbitrator. He is another option.
  6. The idea is not to get a player who is a legitimate 1st line center, but somebody who wouldn't look out of place for the time being. The Devils would be EXTREMELY lucky if they can add another player at all, much less a second line center. Legwand only makes 1.5 million, and is doubtful that he would get a much higher raise. Plus he does have offensive skills. I truly believe the Devils can survive this season with somebody like Legwand centering Elias. The other players I had in mind were Kyle Calder and Jarret Stoll. Which is exactly why the Devils need a center in return for the trade. Nobody will give up a player with the calibur of Gomez, especially with the bind we are in moneywise. Parise and Brylin might be able to pull off playing the 2nd line center. But don't you see that no homerun deal will be coming? It would be a different situation if the Devils were in such bad shape capwise, Gomez would probably be untouchable, but thats just not the era the Devils are in now. 1. Gomez is not Elias. The Devils organization was very loyal and supportive of Patrik when he was in a time of need. It is my personal opinion that he felt he owed them something. 2. I would think that if Gomez doesn't get a long term contract now, he is almost certain to test the FA waters next offseason. When some dumb bloke GM could blow him away with a 7million dollar offer, in which case the Devils might even walk away from him. I understand that the way Gomez breaks the trap makes life a hell of a lot easier. I wouldn't say he's an expendable asset, but at the same time I just don't think its the most vital. NJ might be one of the only teams in the league where the "3rd line" is more valuable than the first. They play the most minutes. I don't think we can afford giving up Madden with out a huge drop in the standings. Gomez is my favorite player next to Elias, but I just don't think the money is there.
  7. I would reply but it would just be an echo of his statements. Keep in mind, this is only if NJ absolutely has to trade Gomez. This package is better than what Edm got for Pronger, and worlds better than what Ottawa got for Havlat.
  8. You aware that Staal is a 100 point center right?
  9. Do you honestly believe the Devils can take either of those players back in return with their salary? If the Devils have to part with Gomez because of salary A PLAYER LIKE SPEZZA OR STAAL WILL NOT BE COMING IN RETURN (Not to mention that no one in their right minds would to Staal for Gomez). If you want to trade Rafalski then fine, I hope you would be happy missing the playoffs. Of Gomez, Gionta, and Rafalski, I would Gomez is least likely to be signed long term even though he CLEARLY is the best player out of the three. However, this is the salary cap era, players will not always be able to stick with their teams. If Lou somehow does manage to clear space, and only gets a one year deal out of this he runs the risk of losing him for nothing this year. Not to mention that if 29 other teams know that New Jersey is in a bind with the cap and are not going to just "help out" by offering their gem center. In a perfect world, Lamoriello gets Malakov, McGillis, and Mogilny off the cap, but I just think its unlikely that he can get all three off. He might be able to get off one, and maybe even two, but I seriously doubt all three. Too much, I think he makes roughly 5 million
  10. Trade the teams #1 defenseman that plays 22 min a night? The same defenseman that twiddled his thumbs while NJ negeotiated with Niedermayer? We would be in worse shape losing Rafalski than we would losing Gomez. Martin is not ready to take over Rafalski's job just yet. Legwand is a stop gap until NJ; A. Finds a better option B. Parise and Zajac develop into legitimate offensive threats. He is obviously a downgrade from Gomez, but its a SALARY deal. Keep that in mind, no team is going to get a player of the same calibur back. From hockey'sfuture.com on Ryan Parent Plus he is 6'2", nearly 200lbs. on Kevin Klien
  11. To NJ: Legwand+Klein/Parent To Nashville: Scott Gomez Nobody wants to part with Scott, but if ever there was a deal I'd say this might be it. It was proposed by one of the Predator fans. I'm not sure how much Legwand makes, but it probably won't be close to 5million and the Devils get a good defensive prospect in a system that is almost starved of them. Thoughts?
  12. Maybe they expect them to split time. They would probably be more effective if each only played 40 games or so.
  13. I started hating Carolina in 2002, it has to start somewhere.
  14. If they beat the Devils in the 2003 ECF I probably would despise them by now.
  15. I'm starting to think none of them. Rassmussen maybe, but he was injured a lot next year. It wouldn't be a money issue with him, but maybe a younger fresher body.
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