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  1. Never trust yourself

  2. no longer a teenager....damn

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    2. Colorado Rockies 1976

      Colorado Rockies 1976

      I remember feeling that way back on June 24, 1990. This is right around the time where you'll feel like someone's hitting the fast forward button on the rest of your life.

    3. Derlique


      thanks aylbert. and CR, its a scary feeling lol

    4. Pepperkorn


      I still can't decide how I feel about my 20s. I flet like I was SUPPOSED to be starting my life btu I found nothing worthwhile. Until I met my husband when I was 27. I didn't have a house or kids until mid-30s!

  3. got my opening night tickets!

  4. why is tg only posting update on the rags?

    1. ghdi


      Hes covering them during the playoffs.

  5. anyone know where i can get a stream of tonights skills competition?

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