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  1. Agreed. I've been really trying to not put the cart before the horse but I don't think I've seen him make more than one or two questionable plays with or without the puck. He's so smart and skilled.
  2. Can't emphasize how lucky NJ is to have Bratt. We may have literally snagged a 1st line rw in the 6th round of last year's draft. Even more impressive is that Bratt is one of the youngest in his draft class as a late July birth . We haven't had a lucky player development since Henrique
  3. Hall only 4 assists, 3 primary. But is he scoring goals??
  4. Wait, people are complaining about Taylor Hall? NJ has played a lot of teams with great 1-2 punches down the middle and Nico has still looked great: Matthews and Kadri Eichel/O'Reilly Stamkos/Johnson Kuznetsov/Backstrom Not every team has those types of duos and I really look forward to seeing Nico play lesser ones (like SJ and Ottawa).
  5. NJ hasnt had a situation where they're nursing a close lead or trying to tie it. They've basically been blowing out teams. Will be interesting to see how they deal with those situations.
  6. The Devils got run in the second half of the game, but it really doesn't matter to me and here's why: 1) When the score was close, NJ was the better team. Babcock said that the 2-2 score was "generous" because we were outplaying them. The Leafs started piling up the shots when we were up by multiple goals and started sitting back. 2) The opposition. Toronto might be a top 5 team in the league and playing them on the road is going to be one of NJ's toughest tests all season. This was a game where they really missed Zajac as he is someone that can matchup against Matthews. Nico looked overwhelmed having to go toe to toe with him. 3) Toronto had over 1/3 (!) of their shots on the PP. I thought there were some soft calls on both ends, but there were also some fluky plays like Santini's delay of game.
  7. I expect there to be at leas 9 goals scored in this game. Get ready for a 2-1 snoozefest.... LGD!
  8. Listening to Chico on the postgame in the car after that W was the cherry on top. So great to hear his goofy ass again
  9. Some observations from 208. Yes, I am fully aware it was (only) Colorado: 1) We got to our seats about 15 minutes prior to player introductions. The new scoreboard obviously stuck out (in a fantastic way) but being that high up, I did wonder if it would be distracting during game play. I was happy to learn that it did not. It's such a massive upgrade over the small one that we had since the Rock opened in 07. I'm sure some people will still complain about ownership. 2) I didn't mind the jerseys when they first revealed them back in June but thought they were a clear downgrade. However, watching the Devils play in them live, they look gorgeous. Much sleeker than the previous design. Not going to say they are better but they are pleasing to eye. 3) There was a ton to cheer about, but from the onset, the crowd was into it. Lots of LGD chants throughout, every chance and save was reacted to and the place went bonkers for every goal. I was even happy to hear everyone booing Johnson every time he touched the puck after the Palmieri knee. Well done, Devils fans. 4) I will say I was pleasantly surprised that Hynes scratched LJ. Remember, he was second in toi last season, behind Greene and ahead of Severson. He was absolutely brutal last season and he picked up where he left off in the preseason. I'm sure he'll see a lot of games but at least Hynes is paying attention. 5) Onto player observations- I'll start with the meh. I didn't think Zacha looked as assertive as he did in the preseason. I recall a 2 on 1 with Hall where Taylor gave him a feed in the slot and he tried to get it back to Hall, rather than rip a shot. You saw his skill on display at times, but he can be better and I suspect he will. Johansson didn't look in sync with his linemates but you can see he is going to give dmen fits with his speed. So lucky that Shero was able to pluck him from the Caps. Moore was Moore. Brutal defensive reads and decisions with the puck on one end- superb offensive instincts and shot on the other. 6) Nico was better than expected. He was everywhere, exhibiting his skill, speed and even toughness(!). It's insane that he didn't even register a point but it's pretty safe to say we have a star on our hands. His game is so mature on the defensive side. The only drawback to his game is that he needs to add strength but he's 18 and has plenty of time. For those who haven't seen this, check out this video on Nico's stickhandling. Getting off 6 shots on 10 attempts shows how dangerous he was. 7) Jesper ******* Bratt, ladies and gentlemen. The "other" rookie forward had an absolute snipe on the PP and displayed sick vision on the Moore goal. His anticipation and stick work on the PK will play in this league for sure. There was play on the PK just before Moore's goal that he was on the rush on the PK, twirled back towards our zone to kill more time. He tried to backhand it into their zone but whiffed and the Avs got a chance. I was thinking that Hynes was going to take him off the PK but he didn't. Next shift, Bratt set up Moore for the goal. 8) I really liked what I saw from the D all game. Butcher was an ace on the PP with this 3 points. I thought he was average 5 on 5, but if that's the case, he will be a net positive player due to his PP prowess. I thought Mueller was solid. Severson was his usual stud-like self; breaking up lots of zone entries and showing good offensive instincts. Man, was it ever good to see Greene back to start the third. This team cannot afford an injury to #6 or #28, especially with the rest of the D being a major ???. They did give up a ton of shots, but they were faced with a lot of PKs and were winning for 95% of the game. Colorado has a lot of dangerous forwards like Mackinnon, Duchene, Rantanen and Landeskog. I'm not so confident against teams with a lot of firepower. 9) If the Devils are going to do anything this year, Schneider has to be our best player. I still think the shot counter was trigger happy last night but you can't discount how solid positionally he was all game. A bounceback season from Cory could sneak us into the playoffs. 10) Speed, speed, speed. The Devils are going to be fun to watch this year. They probably won't make the playoffs, or maybe even be any good until they fix the defense. I think their speed can give most team fits. A group of Hall, Johansson, Palmieri, Hischier, Zacha and Bratt will be tough to contain, especially for teams with slow defenses. Cool to see Shero's vision coming to fruition. 11) Overall a great start to the season. The Devils absolutely can't afford losing Palmieri for a lengthy amount of time and probably not even Stafford with our horrid rw depth. Hopefully, they're ok. Just gonna drop our top performers possession-wise from yesterday: 1) Hischier- 58.6% 2) Bratt- 57% 3) Butcher- 57% 4) Mojo- 56% 5) Severson- 54% 6) Moore- 53% 7) Zacha- 53% DAT FUTURE!
  10. He did, it was on a mini 2 on 1. Early in the game, I had NJ up on shots 6-2, but the scoreboard read 2-0 NJ. A second later, it was 9-4. You'd think pressing a button would be simple.
  11. Yes and hits too. This new guy seems trigger happy
  12. I'm surprised that at 69, Chico would want to go through the rigors of travelling for a full season. But good for us!
  13. Nolan Patrick, 2gp, 0-0-0, with 4 shots
  14. Hall-Zacha-Palmieri Johansson-Hischier-Stafford Bratt-Henrique-Hayes Wood-Coleman-Noesen Greene-Severson Moore-Lovejoy Mueller-Santini --- I think Blandisi or Q replace Bratt if/when they send him back. I'm thinking it'll take something like 5 pts in 9 games for Bratt for him to stick for the season. The defense will be interesting and it pretty much assures they're going to rotate out one of Mueller, Butcher and Santini every game with Prout being the other HS. Hopefully Lovejoy can play his way into that rotation.
  15. What are you talking about? They have bottom 6 ace, Jacob Josefson.
  16. With the Pats' offense, there's always that fear that Gronk is one play away from a multiple week injury. He's looked good so far, but can they survive the loss of both Edelman and Gronk? Hogan has stepped up but Brady and Cooks have been inconsistent so far.
  17. Chiefs offense is scary good. Kareem Hunt is arguably a top 3 running back. Travis Kelce might be the best tight end. Tyreke Hill is one of the best big play receivers in the game. Alex Smith is locked in and is really making a lot of good throws and plays with his legs. He never turns the ball over, either.
  18. Guys, there's a politics/news section here for a reason. In NHL news, Jagr is going to Calgary so we get another year of him! He's still a good player and I wouldnt be shocked if he hits 45-50 points.
  19. If he sucks, we can easily waive him
  20. Nico is the best player of all time. Seriously though, everything he does is just....right. His decisions, his stick placement, his hair product- everything
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