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  1. So, no update for McLeod makes me think it's bad and he's getting a second opinion. Don't want to speculate but those non contact injuries are usually of the worst variety. Hopefully it's short term and he can go back to Mississauga and dominate the OHL and play a big role on the Canadian WJC team.
  2. He only played 2 mins because he got hurt on a non-contact injury
  3. I love that top 6 and putting Henrique on the third line. Blandisi-Henrique-Hayes would be a pretty decent third line this year
  4. Nice win. Before I get into some thoughts, I just can't believe how bad the refereeing in the second period was. Holy hell, how is that a penalty called a goalie interference? The Good: -Nico: So slick, so smart, so skilled. The goal was pretty lucky but he was in the right place, which is a theme for him. That pass to Palmieri was the most impressive play of the night. You never see players make that pass so quickly, but he fooled both the dman and Price. -Blandisi: He should be a standout considering his age and the fact that he's competing for a spot. He's just been so smooth and his passes have been great. He also isnt falling down as much as before. -Mueller: Was pretty down on the trade but he has been stellar in the preseason. Great skater in all directions and is pretty sound positionally. I think he has the inside edge over Butcher for the 6th spot due to the price Shero paid, but he is earning it. -Bratt: He wont make the team but he's certainly making the decision more interesting. Not bad for a 6th round pick. London is the perfect place for him to learn the NA game
  5. Looks like this will be televised in Canada, which is good news for potential streams
  6. Zacha is the best player on the ice. Expecting a strong season from him
  7. Hischier, Bratt and Butcher have been good from the young guns. Mueller and Dyblenko have been solid as well
  8. yeah but they go up to $25 after fees. I cant justify spending that much on a preseason game out of principle lol
  9. I'm trying to find tickets to see Nico's (unofficial) debut. Looking forward to it!
  10. I'll take a white Hischier please and thank you
  11. Good for Sal, I think he'll do well. Deb is brutal. Her on ice interviews after wins are perhaps the most uncomfortable minutes you can possibly live through. They should have kept Julie for Deb's role.
  12. I've used it a couple of times on the go on my phone and it's fine. The quality is passable but nothing special.
  13. Severson is a borderline top pairing dman, there is no downside to this....
  14. Ya, not saying I prefer the new ones, because they're obviously not as good, but I think these arent a disaster like many people are claiming. Changing the logo is another matter
  15. I think the jerseys will look much better with pads and numbers. I don't hate them at all
  16. Looked like it couldve been a lot worse. Broken wrist likely means 4-6 weeks, which means he should have no problem with being ready for the WJC
  17. Digging in a bit deeper into Butcher's numbers- some interesting tidbits. As Jason pointed out, 16 goals, 53 assists in 82 games over the last 2 years. 16-17: 2.5 shots per game, 18 of his 37 points were PP, which is a lot. 15-16: 2.1 shots per game, 13 of his 32 points were PP, which is fair. ----- Saw some Rags fans saying he's the next Gilroy, which made me lol. Gilroy was 23 and 24 in his junior and senior years (2 years older than Butcher) put up 11 less points in 3 more games and played on a team with 8 NHL players (Colin Wilson, Nick Bonino, Brandon Yip, Kevin Shattenkirk, Chris Higgins, Brian Strait, Eric Gryba, David Warsofsky).
  18. ONLY Andy Greene!? Dude was a top pair dman for like 5 years!
  19. I'm cool with it. Not sure Speers will be ready and we need a rw regardless. As far as him not being able to get a good return- I feel like he's a more sought after than PAP
  20. God, that is depressing. Surprised Zajac didnt get to that total.
  21. If the Devils sign Butcher, it'd be a great trade for NJ
  22. The Athletic has been great for hockey but do you think they've made a dent in other sports?
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