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  1. Zajac is the second best forward on the team and easily the best defensive one. This team cant survive his loss unless Nico comes in and drops 50-60 pts, which is way too much to expect.
  2. Hmm ,jump on that bet boys before they adjust for Zajac's injury!
  3. I guess this guarantees Nico plays with Hall. I didnt want to put Nico into the buzzsaw too early but I can't stomach the thought of watching Henrique ruin Hall's offense because he is poor at reading the play. This all but guarantees McLeod will start the season in NJ and if Zajac comes back before the 40ish (someone help me out with the exact number please) games, NJ can sent him back to juniors and possibly the WJC, without burning a UFA year. Anyway, not much to say other than this sucks royally for our 17-18 chances, not that they were high to begin with. Zajac is such a damn good player and I think we all take for granted his 40-50 points with elite defense. It's been pretty impressive how he's been able to fit in with all of NJ's top wingers from Parise to Jagr to Hall. Speaks volumes about how smart of a player he is. If NJ can bag a top dman like Dahlin, McIssac, Hughes, Ryan Merkley or even another franchise forward like Svechnikov, this really may be a blessing in disguise.
  4. He did apologize profusely for the error, but yeah, his confidence was very annoying. I like him as well but couldn't justify Insider when they canned Custance
  5. With many Euro leagues are set to begin in the coming days, I think it's a good time to get prospect chatter into this thread.
  6. Don't get your hopes up. Don't get your hopes up. Don't get your hopes up. Don't get your hopes up. Don't ge
  7. What does Lovejoy do well that puts him at #78?
  8. The obvious answer is, of course not. We were one point away from being the 2nd worst in the league and had one of the worst goal differentials. However, a AATJ article that recently dropped indicated that maybe the defense wasn't quite as bad as it seems. Here is the link for anyone interested: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2017/8/9/16111554/the-devils-dont-need-to-improve-on-defense-to-be-good-in-2017-18 Baring a major move on defense, NJ's top 6 will look something like this: Greene-Severson Moore-Santini Mueller-Lovejoy I don't have to tell you that it's pretty damn bad. The only guy who can move the puck with any consistency is Severson and while Moore certainly has offensive ability, he is beyond putrid in our zone. Greene is still a top 4 dman, but he has taken a step back. Lovejoy is pretty bad and was overplayed and who knows what Mueller is? Now let's take a glance at the forwards (combos subject to change). Boy does NJ need a rw or two. Hall-Zajac-Palmieri Zacha-Hischier-Johansson Quenneville-Henrique-McLeod Wood-Boyle-Noeson Certainly looks to be much improved, though Zacha, McLeod, Hischier, Wood and Quenneville have a combined ~150 games of NHL experience. Here's a list of what I think has to happen in order for us to make things interesting: 1. Schneider returns to form. I actually think this is pretty likely in terms of happening. Schneider at .920-.925 will likely save at least 25-30 goals. He's been around there for his whole career and although he didn't have much help last season, he certainly didn't play up to his ability. 2. Hall has a better season. He certainly wasn't bad last season by any means, but he and his line can certainly execute their chances better. A 10-15 point increase for Taylor would be a big deal. 3. Hischier and Johansson score ~45 points each. I expect a decline in Johansson's point totals as last year he enjoyed good shooting fortune and NJ is obviously a much worse offensive team. But solid second line numbers from he and Nico makes our team that much deeper. 4. Zacha needs to take a step forward to top 6 level. Zacha hitting 40 points and hitting 150 shots adds another weapon. 5. Santini has to be ready to play ahead of Lovejoy. Santini was pretty good last year and I think they did a good job of easing him in and not throwing him to the wolves in a nothing season. However, Lovejoy averaged the second most TOI for dmen behind Greene and he was a disaster. I'm not fan of LJ, but I think he can survive against weaker comp and less ice time, i.e. third pair. Santini has to be able to handle 19-21 minutes this year, in order for this to happen. Of course, all of this happening will probably not come to fruition, but these are very realistic objectives. I dont think many people are expecting playoffs, but this team has the tools to be in most games.
  9. She did a good job during development camp. I thought Julie was solid as well but both are 100x better than Deb. It's getting to the point where I hope the Devils lose every home game so I don't have to hear one of Deb's awkward interviews
  10. He wasn't a 1st round pick, so no
  11. The Vesey's and Kerfoot's of the world took 2 years to put up the numbers Joey put up as a freshman. I know Nashville was trying to sign Vesey after his junior year but if NJ is aggressively trying to sign Joey after next season, two years is a lot longer to wait after one.
  12. Holy hell, this is great news. I went to the inaugural game at the Rock a decade ago and was obviously very impressed by the arena. My single complaint was that the scoreboard was too damn small. Having to squint for replays in the 100s or 200s is not a great experience
  13. If the Devils take Svechnikov, I'll jump for joy but man does this team ever need some stud dmen
  14. Yeah, Nessus, I saw that. McLeod was awesome last year
  15. Joke's on him for being from Salem
  16. He probably contracted some disease the night of June 23rd and the symptoms are just starting to show
  17. Is the scrimmage being livestreamed?
  18. Hah, I dont want to make this about HF, but I've been warned by mods there several times. I can't outright come at people; more like subtle pot shots that still make them go gaga.
  19. If he actually uses his shot this year, I could see him hitting 20 goals. Too many times, I saw him pass up an open look, when he should've ripped one. He arguably has the best shot (Henrique is also in the discussion) on the team
  20. Was just watching some Zacha highlights and man is his shot a big +++. Anyone think he'll take Cammalleri's spot as the triggerman on PP2? He really thrived there in juniors
  21. Ha one simple comment riles up like 10 people. The real estate inside their heads is getting mighty expensive.
  22. Yup. I mess with Flyers fans a good deal on there lol
  23. Oh yeah, not concerned at all. His biggest focus for summer is getting stronger, so I wouldnt doubt that he's hardly stepped on the ice. Like soccer, you can run all you want, but until you get into soccer (or hockey) shape, you're gonna be gassed.
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