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  1. I was holding out hope that Wood learned how to play hockey in 3 months, but I was askign way too much. What a meathead
  2. Met the great Sundstrom today, which was cool. Unfortunately, Nico's and Zacha's teams were on the other side of the arena for 3 of the 4 games. Nico came over after the first two games and he looked pretty gassed to be honest. He gave an interview yesterday saying he hasnt been on the ice much and it sort of showed. Of course, he showed off great hands and edgework, but that extra gear wasnt there. Still, you can tell he's quite the talent and even potted home a goal. Wish we would've gotten another game on our side, but beggars cant be choosers. Would like to hear from people who saw him in 3 of the 4. From what I heard, he scored a highlight reel goal in the first game. Zacha, same deal, we only saw him once. He scored on a bullet of a one timer and won the shootout for his team in the first game. He looked among the best we saw all day, as he should. The big winner, in my opinion, was Jesper Boqvist. Had the treat of watching him in every game and he absolutely dominated. His hands and vision are top notch. Even more impressive since his his game is built on speed and he obviously didnt have much room to operate. Popugaev was another guy who stood out in a good way. He's 6'5 and a pretty good skater. He and McLeod looked very good together. This isnt the type of drill McLeod excels in, but I thought he was good. Like I said, he and Big Poppy showed great chemistry together. McLeod's hands are much more impressive than I realized. Really liked Reilly Walsh and Blake Speers as well. BTW, Miles Wood is the worst. The guy was absolutely terrible in this drill and still hasnt learned how to play hockey. He was taking runs at people and was constantly fumbling the puck and making terrible passes. . All in all, it was a well put together event by the Devils. Hope some high quality videos surface.
  3. I like the guy Joe is with if they decide to separate Joe and Evan
  4. Hey, if we're gonna suck, we might as well have the dreamiest team? Wood, Henrique, Hischier, Johansson. Too bad we lost JJ
  5. Just scored tickets to tomorrow's 3v3 scrimmage. I have an extra ticket, so if anyone wants to go, just shoot me a PM and I'd be glad to share it. First come first serve. As an aside, the Devils' forwards are absolutely loaded. Hischier, McLeod, Quenneville, Zacha, Speers, Anderson, Boqvist, Popugaev, Bratt, Zetterlund, Bastian, Wood, Gignac. Far cry from when our best prospect was Barry Tallickson.
  6. Derlique

    2017 UFA Thread

    I'm pretty sure Despres isn't gonna play again. He suffered several serious concussions. On another note, how was Anaheim able to buy him out if he was on LTIR?
  7. I urge all of you to watch his shift by shift clips on YouTube. The guy hardly makes a mistake in all three zones
  8. I mean, I was 9 and living in South Jersey so I only watched the team when they played the Flyers 5x a year and in the playoffs. So yes, but no lol
  9. Forwards are easily the best since I've been following the team Defense, probably the worst lol
  10. I won't bash Shero but he inherited two of the greatest players of all time.
  11. Prout and Lovejoy is enough for me to determine this. There was also his great love for Scuderi and Orpik in Pitt
  12. Agree 100000%. I don't trust Shero's evaluation on d
  13. If I see one more "MarJo", I'll slit my eyes out
  14. Cool, let him get a year older and sign a 35+ deal with the Rags. What could go wrong???
  15. I'm gonna pick up a Nico away once they confirm 13
  16. Anyone wanna talk about how we traded Marc Savard and Lou Lamoriello for Marcus Johansson?
  17. Derlique

    Who's bad?

    Still plenty of rw like Jagr and Stafford out there who can give you 40ish points. Zacha should go from mid 20s to mid 30s Hischier should provide 40 points The LD spot is tricky but Henrique probably has a lot of value
  18. Derlique

    Who's bad?

    I'm assuming this was posted before the Johansson trade, not that it'll move the needle a ton, though he is a legit top 6 forward. If they get a top 4 dman for say, Henrique I have a hard time seeing how they can't contend for a playoff spot if Schneider goes .920+. This team is so much better up front than two years ago.
  19. Buying out Cammalleri looks kind of silly now. These are our established NHL forwards signed for next year. Hall Zajac Henrique Palmieri Boyle Zacha Wood (being generous here) ____ Obviously Nico is likely an NHL forward but that still leaves 4 spots. Do you really want 5-6 spots occupied by first or second year players?
  20. Derlique

    2017 UFA Thread

    Nothing you can do when the guy takes tens of millions less to sign with the other team
  21. Derlique

    2017 UFA Thread

    Seravalli says Shattenkirk's camp still undecided!
  22. Derlique

    2017 UFA Thread

  23. Columbus has a ton of good forward prospects a la Bjorkstrand, PLD and Abramov, but the funny thing is, especially after this draft, we aren't in dire need up front. Id be happy with any of the above three but I wonder if we can get a young top 4 d elsewhere
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