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  1. Henrique is not some heart and soul two-way guy everyone makes him out to be. His one above average trait is finishing, which is nice to have, but he can't create for himself or others. Trade him for a top 4 LD to a team looking for clutchness
  2. Friday evening, I had a flight to Paris scheduled for 620 pm. It was 45 minutes late and the last thing I read on Twitter before we took off was that Shero and Mcphee were talking. This was at 705. That 6 hour flight was the longest wait of my life!
  3. I'm usually hesitant to draft guys high from Q but Halifax played in a juggernaut division. Saint John and Charlottetown were two of the best in the CHL and Cape Breton and Acadie-Bathurst were at least 14 games over. 500. Nico producing like he did on a terrible team in that division is impressive as hell
  4. Wait, how can Nico enjoy New York things like visiting the Yankees? He doesn't play for the Rangerzz!!1!
  5. Agreed BUT this has to be a huge gut punch to him. He was the consensus 1OA going into the season. I can't see how this wouldn't bother him, even a little
  6. Ahh two straight drafts I'm grinning from ear to ear. Anyone else miss the Johnsons, Thomsons and Chathams of the world?
  7. I'm out to lunch with co-workers and one of them has a son named Cale. I can't describe the amount I hate that kid due to Makar
  8. Wyshynski says he'd be shocked if we didnt pick 1OA
  9. Darren Dreger‏Verified account @DarrenDreger Following More Meanwhile, still hours away from the Draft, but the Devils will likely hold onto the 1st pick overall unless something materializes. ------ Breathe, everyone (for a bit at least)
  10. Thrilled- Nico Happy- Nolan Anything else- ****
  11. Well, today is the day! Please get one of Nolan or Nico
  12. Holy **** Chiarelli must be the worst GM in hockey
  13. I'm imagining Shero and Co. are reading this thread and laughing watching us squirm
  14. From the Devils side- Get people to come up with better offers. From Makar's side- none How accurate has Pronman been in the past in his final mocks? Didnt he have Laine at #1?
  15. On the other hand, Shero said earlier this week that they have their pick ready. For some reason, it doesnt jive with me that Makar would be the pick after those comments
  16. This is actually a pretty decent point. It could be reasoned that Harris would see this as a major backlash if one of Nico or Nolan isn't selected. Of course, Harris is probably preoccupied with the Sixers at the moment and may be out of touch.
  17. Pronman gets paid based on subscriptions, not hits. I'd bet he does have sources, but this just doesnt seem likely based on how Shero and Castron have consistently ONLY talked about Nico and Nolan
  18. Yeah, I don't know how much stock you can put in this. I saw this and my jaw dropped. I think an important question is: do you trust Button/Dreger or Pronman more?
  19. Beau is the only forward aside from Hall who consistently showed he could push his line forward.
  20. Agreed, but to me, Bennett was the only one I truly cared about. Bennett was the only guy who consistently pushed his line forward, aside from Hall.
  21. Who cares about Merrill? We should be doing cartwheels they didnt take Beau
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