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  1. What a game last night!! Let's keep this thing going Schneids! Let's get those #2 odds
  2. The likelihood of NJ dropping in the lottery is something like 68%. We're likely gonna drop.
  3. That Detroit game is our playoffs. Let's go Red Wings!
  4. 4th worst still gets you a decent-ish shot at top 3. We won the lottery in 2017 with the 5th best odds, so it's certainly not unheard of
  5. I know losing to the Rangers sucks, but they really need a top draft pick. They could realistically pick anywhere from 6th-12th (currently they're sitting at 9th)
  6. Really hoping Detroit passes us. That head to head game is going to loom large.
  7. At least the Rangers got a point. If Hall misses the rest of the year, I can't see the Devils winning many more games. Their bottom six has been atrocious for awhile. Also, don't underestimate the loss of Lovejoy. While he's not an amazing player by any stretch, he was a lynchpin in the PK unit, which has been basically the team's only strength. Him being gone means you have someone much worse at the PK taking those minutes
  8. Good return. I think people will be disappointed with Johansson's return if they think he will match or even exceed Boyle's.
  9. Not that it matters because NJ has so much cap room, but having Cammalleri on the books for two more years is kind of annoying. If the Devils do elect to buy Cory out, they will have nearly 4 million in dead space due to Cammalleri, Schneider, and Kovalchuk. That is a good middle six forward, or second pair dman.
  10. Devils gonna get their dicks kicked in. Hopefully the young guys continue to play well.
  11. Yeah. Honestly, I was surprised to hear that NJ wasn't even a finalist. All indicators made it seem that it was NJ or Minnesota, which now we know wasn't the case. I wonder if NJ's offer was even competitive
  12. The Athletic's, Michael Russo, just ran a piece detailing how Parise and Suter ended up in Minnesota. Some interesting highlights: -the part that I found most interesting was that it seems that Parise was never seriously re-signing in NJ. Near the end of the process, he had it narrowed down to Pittsburgh, Minnesota, and Chicago. In fact in the article, he never mentioned anything about a desire to stay. Parise said that most important things he looked for was an elite #1C (sorry Zajac, you suck despite centering me to 94 points and was basically an identical player to Mikko Koivu),elite #1D, and good young core. -He asked Suter if he was interested in NJ. Suter wanted to stay in the midwest. - Philly offered Suter 117 million!!
  13. Just sign Mrazek or some average to below average goalie to pair with Kinkaid next year and it's an auto upgrade from this year.
  14. THIS is the game we are bitching at Hynes for? Yeah, it's his fault Holtby stopped three breakaways, along with several cross crease passes, Kinkaid gave them goal #2, the team made horrible line changes, and the PP was awful. I get being frustrated, but let's use our heads a little here.
  15. Agree. LJ has actually been ok this year and is a big part of a stout PK unit. Mueller, has no idea what he's doing with the puck and has had positional lapses, which he can't afford to have due to his lack of puck skills. Yak deserves another shot.
  16. I think we just saw what Nico means to this team. No offense to Zajac, who is a perfect middle six center, but the top line was just humming all night long. Although he had a goal, I think Hischier's best play of the night was the zone entry that led to Hall's goal. Just insane. I was telling Triumph in chat that I wouldn't be shocked if Zacha pots 20 this year. Bratt and Mojo are two really good passers, who both think the game in a very similar way to PZ. That line has been a ton of fun to watch the last couple of games.
  17. Positives: -Cory and the defense did not fold after a brutal start. Hopefully Schneider can build off this. -Zacha and Bratt work magic again. If they can continue to give the Devils reasonable secondary scoring, they'll be fine. -PK was very good Negatives: -Hynes did not have a good game. Every time Bratt was on the ice, he was creating chances. Even though the team was down the entire game, he played less than guys like Dea, Noesen, Seney, and Anderson. Inexcusable. -Hall was dogsh!t again today. I know the stats look pretty decent, but he has certainly looked off this season. -The PP was brutal. Couldn't get set up, and Noesen really doesn't add much to the top unit. Think they should try Wood in that spot until Boyle comes back.
  18. I still take Nico, but I want to see more of Petterson
  19. When Bratt comes back- if Anderson sits for Stafford, I will be furious.
  20. How the hell did they not call that trip on Hall with three minutes left? The team looked flat. Not sure guys like Dea, Rooney, and Stafford belong in the league- not to mention Noesen has looked awful this season. Playing with five defensemen the whole game didn't help. Some of those guys will get pushed out when Bratt and Zajac return, which can't come soon enough. For all the talk of the defense being bad today, they only gave up like 20 shots. The offense didn't do enough, either. I'll attribute it to a lack of talent in the bottom six. If Noesen doesn't turn it on soon, I want to see Joey Anderson. He's faring pretty well down in the AHL, and I think he's ready for a top 9 role here. The four days off between games will help a ton. Hopefully Zajac comes back, maybe Bratt will be ready, too.
  21. At the arena, it looked like Wood dove, especially after looking at replays. But then the dude lost teeth? What part of Burns hit him?
  22. Phew- tough schedule, and the boys are responding. Having gone to the Washington and San Jose games, I have been impressed with the crowd. Some observations: 1. Dea has been found money. A couple of clutch goals. Boyle or Noesen might be in trouble when Bratt is ready 2. Palmieri keeps doing his thing. Amazing to see him finishing at the rate he has been. 3. Severson has looked as good as he has since his rookie year. Looks every bit of the top 4 dman.
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