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  1. Perhaps, but not based on his performance the last few years.
  2. Miles Wood might be a legit top six forward. Two years ago, I would've been happy if he could play in the NHL. Last year, he took the step to being a good 3rd liner. This year, he looks like a top 6 player. He just keeps getting better. Seeing him walk defensive wiz Adam Larsson was v funny
  3. Imagine being gifted Connor McDavid and still sucking
  4. Well, it was also the beginning of training camp so they had to pick players on the bubble.
  5. Really dont get what Kevin Rooney does for anyone
  6. Yup. I forget where I saw this (I think it was the Athletic). Wood was one of the best players in the league at gaining the offensive zone with possession. The problem is that he was one of the lowest on the list of completing a pass after gaining it. Meaning, he had no idea what to do with the puck when gaining the zone. If he can just pick his head up and slow the game down, even just a bit, he can definitely take the next level and develop into that Wayne Simmonds power forward type.
  7. Heh, I was hoping the Devils would do this AAV for 6 or 7 years, so this AAV for 4 is pretty good. Even if he doesn't improve from last year, and stagnates I still think it's a win for NJ. I do think he has a little more to give. His growth from year one to year two was pretty remarkable. A bonus for Wood is that he'll be 26 when this deal is up. He can get his major payday if he earns it.
  8. If he plays like he did last year during the four years, it's a good deal. I do think he will improve a bit more.
  9. Todd Cordell, who has been on this from the start, speculates that the Devils are offering 2 million, while Wood wants 2.5. Both parties have said they aren't far apart on term or money.
  10. Just give him 2 years at 2.5 per and move on. Is 100k-200k going to kill either side?
  11. I'll miss Deb. Sure, her interviews were pretty awful, and I cringed at a lot of her questions, but she has been a staple to the MSG broadcast for years.
  12. I only noticed a year or two ago the Wild logo is an animal head. I thought it was just a forest with a river and stars....
  13. If the owners were smart, they'd release them asap. We know what giant babies the fanbase is when it comes to jerseys. The sooner they come out, the more time for the bitching to get out of the way.
  14. Derlique

    2018 UFA Thread

    The Devils have had a ton of picks during Castron's reign, whereas they didn't when Conte was in charge because Lou was trying to patch this team together with duct tape.
  15. Alright folks, we are officially in the dog days of summer, so I thought this was an interesting topic. Who had the best single season as a Devil? Justify your answer! Below, I'll write a quick blurb of the options: Taylor Hall's 17-18 Season: 39g, 54a, 93pts- In a season where NJ had no business making the playoffs, Taylor Hall willed the Devils to the postseason. Scoring 41 more points than second place Nico Hischier, Hall captured the first Hart Trophy in Devils history. Zach Parise's 08-09 Season: 45g, 49a, 94pts- Parise finished just three goals shy of Gionta's single season record and two points shy of Elias' points record. He was the driver of one of the best lines in hockey that year and played a complete, two-way game. Martin Brodeur's 06-07 Season: 48 wins, 2.28gaa, .922sv%- I was debating between this season and 96-97 (his stats were sick that year). But I have to give the nod to the season where he set the NHL single season wins record, won the Vezina and was a Hart finalist. Brian Gionta's 05-06 Season: 48g, 41a, 89pts- Gionta set the franchise record in goals in the year after the lockout. It was the year of the PP, but that shouldn't diminish Gionta's record setting season. His breakout was a major reason NJ had that late surge and made the playoffs. Scott Niedermayer's 03-04 Season: 14g, 40a, 54pts- Losing Scott Stevens to injury midway thru the year, Niedermayer played an absurd 26 minutes per game. He won the franchise's first and only Norris Trophy before leaving for Anaheim. Patrik Elias' 00-01 Season: 40g, 56a, 96pts- Setting the franchise record in points, Elias finished third in league scoring , sixth in Hart voting, and eighth in Selke voting. He was the catalyst of the Devils' best line. Scott Stevens' 93-94 Season: 18g, 60a, 78pts- I was too young to watch Stevens this year and process anything, but from a statistical standpoint, any time a defenseman approaches ppg, it's a special season, regardless of era.
  16. Derlique

    2018 UFA Thread

    Yeah, I think that's a fairish deal. Bratt has 6(?) more years of cost control, and Palmieri is a good bet for 50 points, 25-30 goals.
  17. Derlique

    2018 UFA Thread

    Would you give Palmieri and Bratt for Panarin. You're giving up a top-6 RW and a probable top 6 player. I think I would, but that is probably the return CBJ is looking for.
  18. More than 2 years to a bottom 6 player is generally bad news but Coleman will ne 27-29 and the aav is low. Happy to have him back
  19. Derlique

    2018 UFA Thread

    When Savard was in Atlanta for three years, he had 196 pts in 184 games. He followed that up with a 97 point season in Boston and another ppg season after that. Kopitar is better because of his defense but Savard was crazy good for a five year span
  20. Derlique

    2018 UFA Thread

    Yeah. Could also be an issue with translation if it was in Russian
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