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  1. Snootchie Bootchies

    1. RunninWithTheDevil


      15 bucks little man

  2. I'll come at you like a spider monkey all hopped up on mountain dew!

  3. somebody left the gate open!

    1. aylbert


      Clearly PK as she was daydreaming of Stevens.

  4. They are moving the Erie Otters to Ontario! IM GONNA CRY!

    1. Aznjsn
    2. David Puddy

      David Puddy

      OHL commissioner: Erie Otters not moving to Hamilton

    3. Scottie2Hottie
  5. someone pick me up a devils ice scraper. i need one bad!

  6. *currently having a heart attack after that last minute of play*

  7. С новым годом!

  8. Dry vodka martini's? I think so.

  9. Apparently santa thinks I'm an alcoholic. Oh...wait...

  10. I would rather the Devils be down a man then on the man advantage. We score more goals that way.

  11. Never trust a woman. Yeah, thats all.


  13. Blackouts are SO stupid. Sports of any team anywhere in the country should be free to watch in any state.

  14. Devils Won First Preseason Game. Psh. They might as well just hand us the cup now ;)

  15. Happy birthday to meeeeee GET CRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. NJDevils1214


      Happy B day, Drink responsibly.

    2. Scottie2Hottie
  16. Got in a fight tonight. Dude put his hands on a lady. White knight for the WIN.

  17. Janssen, Volchenkov and Larsson. What? Are the devils planning a league wide genocide? Oh Oh Oh! maybe a Bettman assassination attempt!

  18. Come on, San Jose. Don't do this to me!

  19. PENGUINS LOSE! PENGUINS LOSE! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. MantaRay


      They fought pretty but missing both Crosby & Malkin beat them in the end.

    2. NJDevils1214


      I LIKE DIS!!! YES? YES!

  20. Well, since the devils are not an option, I would love to see the sharks take it all.

  21. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. The Erie Otters made the playoffs and I make it a point to see them play because the majority of them are my friends

    1. NJDevils1214


      Not forgiven...

    2. Scottie2Hottie


      hey! hey! hey! thats enough out of you sir.

  22. Woo! my brothers home from Afghanistan! check out the video in the off topic section

  23. Saint Patricks Day is tomorrow? Yeah. I'm Gonna start drinking today if thats alright with you...

  24. I will not be in the feed tonight. Going to a Penguins Fan Familys house to watch the game. Boy, I sure am gonna miss you guys :(

    1. Microwavepizza


      haha ill be AT the game tonight, but GO DEVILS!

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