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  1. Game over. Going back to Carolina 2-2
  2. Dang that was a loud ring. Igor never saw it but of course he gets saved by the post
  3. Dangit Rags take the 1-0 lead. On the PP of course
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ca.sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/devils-prospect-beats-gm-son-ahl-fight-000356122.html
  5. This Battle of Alberta game is absolutely nuts
  6. Oh that miss would have made Zacha proud
  7. Ferraro openly rooting for the Rags
  8. Yea in the beginning he wasn’t great but he improved over the years. Still occasionally missed some easy calls like who took the penalty or if the puck went off the post but I thought he did a decent job. Especially trying to replace the legendary Doc
  9. Took a perfect shot by Johnny Hockey to beat Oettinger
  10. What a pass by Gaudreau and shot by Tkachuk
  11. Florida takes the lead. After being down 3-0
  12. Dangit. Well gotta hope the Pens find their game in Game 6. Crosby hopefully will be back for that one
  13. These last 5 minutes have been bonkers
  14. I agree with this. I think he’s a good goalie but not worth the 2nd overall pick.
  15. Terrible. But she actually did a decent job on that GWG. Kings owned that OT
  16. Well we shouldn’t trade this pick now
  17. Makar just made a sick play to setup the go ahead goal. 4-3 Avs in the 3rd looking for the sweep
  18. I feel the same. Hard pass
  19. Watching the Kings-Oilers game and I’ll say that we definitely have the wrong McLeod.
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