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  1. Yegor gotta be benched for that
  2. Tatar with the ankle breaker
  3. Great period. Keep it up boys!
  4. Oh yea just let Fox skate right on in. Lucky he missed the net
  5. Dangit this power play is scary. Hopefully they can kill it off
  6. Yea literally had no help and was left out to dry all 3 goals. 1) Graves falls and allows a breakaway and the goal is scored on a rebound after the initial nice save on the breakaway 2) All 5 Devils on the ice controllers die and watch Palms skate circles until he scored on a nice backhand 3) Palat turnover on a pass to Jack where Palms just fires right off the turnover over the shoulder Not many goalies stopping those shots
  7. Palmieri and Parise both score. Just lovely
  8. I know Bratt didn’t score but what a pass by Jack and a move by Bratt there
  9. If it was McDavid that’s one thing. They let Palmieri just waltz around like it was a video game
  10. Basically. We have a healthy good forward but no let’s throw a human traffic cone (Smith) out there
  11. I never understand why anyone would ever do 11/7
  12. https://www.nhl.com/devils/bigread/clinched Good read
  13. no words for this - Blackwood doesn’t belong here. Schmid earned his spot
  14. Severson is so dang soft. Gets owned again which led to that great chance by Ottawa. Good save by Deadwood
  15. Jack is starting to look like himself and pile up points again
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