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  1. Before the game I was wondering if any team looked worse than us. Now I know
  2. Nice pass by Mercer to Nico for the goal
  3. I think of this after every game that passes by on this horrible losing stretch
  4. We sure do. This is just pathetic
  5. Sharangovich got robbed. Good passing by Nico and Bratt
  6. How do we leave guys so open right in front of the net? Who’s genius defensive strategy is this?
  7. Good give and go but Vasilevsky shuts the door. Must be nice to have a reliable goaltender
  8. Can’t be too mad at him cuz he’s been so good this year but yep that was rough
  9. Hughes and Bratt are really impressive this game. Everyone else? Not so much
  10. Lol Devils the only team to allow a goal in the first 15 seconds of the 1st and 2nd period besides the 1976 Penguins
  11. Of course when Hughes sets up Graves perfectly for a blast his stick breaks
  12. Hughes and Bratt are the only ones trying
  13. So close to tying that game and getting a hat trick
  14. Come on boys find a way to tie it back up
  15. Wow Bratt can really enter the zone with no problem
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